How Does Google Pay Make Money?

How does google pay make money

Google Pay you must have heard about this payment app at least a dozen times. The majority of you must also be using this app to make payments for your day-to-day life. 

To pay a merchant for the products you purchased or to pay a friend who is in need. To make recharges or pay off your bills these payment apps have made our life ten times easier than ever before. 

By making our life smooth and easy these apps have become a significant part of our life. 

However, has this thought ever slid in your head that how these payment apps make money? Do they charge us or any other entity? Are we being charged by GooglePay without our knowledge?

Making money and earning profits is the sole common motto of all businesses. Similar to the other companies and businesses these payment apps also work for profits.

The biggest flex of GooglePay is its family of 150 million users worldwide. This payment app is known as one of the most used payment apps. GooglePay payment app is used by Android as well as IOS users. 

The app does not only provide the fastest payment methods but also provides tons of discounts and cashback offers on every payment. 

GooglePay payment app is completely free of cost for all its users. It provides easy registration and smooth linkage of GooglePay and bank accounts. 

Moreover, GooglePay charges zero amount of money on payments that are made via the UPI applications. 

The option of payment via GooglePay is available at almost every e-commerce website. However, we are still not sure how GooglePay earns its profit? Well, let’s discuss it in detail. 

Google Pay payment app generates its revenue in the following ways: 

  • Payment of Bills 

The utility bills such as electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, and more that you pay via GooglePay is the first way for GooglePay to earn money.

This payment application charges its commission on every utility bill paid by the customers via using the GooglePay platform. GooglePay charges a significant amount of commission from the company in order to make people pay their bills on time.

  • UPI Payments 

Another source of income for GooglePay is the biggest UPI centric UPI payments that enables the users to make payments to any user via their mobile number that is registered with GooglePay. 

The GooglePay company is not earning any profits via UPI transactions for now but it is planning to monetize this facility by improving its facilities further.

This facility does not gain any income for the company but provides access to the user’s data of the company. GooglePay is planning on improving it and then monetizing it for the near future. 

  • Recharges and other payments 

The GooglePay app charges money primarily from its mobile recharges and other primary bill payments. Bill payments are the primary source of income for the GooglePay app.

On mobile recharges or bill payments the GooglePay payment app charges a fixed amount of commission on every transaction made.


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