Huggy Wuggy Vs Kissy Missy

huggy wuggy vs kissy missy

Both Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy are popular organic toys or characters of Poppy Playtime. Playtime Co. has created Kissy Missy as a female equivalent to Huggy Wuggy. 

Kissy Missy came to the world just a year after his male counterpart Huggy Wuggy’s arrival, i.e. in 1985. 

Kissy Missy is Huggy Wuggy’s love interest and even more than that. She is an illuminator of the policies of Playtime Co. and does whole heartedly the job allotted to her by instructing the protagonist about it.

Huggy Wuggy Vs Kissy Missy

Huggy Wuggy’s signature color is blue while Kissy Missy is a Pink colored furry lady. Being a lady, Kissy is seen to have long eyelashes and a slightly different eye color as compared to Huggy Wuggy.

If we see the general premise of both the toys, then Huggy Wuggy’s hobby is to hug the children, while Kissy Missy likes to kiss the children; as suggested by their names.

Huggy Wuggy was created first and then the company planned the release of Kissy Missy. Both Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy share a similar physical appearance, you can only notice 2-3 slight differences between the two.

Huggy Wuggy received tremendous popularity on release. He was a monstrous muppet, but attracted the attention of a huge number of players and children. 

Huggy’s fame served as the reason for the launch of an identical toy Kissy Missy, as Huggy’s female version. The move was intended to boost the popularity of Huggy Wuggy to make it reach new heights along with his better half.

Both Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy are tall, slender animal-like toys with flexible and elastic bodies. They both have long hands and long legs. 

Features like yellow hands and feet, blue bow, similar big and round eyes with dark pupils, all make them look alike in appearance, except the fact that Huggy Wuggy is a blue colored male doll  while Kissy Missy is a Pink colored  lady doll.

Are Huggy Wuggy And Kissy Missy Siblings?

No, Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy can never be regarded as siblings. Although some fans mistakenly take them as siblings due to their similar physical appearances, this is not correct.

Playtime Co. has confirmed that Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy are not siblings. They like each other. They are purposefully created as each others’ love interests.

Is Huggy Wuggy And Kissy Missy A Couple?

Yes, this is officially confirmed. Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy represent a couple. It is clearly shown on the Kissy Missy’s digital Collectible website’s profile that Kissy Missy is closely related to Huggy Wuggy. They are spouses to each other.

Kissy Missy loves his male counterpart very much. As depicted by a famous youtube video, Kissy Missy explored the old plant of toys only to find her missing love, Huggy Wuggy. Although Huggy Wuggy was found, he was now a killer monster.

Is Huggy Wuggy And Kissy Missy Married?

Yes, our popular Poppy Playtime characters Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy are married. This is confirmed by Kissy Missy’s digital collectible profile which clearly mentions her to be Huggy’s better-half. 

Therefore, there should be no denying in saying that Kissy Missy is Huggy Wuggy’s confirmed wife while Huggy Wuggy is Kissy Missy’s confirmed husband.

Social platforms are full of Huggy and Kissy’s fan-made marriage stickers, images, and even videos. All the published posts illustrate how much Kissy adores her husband Huggy. Huggy too is portrayed to be a loving partner.

Does Huggy Wuggy Have A Sister?

No, the 38 years old, 17 feet tall male organic doll Huggy Wuggy does not have a sister.

People often get confused by believing that Kissy Missy is Huggy Wuggy’s sister or Huggy Wuggy is Kissy Missy’s brother but this has been officially confirmed to be untrue.

Huggy Wuggy does not have Kissy Missy as his sister, they are a couple instead and love each other very much. So, Huggy Wuggy does have a wife and not a sister.

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Does Kissy Missy Have Teeth?

Yes, Kissy Missy must have teeth. She is a genderswap of Huggy Wuggy. She looks almost the same as Huggy Wuggy and when Huggy Wuggy is shown to have teeth, then why not Kissy Missy will have them.

Kissy Missy in Chapter 2 is shown to be friendly, having a big smile. It is undiscovered yet if she too has grinding jaws like her male equal. 

The pink furry lady may be disguising her true behavior, she might be trying to mislead the players and may become contentious in the forthcoming chapters. 

To know what’s the true nature of Kissy Missy, we need to wait for the next Poppy Playtime installment.


The main opponent in the chapter “A Tight Squeeze”, which is the 1st chapter of the “Poppy Playtime” video game, was none other than Huggy Wuggy.

His female equivalent, Kissy Missy on the other hand was not an antagonist. She appears in “ Fly in a Web,” which is the second chapter of the same game, playing a minor role.

Huggy Wuggy is a violent and fierce attacker. Hugging and crushing the players to expiration is his specialty. He steps forward in the same attitude as Kissy Missy but with antagonistic intentions.

Apart from this, the pink organic toy doll Kissy Missy is portrayed as a generous and good-natured friend of the protagonist. 

Her pursuit is to kiss the protagonist but she is not antagonistic towards the players. She benefits the players by opening the gate with her bar pulling activity.

Both Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy are the mascots of Poppy Playtime. Both are loved and admired for their characteristics while Kissy being friendly and tender-hearted is admired and preferred more.