How To Reset Apple Maps?

reset apple map

Apple Map is the default Apple navigation and mapping application. Despite every effort by the company, facing issues with this application is also common.

The best way to get rid of issues with Apple pay is to reset it. However, many still do not know the process as there is no direct way to do that. 

If you are also looking for a way to reset the Apple map, this post can assist you. Check out the detailed instructions to reset Apple Map.

How To Reset Apple Maps?

Steps to Reset Apple Maps:

Step 1: Visit Settings Application

Launch the setting application on your device.

Step 2: Choose The ‘Privacy’ Option

Tap on the privacy option present in your setting menu so as to change the location.

Step 3: Tap On Location Services

Tap on location services to reach system services. Click on system services present in location services.

Step 4: Tap Significant Locations

Click on significant locations on your devices that are signed with the same Apple ID.

Step 5: Tap Clear History

Click on clear history so as to clear all significant locations on your device signed with your Id.

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How To Reset Home On Apple Map?

Steps to Reset Home On Apple Map:

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Step 1: Hover To The Contacts App

Launch the contact app on your device and Explore the contact card. It is usually present at the top of the contact list.

Step 2: Tap On The “My Card” Option

Click on the card option that is present in the contact list with the ‘My Card’ label along with your name written on it.

Step 3: Click On The Edit Button

Tap the edit button, which is present on the top of the screen.

Step 4: Look For Home Section

Now, you can scroll down to the page and look for the ‘ Home’ section.

Step 5: Click On The “Add Address’ Icon

In the home section, you can edit the home address. But, if the area is black, you need to tap or click on the add address to enter the original home address.

Step 6: Click On The ‘ Done’ Option

Once you have reset your home address and changed it, you can click on the done option at the top of the display.

You need to keep certain things in mind that the apple map app will take some time to detect the new home address,

So you need to wait for some minutes to let it adjust to its original home address that you have changed, or that is saved in your contact apps.

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Also, make sure that you reopen and close the Apple map to detect a change.

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Apple Maps provides you with the facility to see the area or distance of the destination from your home located just with one click,

But you can not enjoy the facility if your home address is wrong or as given in the contact card. So, you can easily reset the home on your Apple Map.

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