Clear Data Vs Clear Cache

clear data vs clear cache

In simple terms clearing an app’s data leads to the permanent deletion of the files and documents related to the app.

If the user chooses to clear data, they will lose access to all the information of the app stored in their system memory.

On the other hand, by clearing an app’s cache, you are only getting rid of the temporary files of the app, which creates more storage space on your device.

This has no effect on the data and information of the app stored on your device.

Clear Data Vs. Clear Cache

Here are some of the key differences between the clear data and clear cache functions:

  • When you choose to clear the data of an app, you will get rid of the entire app’s information, meaning that you’ll have to re-enter your personal information on the app and start anew. At the same time, it is not the same when you choose to clear the cache.
  • When you clear data, your system will delete the photos, videos, or docs associated with the app, whereas when you clear the cache, all the important data and information remain in your system memory.
  • Clear data deletes all the permanent files, whereas the clear cache function deletes all the temporary files.

You can also refer to the following table for the differences between Clear data and Clear cache.

Clear dataClear cache
Clears important files and data related to the app.Clears cache data but retains all the important information related to the app.
It is as good as installing a new app.It only helps in creating space for new information for the app.
This function should only be used when there is no last resort, and the app is completely malfunctioning.It sorts out the immediate issues with the apps without getting rid of the important data.
You will lose access to all the pictures, videos, and other content saved for the app on your device. You will still have access to all the major content saved for the app on your device.
If you perform this function, you will be logged out of your account from the app.You do not have to necessarily log in after performing this function.

Should I Clear Data Or Clear Cache?

Clearing the data of an app is as good as uninstalling an app because it will make the same difference to your phone’s storage. Hence, if you do not want to get rid of all the important information about the app from your system storage, it would be wise to go for the clear cache option.

This option is known as “Offloading” for iOS devices. You can find this option in the Settings app on both Android and iOS phones.


Clearing an app’s data is similar to deleting the app from your device because, in both cases, all the permanent files from the app will be removed from your phone.

On the other hand, clearing the cache only gets rid of the temporary files creating more storage space for the app.

Please note that when you choose to delete an app, your system storage retains some of the temporary caches from the app, which helps you, later on, to get started whenever you choose to reinstall the app on your device.

This also happens when you choose to clear data or clear cache on an app on your phone.