Google Pay Vs Paytm: Which One Is Better?

Google pay Vs Paytm

As you all know, the trend of using online payments is at its peak nowadays. The usage of popular payment apps such as GooglePay, Paytm, and more is increasing day by day. 

All of these online apps have millions of users from the entire world. We all use these online platforms to make payments for our everyday purchases and capital purchases as well.

However, Do you ever think Which online payment platform is the best? Or have you ever been able to choose any one of these online payment platforms? 

If you also ask the same questions from yourself, then this piece of thread is going to help you. Here we are going to tell you the difference between all these famous online payments apps based on our analysis. 

Difference Between Google Pay And Paytm

Multi-lingual Support 

An application that supports its users with the incredible feature of multiple languages can easily get more hits than any other app in competition. 

Multilingual support eases the users to understand and use the services and incredible features of the platform easily. The users find it more comforting and smooth to use the platform with the option of their native language. 

Unique Wallet Services

The unique wallet services provided by the online payment platform make the payment process easy, quick, and trouble-free. 

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On the online payment platforms where wallet services are available, users can send or receive payments directly in their account wallets. The users do not have to go through the troubles of transacting with their bank accounts. 

PaytmGoogle Pay
Yes, the Paytm online payment app provides the services of a Paytm wallet to all its customers. 
The Paytm online payment platform is the first payment app that enables the services of a Wallet to its million customers. 
No, the Google Pay platform does not provide any wallet services to its customers. On the Google Pay online payment platform, the users have to make payments or transactions through their bank accounts directly.
The users can send or receive payments on GooglePay directly through and to the bank accounts. 

Impeccable Customer User Interface 

The customer user interface is as important as any other service for all online platforms. The UI of an application, website, or platform signifies the kind of services or experience it provides to its users. 

In this category, the factors such as speed, smooth experience, troubles, easy or complex processes, and more are taken into account. 

PaytmGoogle Pay
The customer user interface of Paytm is the most impeccable out of all the online platforms. The speed, easy process, fast transactions, less trouble, and variety of facilities provided for the customers make this app a great one.
The easy and fast process can make the experience of first-time users incredibly impressive and smooth. 
The customer user interface of Google Pay is not as smooth as Paytm but is still good. The fast transactions and notifications of pending bills make it easier for the users to make their payments easily without any delays. 
However, the process to use the facilities of Google Pay is not that easy. For a first-time user using the Google Pay app can be tricky and confusing. 

Fast Transactions 

Another category to analyze the performance of these online payment platforms is Fast transactions and application speed. 

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The speed of the platforms matters a lot. The speed of the app enables the users to use their payment apps smoothly. 

Moreover, if the speed of the app or platform is slow, then the user faces a lot of trouble and issues while making payments. 

Paytm GooglePay 
The Paytm application also provides quick and smooth transactions. The application speed is incredible, and it enables the customers to make multiple payments fast and without any troubles. The payments on the Paytm application can also be initiated through the Paytm wallet; therefore, the user does not have to make the long and complex processes of making any bank transactions. The GooglePe platform or application is a bit slow as compared to the impeccable speed of Paytm. The GooglePay users have to make transactions through a bank account directly. On GooglePay, there is no facility of wallet provided for the customers; therefore, initiating payments can be time-consuming and a bit of a long process. 
However, if we analyze the app as per the application speed, then the speed of making UPI transactions is quite good. Indeed the payments get stuck sometimes in between, but the expert staff of GooglePay resolves the issue in less than 24 hours positively. 

Which One Is Best: Google Pay Or Paytm?

As per our analysis of the Paytm vs GooglePay online payment platform war, we have reached a simple conclusion. 

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Indeed both the apps are highly famous for their particular reason and specialty, but the clear winner of this analysis is Paytm. 

In the factors of analysis Paytm application is Fast, has an impeccable customer user interface, provides a variety of services, and is incredibly smooth and trouble-free. 

On the other hand, as per our opinion, the GooglePay payment app comes second. The GooglePay platforms excel in the category of making UPI payments easy and smooth. It is an incredible platform to make users’ experiences safe and smooth. 

If you share the same opinion as us or have any other opinion, then kindly comment and share it with us. 


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