Fix: AirPods Sound Muffled

airpods sound muffled

Have you ever bought a pair of AirPods? Have you ever suffered from obstructive sound induced by it? Do you want to know the reason behind it and try to find a way to fix it up.

So, you are on the right search. 

You can even fix the issue of distorted sound produced by the AirPods in several ways provided below by working on the issue. Find the reason and work accordingly to fix the issue. 

AirPods sound muffle means diminishing sound and audio quality of AirPods or quite AirPods. Yes, even the advanced AirPods can have the issue of producing distorted sound.

Apple AirPods are one the most popular wireless earbuds with portability features and are known for their exceptional sound quality.

Quite AirPods is the issue faced by every user. It majorly occurs due to carelessness as the new upcoming generation are the ones who adapt and absorb technology easily and thus sustain their livelihood based on technology.

These people are addicted to it, and thus any technological issue is regarded with prior importance. One of the major issues among it is Quite AirPods or muffled sound produced by it. 

Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled?

Generally, AirPods induce lucid sound, but sometimes, the sound is inaudible to the listener. There is no specific reason behind it. Sometimes it just needs repair or replacement.

Here are some of the reasons for improper functioning AirPods.

1. Obsolete Technology

The major reason behind the quiet AirPods is that it becomes outdated with a duration of usage, because of which it becomes inefficient to respond to the recent high-tech applications.

2. Overuse

The second reason is that the AirPods are used for a prolonged period, which leads to the accumulation of heat in the device. Thus making it unproductive.

3. Ear Wax And Dust

The third reason is an accumulation of layers of ear wax or dirt on the device, which later gets inside the AirPods and damages it, resulting in quiet AirPods.

4. Exceed Volume Limit

The fourth reason is the breakage of connection when you exceed the volume limit, which can damage your AirPods and ears.

5. Usage On Low Battery

Usage of AirPods on a low battery can lead to the malfunctioning of the AirPods.

How To Fix “AirPods Sound Muffled”?

So, we are providing you with a solution to deal with quite AirPods.  To achieve the result, follow the method in sequence with the proper guidelines provided.

First of all, know the reason and work accordingly.

Take precautions while following the steps to achieve good results.

Fix 1: Clean The AirPods

Cleaning is the most significant procedure required for the maintenance of AirPods. To clean your AirPods, you need small cotton pads, isopropyl or ethanol-based liquid, toothpick that is easily available at home.

You can either buy AirPods Cleaner Kit, which is the best way, read the instructions provided and work accordingly.

  • Apply some rubbing alcohol to the small cotton pads.
  • Use the cotton pad delicately to clean the upper layer of dirt.
  • The ethanol-based liquid will slowly loosen up the ear wax to lift upwards.
  • Then, carefully try to take out the debris with the help of a toothpick.
  • Avoid deep cleaning and let it happen naturally without much pressure.
  • Dry your AirPods before use. 

Fix 2: Reset AirPods

If the muffled sound continues, you can refer to reset your AirPods. It might be the reason that obstructing sound is due to a bad connection between the device.

So, to ensure better sound, you can reset your AirPods.

  • Place the AirPods in the case and let them reset.
  • Go to the setting, and click on the Bluetooth icon on your Apple device.
  • Tap the more info button.
  • Tap forget the device.
  • Hold the setup button until the light flashes, then white for 15 seconds.
  • Then reconnect your AirPods.

Fix 3: Check The Volume Limit

Whenever you exceed your volume limit, it warns or protects you from listening at a high volume. But you misuse the mechanism by neglecting the warning, which may lead to the issue. 

  • Go to the setting option.
  • Choose the sound option.
  • After it looks for headphone safety options.
  • Reach to the next window
  • Click on the volume limiter and set the volume limit that is well to use, and try to keep a moderate volume limit.

Fix 4: Obsolete Application And Software

One of the prominent reasons for the muffled sound could be the use of an Obsolete application that is not supported by our device.

So, you need to either update your software or application or avoid its use while using AirPods.

You can update your software or application by following the steps provided below:

  • Go to the setting application.
  • Now choose the general tab and sand screen option
  • Choose the system update option 
  • Allow your  system to be updated
  • Install the updated version of the application.

Rather than following this long step, you can directly move to the play store application and choose the application needed to be updated. Click on an update.

Then, your application is updated.

Fix 5: Refrain Using On Low Battery

Using the AirPods on a low battery could be one of the reasons behind the muffled sound. It could be prevented if you consider the following advice.

Never use your AirPods on a low battery. It can damage your ears and device. Refrain from using it if the power is less than 20%.

It may take some time to charge but will save your repair and replacement cost. After that, listen to your favourite song or watch the movie without any obstruction.

And Never use your device when on power mode. It can seriously damage your ears and device.

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AirPods Sound Muffled On Calls

AirPods Sound muffled on Calls means whether the voice is not audible to the listener or the listener’s voice is not audible to the user on this end. 

One of the major issue that people faces while using AirPods is the sound muffle while calling another person. To fix it, you need to check your network connection.

Even after this, if you are facing the issue, then it could be due to overuse of the device, which might have led to heat accumulation resulting in sound issues.

Check if you have left some other application open sideline, which might lead to obstruction.

For instance: we receive a call at the time of watching the movie, and we forget to turn it off. Then the usage of the app while on-call can result in obstruction. 

So, you need to check while facing such an issue.

AirPods Sound Muffled On PC

AirPods sound muffles on PC indicate whether the voice breaks in between, or sometimes, you may not be able to hear anything.

Do your AirPods work fine with your phone but are muffled on PC? This is a completely common issue. Users often report that airpods sound muffled using the mic.

When you connect your AirPods to your PC will see two modes one is Stereo and the second is hands-free AG audio.

Stereo is the high sound quality that enables us to listen to music and watch videos. Usually, microphones are not available in this mode.

Handsfree, in this, you can hear the sound from your PC and use a microphone at the same time, but the sound quality shutters.

Therefore whenever your AirPods sound bad on your PC, the first thing that you need to make sure of is that you are using Airpods all stereo mode.

If you have already set your AirPods on stereo mode and then also your voice quality differs, then it indicates an outdated Bluetooth adaptor driver or unstable connection.

So, you need to keep your AirPods both on stereo mode and update your Bluetooth adaptor driver if your AirPods sound muffles on a PC.

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AirPods Sound Muffled Mic

There are times when a weak Bluetooth connection can lead to issues and your mic start producing muffled sound when your AirPods are connected to it.

One of the features of Airpods is that it enables calling or speaking into them, but it can be a downfall even.

The reason is the use of Mic while using applications like WhatsApp and Siri, which switches back and forth between in and out audio while using the application. 

There is the mode that provides bad quality voice when AirPods is providing sound and Mic usage.

It is recommended to close any app that uses your AirPods built-in microphone as it confuses AirPods to switch in or out of mic modes.

You need to use the mode that only plays audio and doesn’t use a microphone.

AirPods Sound Muffled After Cleaning

Although it’s always advised to clean your device carefully and delicately, minor faults can result in damage to the device and, thus, quite AirPods.

Your minor fault, such as excessive use of rubbing alcohol while cleaning, use of unclean cotton pads, or use of toothpick inside the AirPods, can damage the sound quality.

If, by chance, alcohol reaches the internal parts, you can absorb the entire alcohol through a dryer or any small vacuum that can take the entire alcohol out of the internal part.

Another reason could be that cleaning was not the issue because which sound was not audible. We need to look for the real reason for the inefficiency of the device and work on it rather than staying on an unsolved issue.

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AirPods Sound Muffled After Water

Water getting into your AirPods is one of the reasons why you get a muffled sound. If you think none of the above issues matches your problem,

Then the reason could be water or heat exposure. If you have left your AirPods out of the case and they might get exposed to humidity or moisture, which might get into the internal parts.

Or, If you forget to take AirPods out of your pocket and wash your clothes, the issue is obvious.

If you come across the issue immediately, you can deal with it. The step is to find a method to take the water out of the device without damaging it more.

You can use a dryer or vacuum of low pressure for it, but we can not claim this process professional.

AirPods Sound Muffled On Mac

AirPods may start producing a muffled sound when you connect it to your Mac system. The outdated Mac can cause loss of connectivity, malfunctioning of certain features, and AirPods sound muffled on Mac is one of them. 

The problem is one the easier to be resolved. You just need to update your Mac which will drive away all error, virus, and bugs that hinders the connectivity.

Any viruses and bugs will be removed after the update. Thus, you can enjoy a better experience in voice quality.

AirPods Sound Muffled On Others

Airpods sound muffled on Android may occur because of the incorrect connectivity of Airpods to your device. Although AirPods work well with the Android after iPhone, there can be some situations where people face such issues commonly.

Sometimes they face the issue while watching movies on Youtube and listening to music on Spotify.

For it, you need to pair and unpair your AirPods to your Android device again. If still, you are facing the issue, then it might be a network or connection issue.

So, ensure that you have a good network connection along with a blue tooth connection. If it is still not working, keep it in the case, check the battery, and let it take a rest for 15 minutes which will ensure efficiency.

Although AirPods work with better efficiency on iPhone, it is used on Android even.

Before going to the nearest service centre, ensure that none of the fixes can satisfy the proper functioning.

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So, we discussed the reason that led to improper functioning of AirPods, which Include accumulation of ear wax and dirt, use of the obsolete application, exposure to heat and water, using on low battery, over usage of AirPods, and using beyond volume limitation.

 You need to keep your ears clean and keep AirPods carefully. If it is not the case, you can fix the issue by following the steps.

In case of no method works, you need to reach the nearest service centre and get your AirPods repaired or replaced