How To Get Water Out Of The Charging Port?

how to get water out of charging port

Believe us; getting water in the charging port happens to be the best for us. Whether you have been taking your phone underwater to get those perfect shots,

Or you have unintentionally dropped your phone, there are a few hacks to a workaround for getting water out from the charging port.

There are few smartphones available out there that indicate a warning for liquid detection. In this blog, we have discussed some trusty-old tips and tricks to get water out of your charging area.

How To Get Water Out Of IPhone Charging Port?

Some of the best features of an iPhone are that in situations when water gets clogged into the charging port, you will see a liquid-detection alert on your screen. 

Connecting your phone to a cable while it isn’t dry yet can corrode the port, which will ultimately hamper your phone’s connectivity.

Here are a few tips on how to get water out from the charging port of your iPhone:

  • Gently Tap Your Phone
  • Leave It To Rest For More Than An Hour
  • Place Your Phone In A Ventilated Area
  • Do Not Use A Cotton Q-Tip
  • Do Not Use External Heat-Producing Devices
  • Do Not Place Your Phone In A Rice Bag

1. Gently Tap Your Phone

This is the best way to get excess water out without damaging your phone in any way, shape, or form. Tap your phone with the charging port side facing

Downwards and leave it to rest in an airy open space for at least 30 minutes.

2. Leave It To Rest For More Than An Hour

Let your phone’s lightning port dry naturally for at least an hour or two until you no longer see the liquid-detected display.

This is one of the safest methods to get water out from the charging port without hampering the device.

3. Place Your Phone In A Ventilated Area

The quickest way to get rid of the excess moisture in the charging port area is to place your phone in a ventilated area.

You can also try and hold your phone in front of a fan to get rid of the water droplets.

Here are some of don’t mention by the support team at Apple for drying out the port of your device:

4. Do Not Use A Cotton Q-Tip

They have clearly mentioned on the Apple support website that inserting a cotton swab, paper towel, or any such object in the lightning port of your device is not the most ideal way of cleaning the port.

5. Do Not Use External Heat-Producing Devices

Using a hairdryer or other such devices which produce external heat is also not the most ideal way to get water out from your charging area.

6. Do Not Place Your Phone In A Rice Bag

In the process of drying out your phone by placing it in a rice bag, you might further risk the smaller particles of rice getting logged inside your lightning port.

Hence, do not place your iPhone in a rice bag.

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What To Do If Water Gets In The Charging Port?

If you spot a liquid-detected message on your screen while you are trying to insert the lightning cable in your iPhone, It is best suggested that you wait for a couple of hours until the water gets dried out naturally.

Also, you can try and pat your phone with the port side facing downwards to ensure that the excess water gets out of the device.

Do not try to use an external device or object to clean out your device, as it might damage your device further.

How Can You Dry Your Charging Port Faster?

There is no easier way to do this for your iPhone since the company has issued a few guidelines to not use external heat-producing devices or cleaning objects to insert in the port area.

So here are the fixes to relatively speed up the process of drying the charging port faster:

Fix 1: Shake Your IPhone

Shake or pat your phone until you are absolutely sure that you have managed to get excess water out from the lighting port.

Fix 2: Let The Phone Air Dry In A Spacious Corner

Let the port of your device air dry in a spacious corner of your living area.

Fix 3: Check Your Phone Every 30 Minutes

Although the alert message on your phone will state that the drying process might take up to 24 hours, you can check on your iPhone every 30 minutes by connecting the

Lighting cable to see if the alert is still displaying on the screen.

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How To Get Water Out Of The Charging Port Without Rice?

If you are not comfortable using the rice bag method, here are the steps to clean out your phone by using other effective methods:

Fix 1: Use A Microfiber Cloth

Pat dry the charging area of your device using a microfiber cloth. Do not try to insert the cloth into the charging area.

Fix 2: Shake Your Phone Until The Water Droplets Get Removed

Alternatively, you can gently tap or shake your phone until you make sure that the water droplets have been removed from the charging area.

Fix 3: Lay Your Phone In A Ventilated Space

Now let your phone dry in a ventilated space without using any external heat device.

Fix 4: Check After Every 30 Minutes

Check your device every 30 minutes until you are able to charge it again.

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In order to get water out from the charging area, it is best suggested not to insert clothing or cotton pieces into the charging area.

This puts your phone at further risk for damage. You can dry your phone by keeping it in an open, ventilated space.

This will speed up the process, and you will be able to charge your phone again within an hour or so. Keep a tab on your phone every 30 minutes to check the progress.