Daddy Long Legs Vs Mommy Long Legs 

daddy long legs vs mommy long legs

The American horror video game is played by thousands of people which has made it so famous among kids and even adults.

After the success of the first chapter of Poppy Playtime, which highlighted Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy as the antagonist characters in the game, Playtime corporation launched its second chapter on 5th May, 2022.

Fans have drawn and given rough sketches about the two characters of the second chapter before the release of the game. Although Mommy Long Legs seem like a cute genuine character, that is not the case. The same applies to Daddy Long Legs. 

Are you curious to know who is more horrifying between the two? So you could stay equipped and ready while you play the game and encounter any one of them. 

This article will give a brief impression of Daddy Long Legs and Mommy long legs and will accentuate their key features. 

Daddy Long Legs Vs Mommy Long Legs 

            Mommy Long Legs                 Daddy Long Legs 
Mommy’s long legs are pink in colour depicting the female antagonist role in Poppy Playtime. Daddy’s long legs are blue in colour depicting the male antagonist rule in the video game.
The evolution of Mommy long legs has seen no change, her design was mainly based on a real-life spider. Daddy long legs previously had two longs, however, the recent teasers showed even he too has four legs. 
Mommy’s long legs have green eyes.Daddy’s long legs have yellow eyes. 
They both have long widened arms and legs. Daddy long legs have long and widened arms and legs similar to Mommy long legs.In addition, Daddy long legs have a different length than mommy long legs.
Mommy’s long legs do not have many accessories on her except the spaghetti-like hair, which creates a weird and strange depiction of her. A black hat and a mustache are a couple of things that slightly make daddy long legs weird to look at. 
Her death was a scary one and the last scene of poppy playtime was scraier too. It can not be said if Daddy long legs have died in the second chapter of puppy playtime 

Daddy Long Legs and Mommy Long Legs are the two main characters of Poppy Playtime, but do you know which of the two is the scariest character (monster)? 

Well, both of them derived their design from real-life insects which are “spiders.” However, in the video game you will notice some significant differences between both the characters, some of which are: 

Daddy Long Legs are blue in colour whereas mommy’s long legs are completely pink in colour, blue and pink signify their contradicting gender (Male and Female). 

Mommy Long Legs have green eyes and Daddy Long Legs are yellow in colour. Although mommy’s long legs go very well with her pink colour, her creepy smile looks even creepier because of her green eyes.

Both Daddy Long Legs and Mommy Long Legs have long, broadened arms that give them their respective names. 

Mommy Long Legs have spaghetti-like hair while Daddy Long Legs seem to have no hair and he wears a black hat and a mustache covering his mouth, giving a decent look to Daddy Long Legs and a scarier and strange look to Mommy long legs.  

If you have played poppy playtime or you have seen the clips of the final scene, you may have seen the death of Mommy Long Legs, and the last time when she was uttering “what have you done” has somewhat justified Mommy Long Legs being scarier than Daddy Long Legs. 

The second chapter of Poppy playtime emphasized more on Mommy Long Legs as compared to Daddy long legs, as a result, making it questionable if Daddy long legs were truly part of the second chapter.

The above points have certainly justified that Mommy Long Legs are scarier than Daddy Long Legs. 

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By now you must know who is the scarier and the lead monster in poppy playtime video games. Mommy Long Legs have also been highly shown in clips, teasers and posters while Daddy Long Legs was seen just as a companion.  

There are some slight differences in both the characters, these differences have created the base who is a better horrifying monster between the two.

What was questionable was the existence of Daddy Long Legs, there is quite a chance that Daddy Long Legs may play a more important role in the next chapter (if the creators plan to come up with a third chapter).