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The motive of an account record is to preserve trading activities and track every transaction that happens at any point. Tax can deliver a detailed calculation of taxable profits and expenses on crypto transactions to users. They can download those reports afterward for tax filing.

What Is Transaction History?

A transaction history is a detailed electronic report of every business made within a specific interval in a given account.

How To View Transaction History?

Steps to View Transaction History:

Step 1: Go to the Order area when you’ve signed in to your account. 

Step 2: Drive to your transaction report tab. You can choose to screen your transactions using the filters tools. The two submenus rely on the trade you choose. 

Step 3: Requests made about the two options above will pop up.

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How To Download Transaction History?

You can gain entrance into your buying and selling activities by fetching your transaction report on the exchange.

Convey this report to CSV On and issue a download command. Besides, you can select the type of transaction you want to convey. It can be a fiat wallet, crypto wallet, or Visa card from

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However, only one transaction is permitted per time. Below is a guide to help you find and download your sales history on exchange.

Steps to Download Transaction History::

Step 1: Launch The Exchange App

Before anything else, you need to launch your app, then sign in to your account using your unique passcode. The same applies to the website version of

Nevertheless, the narration will be using the mobile app since it’s predominant over the web version.

Step 2: Find Your Way To The Option “Accounts” And Hit The Clock Symbol

When you’ve launched the app, the next step is to locate the “Account” option below the navigation bar and click on it. This redirects you to your wallet balances. 

Now click on the clock symbol directly above the navigation bar to see your transaction report. This history contains your sales and bonuses.

Step 3: Choose The Type Of Transaction You Want And The Date

After exporting your transaction history to CSV, choose the type of transaction you want to do and the date on the dropdown menu. 

For Example:

To install your transaction report from your wallet, you have to choose [Crypto Wallet.]

Remember, it is one transaction per time.

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A date to initiate the transaction will be needed, so click on the [form] button, fill the field with the starting date and the [To] button with the termination date. E.g., [3rd April 2022 to 9th May 2022].

Step 4: Click On Export

When you click the clock symbol, you land on the page with your transaction reports. Now Click on the export symbol on top to convey your transaction report to CSV.

Step 5: Install Your Transaction Report

Click on [Download] close to the clock icon to install your transaction report.

Note: For security purposes, your installation is only accessible after 30days from the export day.

How To Delete Transaction History?

It’s not possible to delete Transaction history. Deleting a transaction report from a blockchain is impossible. The limit you can reach is to hide transactions from third-party.

However, this depends on the wallet’s configuration; Beyond that, the data remains in the blockchain.

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How Long Does Keep Transaction History? keeps its transaction records for three years. Each transaction report can enclose a date span of 3 years. Transaction History Not Showing

If your transaction history is not showing on the app, Please freshen your wallet by putting down the visual display unit on the homepage to correspond to your newest balances and trade. Your offset will be revised immediately after the first validation is obtained.

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A transaction history depicts the progress or regress (made sales and orders, profits, and losses) of an account.

Therefore, it is essential for every user; to interpret their achievements. 

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