Does Clearing Cache Delete Data?

does clearing cache deleting data

Cache memory on your device stores some temporary data which it then uses to load a webpage or an application faster. However, this also occupies space on your device, making it eventually slow. Therefore, clearing the cache becomes important.

But many people are still not equipped with the idea of what a cache file is and what it stores. Some people believe if they delete cache from the system, it may delete all their important files, pictures, or other data from the system. However, this is NOT the case. 

If you are not sure if you should delete the cache from your device or not or what all it will delete, stay tuned to this post. Here is what you need to know about clearing cache on your system.

Does Clearing Cache Delete Data?

No, clearing the cache won’t delete any important data. Usually, cache memory stores copies of the files that have been frequently visited by the user.

So, clearing up the cache memory deletes only those copies of files and not any important data of the user.

We can often clear the cache on our phones or laptops because it frees up the storage as our devices may collect a lot of unnecessary files over time which can degrade the performance of the device. It helps in releasing the storage on your pc or phone. 

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But after clearing the cache it may take time for the websites, or apps to load as the cached data gets re-loaded onto the system.

So, clearing the cache won’t delete any important data like files, login credentials, etc. from your device.

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Will Clearing Cache Delete Anything?

Yes, clearing the cache may delete some of the temporary files and data from your device but it won’t delete any of your important information.

The cache memory generally stores the copies of files and data of the frequently accessed website or apps, which is used for speeding up the efficiency of any computing task or program like searching for a particular website, opening up an app, etc.

We can clear the cache memory on any web browser by clearing the history and on mobile phones, it can be cleared by going into the settings, then opening application management, then tapping on the desired app, and then finally completing the action by tapping on clear cache.

Will Clearing Cache Delete Pictures?

No, clearing cache won’t delete any pictures from your phone because images and videos are stored in a different part of the internal memory while cache memory is a different section of the memory. 

Clearing the cache of the camera or gallery application may delete the thumbnails that are used to preview the images on your phone but it won’t delete any of the actual images, and these thumbnails get re-loaded once you open the application again, it may take a time to open up the app after clearing the cache.

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Will Clearing Cache Delete Messages?

No, clearing the cache won’t delete any messages on your device. Clearing the cache of any messaging app like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. will delete the temporary files of the application and not any of the messages as such.

Clearing data will delete all the data of the app but clearing the cache won’t let you lose any of your messages.

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What Do I Lose If I Clear Cached Data?

The files that are stored in the Cache memory allow your device’s browser or applications to work fastly and efficiently, thus, enhancing the speed of the device as a whole.

These files are basically the references or copies of the already accessed information and that is why it gets easier for the device to access the same data or information. 

If you clear the cache of your website or application, the above-mentioned files will get deleted but these files get re-loaded once you access the website or application again.

It won’t harm or affect the files such as user information, login credentials, databases, etc.

Winding Up

Cache memory comes with a lot of benefits such as user efficiency, faster speed, accessibility, etc. It enhances the process of execution of any task whether it is accessing a website or opening an application. 

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Your devices may sometimes face storage issues and to clear up the same, you can clear the cache of applications or web browsers as it will free up the storage of your device.

It won’t delete any of your important data but it will only delete the copies of the frequently accessed data or information. This data that gets deleted is re-build once you access the application or website again.

Clearing data deletes all the files while clearing the cache doesn’t do so. It only benefits us in an efficient yet speedy manner and clearing it up won’t harm your device in any way, nor will it let you lose any important information or files.

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