How To Send AVAX From To MetaMask?

Send avax from to metamask

AVAX is the patented token for the blockchain called Avalanche. This blockchain was developed to compete with the scalability issues with the popular cryptocurrency- Ethereum.

As of the recent data, it has been found that AVAX can process 4,500 transactions per second, whereas Ethereum is still at 14 transactions per second.

The procedure to send your AVAX tokens from your wallet to Metamask is pretty simple. We have discussed the detailed steps in the following section of this article. 

How To Send AVAX From To MetaMask?

Follow the steps mentioned below to send AVAX from to your Metamask wallet:

Step 1: Launch The App 

Open the app on your phone and head over to the Transfer option. Here you will find two options in the pop-up dialogue select Withdraw.

Step 2: Choose Crypto And Select To Add External Wallet

Since we are transferring AVAX tokens, choose the Crypto option in the dialogue box and click on the External Wallet option to add Metamask.

Step 3: Choose The Wallet Address Option

You will find all your previously added wallet addresses in Withdrawal Whitelist. If you had previously added Metamask, you could skip this step. Otherwise, click on the Plus icon on top of your screen and choose the Wallet Address option.

Step 4:  Choose The Coin 

Next up, choose the AVAX coin option and exit the app to open your Metamask wallet.

Step 5: Choose The AVAX Token And Copy The Wallet Address

As you enter the app, choose the AVAX token and copy the wallet address from the copy icon on top of your screen.

Step 6: Paste The Address Into And Complete The Procedure

Next up, go over to the app and paste the wallet address in the AVAX address column. Name the wallet as Metamask for future reference and click on the Confirm withdrawal address option.

Step 7: Head Back To The Whitelisted Section 

Now, head back to the Whitelisted section, where you can spot the newly added AVAX wallet address. Tap on it and enter the amount you would like to transfer, and click on Withdraw. 

Step 8: Fill In The Remaining Details And Hit Confirm

Now, enter a minimum transaction fee and double-check the details before hitting the Confirm option.  

You will receive a notification from Metamask whenever the transaction is completed, and the amount has reached your wallet.

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A transfer fee is the amount of money individuals pay to conduct a transaction on the blockchain. Every time a user sends a transaction, he or she must include a fee to make sure that the miner who processes the request includes it in his or her next block. 

By default, will charge a transaction fee for the supported blockchains. This helps to promote better network stability and brings the best user experience for the customers. 

The to metamask AVAX Transfer Fee is a way to incentivize the miners who power the Avalanche Blockchain to process the transfer of tokens from to the Metamask wallet. 

This fee is calculated based on market conditions and ensures that the transaction gets confirmed by miners in a timely fashion. Avalanche fees are fixed at 1.5 AVAX per transaction, regardless of the amount transferred.

Fees are hosted by Avalanche, not, so the fee amount shown on is indicative only. To MetaMask AVAX Transfer Time

The average AVAX transfer time from to metamask is 1-3 days. The delay might be related to Metamask’s default 2/3 block confirmation threshold for AVAX transfers, which can cause approximately a 48-minute delay, unfortunately adding to the total time taken for the AVAX transfer to be complete.

An increase or decrease in amount or fee may have a direct impact on the transaction time. However, the actual time a deposit takes to hit the balance depends on how many confirmations a transaction receives. 

Once individuals see the deposit reflected on the account dashboard and it is marked as completed, this means that the deposit has 6 confirmations in its blockchain. If a transaction has any less than 6 confirmation(s), it is suggested to wait until it becomes completed to ensure a secure transfer.

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Can’t Send AVAX From To MetaMask

One must know that Metamask only allows the transfer of AVAX available on the C chain. If the AVAX is available on any other chain, you will not be able to transfer it from to Metamask. So, if you are facing issues in transferring to metamask, check on which chain AVAX is available.

Sometimes individuals may experience a transaction rejection by the blockchain. After individuals send AVAX from their App/Wallet to another external wallet, the wallet will produce a ‘transaction completed’ acknowledgment. That means the system has sent its AVAX transaction request to the blockchain network. 

But the network may reject this transaction for several reasons, usually due to non-conformity with the standard format of transactions on that particular cryptocurrency network or its smart contracts (e.g., wrong wallet address in the recipient field).

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Does MetaMask Support The AVAX C Chain?

Yes, MetaMask fully supports the AVAX C chain. When individuals connect MetaMask to Avalanche manners, the MetaMask wallet automatically switches over to AVAX and shows them a balance of AVAX at a 1:1 conversion rate. 

This AVAX balance is backed by a reserve of ETH in a smart contract, and the conversion between AVAX and ETH is done when individuals withdraw their funds. To use Avalanche on MetaMask, select the “Custom RPC” option. 

To set up a customer account for any network, including Avalanche Testnet, simply click on create an account in the top right of MetaMask, and then select custom RPC. 

When MetaMask is configured to connect to an Avalanche node, MetaMask users can access the AVAX C chain and other chains supported by the Avalanche ecosystem. 

With the increasing number of platforms turning to proof of stake for blockchain consensus, MetaMask is designed to support any project building on top of the protocol. 

The Avalanche development team has architected an exciting upgrade that enables AVAX holders to become network validators.

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Can I Send AVAX Directly To MetaMask?

Yes, you can Send AVAX Directly to MetaMask. Once your MetaMask wallet is set up, you’ll be asked to save the public address of your account. You must copy this address and enter it in the ‘Recipient’s wallet address’ field on the official Avalanche website or in ‘Send To Address’ on an exchange site. 

If the platform you are sending from requires a transaction tag, then you must paste that into the appropriate field on the exchange site when sending AVAX to MetaMask. It is advised against using smart contract addresses unless necessary as it may result in loss of funds. 

But please keep in mind – that AVAX cannot be stored on MetaMask. It only serves as a gateway to interact with Avalanche.

That is why it is important that you own your keys (store them safely) and do not send AVAX to MetaMask from an exchange. You can deposit AVAX directly to your MetaMask address, but you need to create a cryptocurrency wallet for it. 

To do this, navigate to the main wallet page ( In the center of your screen, you will see three tabs: Main, with a tab of your addresses, “savings,” and “deposits”. 

Next is the create savings tab, which allows you to create a cryptocurrency wallet in MetaMask you can deposit and withdraw into whenever you wish.

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Transferring AVAX on Metamask is a smart decision one can make because of the lack of security issues with the open exchanges. However, always keep in mind that Metamask allows only AVAX available on the C chain. 

The procedure for transfer has been mentioned in detail in the former sections of this article. Since Metamask has an automatic notification service, you will receive a notification once your transaction has been completed.