Fix: Crypto.Com Declined By The Issuer declined by the issuer is a prominent platform that facilitates cryptocurrency exchange and unites us to a world of opportunities in the crypto universe.

It can link you to over ten million active users who keep transacting in over 250 plus crypto tokens at a reasonable price. also provides you with a wallet application. It allows you to operate the application anytime and from anywhere using your smartphone.

With’s mobile application, you can purchase top value crypto tokens like ETH, BTC, SOL, DOGE, etc., at their original cost without any extra fees.

It also allows you to use your debit/credit cards or a bank transfer to fund your wallet. It lets you keep your coins stored safely in a blockchain.

Besides, you can receive or send your tokens to the other users or to the users of other external exchanges.

What Does Declined By Issuer Mean On Crypto.Com? declined by issuer error occurs when you attempt to transact while funding your for purchasing cryptocurrencies, with your debit or credit card as your bank or card issuer may block your payment transaction.

Your card issuer knows well where you are using their card and what services you are enjoying, as each transaction requires verification from issuers when it comes to centralized exchanges like’s every transaction requires verification from a financial institution prior to being processed, as it is a centralized exchange for cryptocurrency.

You can buy cryptocurrencies in several ways. The most popular among them is by using a debit or credit card.

Almost all the exchanges allow the use of cards for buying cryptocurrencies, while many card issuers don’t. 

During the process of payment verification, the error message ‘declined by issuer’ on may appear if the card-issuing bank or institution disapproves of the transaction.

If during the verification process, like while verifying your daily or monthly limit of transactions along with several other things, the issuer finds something faulty, then they decline the payment from their issued card.

This leads to the ‘declined by issuer’ error on the crypto token-buying platform

Although there can be a number of reasons that may lead to the ‘decline by issuer’ error, we will discuss the significant ones along with the fixes to resolve them to fix the error.

Why Does My Crypto.Com Say Declined By The Issuer? can be declined by the issuer while adding a credit or debit card to it or while funding the account using the credit/debit cards due to several reasons.

The declined by issuer error on may occur due to some maintenance issue with the server of the bank which issued your card.

The issue may also arise if you provide your debit or credit card input like CVV, expiry date, etc., erroneously.

One possible reason for the error can be inadequate funds in your related bank account.

If the issuer suspects any fraud with your payment card, then they may decline the payment causing to decline by issuer error.

The policies of some banks or some countries do not approve or allow transactions related to cryptocurrencies.

Therefore the “declined by issuer” problem appears while using their cards on

If your card is allowed to be used in a particular country where the issuing institution is located, and you try to use it in a different country, then you may encounter this problem.

If your card has already been declined a few times earlier, then you may receive this error message further using the same card on the website.

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How To Fix “Crypto.Com Declined By Issuer”? declined by issuer error can be fixed, and the fixes depend on correcting the problem which is responsible for declined by issuer error on the platform. The fixes for the issue are as follows.

Fix 1: Try After Some Time

Sometimes, the declined by issuer error occurs because of the server problems of your card issuing bank. 

There may be some maintenance issues going on with the server, which may get corrected in some time. This generally happens when you use cards powered by MasterCard or Visa.

Therefore, all you need to do in this case is to wait for some time, as the issue will resolve on its own and then try again to use your card on

Fix 2: Double-Check Your Card Details

While funding the account, if you provide incorrect card details, then you will get the declined by an issuer error message.

So, to fix the error, you should make sure that you have entered your card details like its no., CVV, and expiration date accurately by checking it twice while you try to top up the account.

Fix 3: Check If The Funds In The Issuing Bank Account Are Sufficient

The platform will not accept your credit or debit card if the cash/fiat balance in the card-issuing bank account is inadequate.

Therefore, you must have adequate funds in your account to power transactions to prevent your card from getting declined or transactions getting blocked.

Fix 4: Inquire If Your Card Issuer Permits Crypto-Based Transactions

If your card issuer does not authorize or permit transactions that are related to the Crypto world, like on, then you will get the declined by the issuer error message, and the transaction on will get declined.

So, you should first inquire about it from the card-issuing institution and ask them to allow crypto-based transactions on your credit or debit card.

Fix 5: Check Card Status

Make sure that the validity of your Credit/debit card has not expired. Also, it may be marked as lost or stolen. Therefore check if that is not the case.

Apart from this, make sure that your card is authorized for online or international purchases. If not, get it authorized for it.

Fix 6: Contact Issuer

If your card has been refused by the issuer on, and after trying all the fixes, you are not able to get rid of the error message, then you should contact your issuer or account manager to find out the exact reason for the decline and get a fix for that.

Fix 7: Go For Crypto.Com Visa Cards

If you want to enjoy an uninterrupted purchasing of cryptocurrencies such as ETH, LTC, LINK, EOS, ENJ, DOGE, DAI, CHZ, BTC, ADA, USDT, etc., you can also apply for Visa cards.

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Why Is Your Bank Blocking Crypto.Com?

Some banks do not allow even legal transactions of their customers with credit or debit cards if they are related to cryptocurrencies because of the risk of potential scams involved in the crypto world. This may be the reason why a bank block

For some banks, it is illegal to process transactions because trades in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are forbidden in many places in the world, like in China, and the banks have to comply with the laws.

Banks do not allow because of the bad actors. Some people are indulged in illegal crypto activities, and the banks do not want to deal with the consequences. Therefore, they reject such transactions.

Also, digital assets are highly volatile in nature. Some customers file chargebacks on their credit card related crypto purchases in case the value of the cryptocurrency falls immediately. The banks do not want to deal with all this and disallow

Money laundering is also a long-existing crypto issue that causes the banks to choose to decline transactions. Transaction Error

“Declined by Issuer” is a transaction error message that sometimes the user receives while making transactions through credit or debit cards on 

We have already discussed earlier the various causes and fixes for the transaction error. This error often requires you to call your bank to allow your Credit or debit cards to make payment transactions on

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Which Credit Card Works With Crypto.Com?

Traditional credit cards powered by Visa or Mastercard work well with You can add your credit cards on for purchasing cryptocurrencies or for funding your account.

Apart from this, following the increasing craze for crypto investment among the users, a number of Crypto credit cards are available in the market, like Visa card, Gemini credit card, etc. 

Each credit card comes with unique features, which include its reward structure, fees, exchange options, payment methods, cryptocurrency options, etc.

Crypto.Com Error When Buying

You may experience Error when buying cryptocurrencies if the server is down and some maintenance is going on.

You should also check your network connection and try a different network for error when buying may also occur if your order surpasses the buying limit or is below the minimum amount.

A flagged wallet address also stops you from buying cryptocurrencies on It happens when your account is found to be suspicious by the system.

Apart from this, your card with which you are carrying out the payments may have been rejected or declined by the issuer on the app, leading to the unsuccessful payment for buying and hence the error.

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We have discussed the various causes for the transaction error and have provided you with sufficient working fixes with which you can resolve the declined by issuer error.

We hope that you will find this piece of writing on transaction error useful.

In case you still find any difficulty in resolving the error, then you can contact your card issuing bank branch for an effective solution.