Fix: Insufficient Balance insufficient balance

Are you getting an error of insufficient balance while transferring your fund from to the bank account? Is doing a scam by telling insufficient funds when it has money?

In this article, you will learn about the same concerns. Also, this article enlights on the meaning of the total balance on

What Does Insufficient Balance Mean On

An insufficient balance means you don’t have enough funds in your account on for the transaction. It means your balance is lower than recommended.

Usually, you get this message when you buy coins on or try to transfer the funds from to your bank account. recommends a 100 Euro threshold to withdraw.

Why Does It Say Insufficient Funds When It Has Money On

Sometimes, says insufficient funds even when recommended money is available, especially when you buy coins or withdraw funds. It happens when you attempt to withdraw your cryptocurrency instead of fiat balance to your account. 

Since crypto is a hypothetical currency, you can’t withdraw or transfer it directly. For this, you will need to convert your crypto into fiat balance (real money).

Then you will be able to transfer or withdraw to your bank account. Fiat wallet acts as a medium to convert your crypto into real money. And since you have no funds in the fiat wallet, you are getting this insufficient funds error. 

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What Does The Total Balance Mean On

As you tap on the account option on You will find different wallet accounts here. Crypto wallet, Exchange, Crypto Earn, and Fiat Wallet.

And at the top, you see a total balance which may be confusing for many people. The total amount displayed at the top is your crypto’s total balance. This means how many worth crypto coins you have in your crypto account, which is equivalent to your fiat balance. Insufficient Balance To Buy

Suppose you are getting an error of insufficient balance to buy. It means you have a lower balance than required to buy crypto coins. Insufficient Balance When Selling recommends having a minimum balance of 100 euros to sell. If you have a lower amount, you will definitely get an error of’s insufficient balance when selling.

To avoid the “ Insufficient Balance When Selling” error, always make sure less than or equal to the amount available for selling your crypto in

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Final Words

This article explains and fixes the error of insufficient balance when you buy, sell, transfer, or withdraw funds on