Google Pay For Business: App, Register, Login

Google Pay Business Account

A business account with the digital payments platform benefits you to unify all online payments received from your customers into a single point or platform and then directly transfer it to your bank account, which you have linked with your business account.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, this is very beneficial for you as managing your business account is quite easy with digital payment platforms and also more of your target customers will be able to reach your product via those platforms.

Furthermore, You can initiate bank settlements and refunds from a single dashboard and thus can quickly manage your account. 

Different digital payment platforms have different types of facilities when it’s about business account-oriented solutions. Like, Google Pay having “Google Pay for Business”.

Google Pay For Business

Google Pay for Business is a secure and large payment gateway. Whether it is about a large company or a small business holder, this application makes it simple to accept payments and connect with the customers.

In Google Pay for Business, one can select Tez Mode, QR code, or phone number for receiving Payments. All you require to do is register your business with Google Pay for Business and your customers will be able to pay you through Google Play.

This app is a perfect finding for all your business requirements. Here, some of the main features of this application are mentioned below.

  • Customers using more than 80 BHIM UPI apps can directly use QR codes or their phone number, for transacting money from their bank account to your account. And here also no POS system will be required.
  • Google Pay for Business also lets you view daily, weekly or monthly transaction details or Payment history and this could be truly beneficial to track your growth. 
  • Furthermore, Google Pay for Business provides different types of special offers and rewards for their users and these rewards are hastily transacted to your bank account.
  • Using this application you also can directly send the money to your bank account without any supplementary charges.
  • Google Pay for Business is entirely secured with the backup of Google.

How To Create Google Pay For Business Account?

Steps to Create Google Pay For Business Account:

  • Step 1: First download the ”Google Pay For Business” application from the google play store or app store.
  • Step 2: Now do launch the Sign up for Google Pay for Business.
  • Step 3: Next, you need to use the Google Account you’d like to utilize to accept various payments for your business. After that create a google account if you do not have one.
  • Step 4: Then, enter the information regarding your business into the given form.
  • Step 5: Now you have to Enter your UPI ID, or your virtual payment address, or VPA. In case you do not have a VPA, first create one.

And, thus you can successfully create an account on the “Google Pay for Business” application.

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How To Login into Google Pay For Business Account?

Steps to Login into Google Pay for Business Account:

  • Step 1: First, download the Google Pay for Business application from the app store, open it and choose your preferred language 
  • Step 2: Now Enter your registered mobile number. The application will automatically detect your email id and you need to click on ‘Continue’. 
  • Step 3: Then you will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number, let the app access it manually.
  • Step 4: Now select your preferred screen lock or you can also create a Google PIN. Now, choose an option according to you and tap on ‘Continue’ to set up your Google screen lock or PIN.

And you are ready to use Google pay for business and expand your business.

How To Register In Google Pay For Business Account?

Steps for Registering in Google Pay for Business Account:

  • Step 1:To register your business with Google pay you to have to open the Google pay for business App and have to provide all the information regarding your business, like name, category, location, and also other certificates or documents, like, MSME registration and GST registration certificate, regarding your business for the authentication process. 
  • Step 2:Then you need to enter your registered mobile number, bank details, PAN card details. 
  • Step 3:After completing the mobile number and documents verification, the business registration process will be complete. 

In simple words for registering your business in Google pay, you have to create a business account on “Google Pay for business” and the process of doing that is mentioned above.

Documents Required To Activate Google Pay For Business Account

Just like Paytm for Business, while signing up for the Google Pay for Business account, one is required to upload documents like,

  • Bank account details.
  • PAN card number and the image of your PAN card as well.
  • GST documents.
  • Business name and description. along with the owner’s name.
  • Business Phone number and location evidence.


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