Fix: TrueDepth Camera Not Working

truedepth camera not working

TrueDepth Camera enables the Face ID feature on your iPhone and iPad Pro. Face ID transforms the process of ID authentication using the technology that recognizes the face of the users.

TrueDepth Camera is not just a camera. Rather it is a collection of sensors, infrared projectors, and your iPhone’s light. All these components capture the images of your face and give the data.

TrueDepth Camera system can precisely capture your face data or the geometry of your face and powers the Face ID on your iPhone. The Face ID works when the TrueDepth camera sees your eyes or your face.

The three-dimensional face map that your TrueDepth Camera creates also includes the data that you cannot see with the naked eye. Face ID or TrueDepth Camera can perfectly work in low light also.

You can safely unlock your iPhone or iPad with a simple glance, whether you are holding your phone in a natural position or it is simply lying on a surface.

Face ID can be used to approve payments with Apple Pay and purchases from the Book Store, App Store, and iTunes Store. It can also be used to sign in to various apps. 

Face ID is automatically supported by apps that support Touch ID.

TrueDepth Camera Not Working

TrueDepth Camera not working is one of the major issues that iPhone or iPad users can face. If the TrueDepth Camera stops working, then the Face ID gets disabled.

If your iPhone’s TrueDepth Camera stops working due to some unknown issue, then you can no more use your Face ID to:

  • To Unlock your iPhone.
  • Validate Payments with Apple Pay.
  • Authenticate your iTunes Store purchases.
  • Authenticate your App Store and Book Store purchases.
  • Sign into Apps.

Why TrueDepth Camera Not Working?

There can be several reasons why your iPhone’s TrueDepth Camera may not recognize your Face ID. Some of the major reasons for this can be:

Reason 1: Face ID Is Not Set Up

First of all, you need to make sure that your Face ID is set up. You should also make sure that you have turned on all those features with which you want to use your Face ID.

Steps to check the Face ID settings:

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Then tap on the “Face ID and Settings” button.
  • Turn on the Face ID for the required Apps.

Reason 2: TrueDepth Camera Is Blocked Or Covered

Your TrueDepth Camera may not work if it is covered with a case or a screen protector. Therefore, make sure to remove all such things which are blocking your TrueDepth Camera.

You can also check if your palm or finger is not coming in front of your device’s TrueDepth Camera, which generally happens while using an iPad in landscape orientation.

Reason 3: TrueDepth Camera Is Unclean

Your TrueDepth Camera may also not work if it is not clean or covered with dirt. Gently remove the dirt from the front camera section of your iPhone using a microfiber cloth.

 Reason 4: Your Face Is Not Visible

Your TrueDepth Camera will not respond if your facial features: eyes, mouth, and nose are covered with something. If your mouth and nose are covered, then by default, Face ID does not work.

If you want the TrueDepth Camera to recognize you with a mask, then you first need to set up a Face ID with a mask. While doing so, make sure that your eyes are fully visible.

In case you want the TrueDepth Camera to identify you with a mask, then you need to hold your iPhone a little higher and keep your eyes open and uncovered.

Reason 5: Device Has Just Been Restarted

If you have just restarted or turned on your iPhone, then Face ID would not unlock your device. You will be asked to provide the passcode for it.

Reason 6: The Device Is Locked For 48 Hours

If you have not unlocked your iPhone for the last 48 hours, then you cannot take the help of the TrueDepth Camera to unlock it. You need to unlock it by typing the passcode only.

Reason 7: After Five Unsuccessful Attempts

Your TrueDepth Camera will not power the Face ID if you already have made five unsuccessful attempts to unlock it using Face ID. In this case, also, you have to use the Passcode to unlock your iPhone.

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How Do I Know If My TrueDepth Camera Is Working?

There is a very simple way to know if your TrueDepth Camera is working or not. When your iPhone’s TrueDepth Camera stops working due to some reason, then Face ID will also not work.

You will see messages saying that Face ID is not available or has been disabled.

TrueDepth Camera fails if any of its related components fail, it includes the sensors and projectors also as they collect the data to create your face’s map.

You can easily check the Depth Sensor of your iPhone by verifying the normal working of your camera in the Portrait Mode.

Steps to Verify iPhone’s Depth Sensor:

Step 1: Open The IPhone’s Camera

First of all, you need to open the Camera App on your iPhone.

Step 2: Opt For Portrait Mode

Secondly, you have to select the Portrait Mode option.

Step 3: Choose The Front Camera

Now, you have to select the Front Camera option on your iPhone.

Step 4: Take A Selfie

Now, the final step is to take a selfie from your iPhone.

If your iPhone clicks the selfie in the portrait mode normally as per your expectations, then your iPhone’s Depth Sensor can be considered as fine.

But if there is some problem with the clicking of the selfie in the portrait mode, then this means that there is some problem with your iPhone’s Depth Sensor.

If the latter is the case, then you need to contact Apple Support. Alternatively, you can fix an appointment with an Apple Genius to resolve the issue.

How To Fix “ TrueDepth Camera Not Working”?

If you are facing any issue with your TrueDepth Camera on your iPhone or iPad, then before reaching out to Apple Support for help, you can try to fix the problem yourself. Below we have mentioned the working fixes for resolving the TrueDepth Camera not working trouble.

Fix 1: Check If Your Device Is Updated

First of all, you should make certain that the device model you are using supports the Face ID.

Now, the next thing you have to do to fix the TrueDepth Camera not working issue is to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. And in the case of an iPad, update it to the latest iPadOS version.

The few steps you need to follow to update your iPhone are as follows:

Steps to Update An iPhone Or iPad:

  • First of all, take a backup of your device. You can do it using your computer or iCloud.
  • Connect your device to power. Then, connect it to a stable Wi-Fi Internet Connection.
  • Open Settings on your device. Now, select the ‘General’ option and then tap on “Software Update.”
  • You may find two Software-update options, then go for the one you wish to install.
  • You will find the “Download and Install” option. Select it to start the update download.
  • Then, you will be required to type the passcode. After entering it, select the ‘Install Now’ option.

Fix 2: Reset Face ID 

To Check your Face ID Settings, follow the few steps mentioned below.

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings.
  • A “Face ID & Passcode” option will be available. Tap on it.
  • Then select the option that says ‘Reset Face ID.’
  • After this, select “Set up Face ID.” Now,  set it up again.
  • Turn on all the features with which you want to enable the Face ID.

Fix 3: Make Sure That Your TrueDepth Camera Is Uncovered

Check if your TrueDepth Camera is not blocked. It should not be covered with anything like dust, cover, protector, fingers, thumb, etc.

  • In case you have installed a new screen protector or you have added a new case on your iPhone. You should remove that as it may be covering your TrueDepth Camera. After removing the case or screen protector, check if the Face ID has started to work.
  • You should also make sure that the sensor array and lens are not covered.
  • TrueDepth Camera has three main components: Cameras, Sensors, and a dot. You can use a microfiber cloth to gently remove the dirt from the Face ID sensor and the front camera section.

Fix 4: Check Face ID After Restarting Your Device

To fix the TrueDepth Camera not working issue, you can also check if the Face ID works after restarting your iPhone or iPad. Follow the steps written below to restart your iPhone or iPad.

  • Long press the side button (or top button for iPad) and the volume down or up button at the same time as long as you see the “power-off” slider.
  • Drag the slider in the rightward direction.
  • Let your device shut off. You can wait 30 seconds for it.
  • Again long-press the side button (or top button for iPad) till you see the Apple logo.
  • After this, enter your passcode for the device.
  • Now, check whether your iPhone or iPad’s Face ID or TrueDepth Camera is working.

Fix 5: Make Sure Your Face Is Not Covered

Your eyes, nose, and mouth must be completely visible to the TrueDepth Camera so that the Face ID can recognize us. If anything is covering your mouth and nose, then by default, the Face ID does not work.

In case you have set up Face ID wearing a mask, then:

  • While using the Face ID with the mask, make sure your eyes are visible. Do not wear sunglasses at that time.
  • Hold your iPhone higher if you want to use the Face ID with a mask.
  • While unlocking your iPhone with the Face ID, your mask should not be too close to your eyes.

Fix 6: Make Certain That You Face The TrueDepth Camera

TrueDepth Camera will power the Face ID on your iPhone only if you are facing it and holding the device in portrait orientation. On the other hand, if you are using the Face ID on an iPad, then you can hold it in any orientation.

You can use the Face ID in both cases, i.e., both when your iPhone or iPad is held in a natural position as well as when it is lying on a surface. But its distance from your face should be an arm’s length or lesser, i.e., 10-20 inches.

Fix 7: Add An Alternate Appearance For Face ID

You can also add an alternate appearance, in case you have an appearance that you feel is very distinct from the usual one. By doing so, the Face ID will recognize you with the changed appearance also.

Steps to set up an alternate appearance

You can set up an alternate appearance with the following simple steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad to select the “Face ID & Passcode” option. Type your passcode if asked.
  • After this, you will see the “Set up an Alternative Appearance” option. Tap on it.
  • Now, make your face fit into the frame. Make sure that you are looking straight into your device.
  • After this, slowly move your head to finish the circle. If you are not able to do so, then go to Accessibility options.
  • Tap on “Continue” after completing the first Face ID scan.
  • Now, you have to once again move your head gently to finish the circle.
  • On the completion of the Face ID setup, tap Done.

Fix 8: Reset All The Settings

If all the above-mentioned fixes do not solve your TrueDepth Camera not working issue, then you can try resetting all the settings of your iPhone or iPad.

You will not lose your content during this. This will only remove your saved preferences for location settings, Bluetooth Connections, and Wi-Fi Passwords and will again set all the settings to factory default.

You can follow the simple steps to reset all the settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Steps to Reset all settings.

  • Go to your device settings.
  • Opt for the ‘General’ Option.
  • Now, select Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Then, choose Reset.
  • Tap on the “Reset All Settings” button.
  • Go according to the instructions that are shown on the device’s screen.

Fix 9: Get Apple Service 

If all of the above-mentioned fixes do not help in making your TrueDepth Camera or Face ID work again, then the final step is to take help from Apple Support.

Make sure to visit only a trained technician for your device service. Don’t allow non-real Apple components to be used in the laser systems.

Wrong device repairing and modification might adversely affect the working of the safety mechanisms, which could result in injury to the skin or eyes.

If the faulty hardware in your could not be replaced at the Apple store also, then device replacement is the last option left to you. But many users avoid this and stick to the passcode option for all the purposes.

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A Problem Was Detected With The TrueDepth Camera

Generally, when your Face ID stops working, then you get the message – A problem was detected with the TrueDepth Camera.

Before going to the Apple store for hardware replacement or device replacement, you can try to resolve the issue with the above-mentioned fixes.

You can also try the below-mentioned two fixes that the iPhone users have suggested.

Fix 1: Set Up Face ID In The Airplane Mode

Some users who faced a similar issue with their TrueDepth Camera have said setting up Face ID in Airplane Mode worked for them. 

You can set up the Face ID in Airplane mode in the following way.

  • Go to your iPhone/iPad Settings.
  • You have to find “Select Face ID & Passcode” and tap on it.
  • After this, select Face ID and tap on Delete Face.
  • Then, Restart your device with the passcode and reopen the Settings.
  • Now, again set up the Face ID after putting your device in Airplane Mode. 
  • Then turn off the Airplane Mode and check whether your TrueDepth Camera issue is resolved or not.

Fix 2: Restore Your IPhone From ITunes

Some iPhone users with the TrueDepth Camera issue got the problem solved when they restored their iPhone from iTunes backup.

You can restore your mobile device from iTunes with the steps as follows:

  • First of all, you need to turn off “Find My iPhone” on your device in the following way:

Go to Settings>Tap Apple ID>Tap iCloud>Select Find My iPhone>Enter the password to confirm.

  • On your Mac or PC, where you frequently take a backup of your iPhone, open iTunes.
  • Connect your device with the help of the original lightning cable.
  • Choose your iPhone in iTunes.
  • Click on Restore Backup.
  • Pick the most recent backup after looking at the date and size of all backups. Make sure to choose the one where the Face ID worked.
  • Then click on Restore. If you are asked about the password of your encrypted backup, then provide it.
  • Let your iPhone Restart and sync with the Mac or PC.
  • Disconnect the iPhone after the sync completes.

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TrueDepth Camera Not Working After Water

In case of water or liquid damage to your iPhone, the TrueDepth Camera stops functioning. This is due to the component failure.

Although many iPhones are designed to be resistant to water, component damage due to water is not covered under the Apple Care Warranty. In case the water damage is detected in your iPhone, then you would need to pay for the replacement or repair.

How to Check for Water damage?

You need to find and check the Liquid Contact Indicators of your iPhone.

  • In almost every iPhone, you will find the LCI in the SIM slot.
  • To check your iPhone’s LCI status, remove the SIM tray.
  • When your device comes in contact with water, the Liquid Contact Indicator gets activated.
  • If the color of the indicator is white or silver, then your iPhone has not undergone any water damage.
  • If the color of the indicator turns red, then it means there are fair chances of water damage.

To resolve the water damage issue, you need to contact an authorized Apple Store.

TrueDepth Camera Not Working After Update

If your TrueDepth Camera stops working just after an update, then you should Restart your iPhone instantly after updating. 

Steps to Restart an iPhone:

Step 1: Long Press Side And A Volume Button

Keep long-pressing the side and any one of the volume buttons simultaneously till you see a power-off slider.

Step 2: Drag The Slider Towards The Right To Turn Off The IPhone

Now, drag the power-off slider and give 30 seconds for your iPhone to turn off.

In case your iPhone does not respond, you can force restart it.

Step 3: Turn The IPhone On

Keep Long pressing the side button, which is on the right side of your iPhone, till the Apple logo pops up.

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How To Check TrueDepth Camera?

To check whether your TrueDepth Camera is working or not, you can try clicking a selfie in portrait mode from your iPhone.

Steps to Check the TrueDepth Camera:

Step 1: Open Your Camera On Your IPhone

First of all, you need to open the Camera App on your iPhone device.

Step 2: Opt For The Portrait Mode

Next, you have to select the Portrait Mode option.

Step 3: Choose The Front Camera

Now, you have to choose the Front Camera option on your iPhone.

Step 4: Click The Selfie

Now, the final step is to take a snap from your iPhone.

If your iPhone’s front camera normally clicks the selfie, then it means that your TrueDepth Camera is perfectly fine. Otherwise, there can be some minor or major issues.

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TrueDepth Camera is a modern feature on an iPhone.  It is complicated and more than a simple camera. It allows the users to use Face ID to perform actions like ID verification for iPhone unlock, payments, apps, etc.

With time, many users have reported problems with the TrueDepth Camera. Many times, the issue is resolved just by a system update, restart, or reset.

But sometimes, the problem is with the complex hardware components. In this case, an expert’s help is required to tackle the issue. Hardware repair or replacement can be the probable solution here.