How To Fix “Failed To Send” On Instagram?

failed to send instagram

While using Instagram many times, the Instagram platform refuses to send a text message or video message to your contacts.

Failed To Send error can be a consequence of various technical issues. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms for exchanging text messages, voice calls, video messages, and video calls. However, many Instagram users have complained about not being able to send any kind of messages on the app.

Failed To Send error Can arise when you try to send a direct message or DM through your Instagram profile to contact or simply share an Instagram post through DM. You can easily resolve this error with the help of various troubleshooting methods.

What Does “Failed To Send” Mean On Instagram?

“Failed to send on Instagram” means when you are trying to message your Instagram followers or any account on Instagram, and it has failed to deliver it to the recipient.

Instagram often shows Failed To Send error where it fails to send a text message all a voice message to any of your contacts via DM. This can be due to various reasons.

Although you might be able to use the other features of Instagram freely, your text messages or video messages will not be delivered to the recipient contact, and a display message stating “Failed to send message” will appear on your screen. you will have to resolve this error to send your message to the recipient account

Why Instagram Failed To Send?

Instagram failed to send an error message displayed on the screen whenever Instagram failed to deliver a certain type of message from one account to another.

There can be various reasons why you are facing failed to send error on your Instagram.

Following are some of the many issues behind failed to send error on Instagram:

  • technical issues on the Instagram server can restrict you from sending messages from one account to another
  • In case of an irregular supply of Internet or unavailability of a stable connection can also result in Failed To Send error
  • You might be blocked from the recipient account, and hence the posts are not available today recipient
  • The post you are trying to send in the direct message, or DM husband removed from Instagram and is no longer available
  • you need to clear Cache data on your account, which is restricting the performance of Instagram
  • Your account is in the world of spamming activities, and hence Instagram has restricted you from forwarding any posts or messages via DM

How To Fix “Failed To Send” On Instagram

Following are the methods with which you can easily resolve the “Failed send” error on Instagram:

Fix 1: Uninstall & Reinstall Instagram

One of the most common reasons behind this error is a non-working Instagram application. For this, you will have to reinstall the application. The steps for the same are:

  • Uninstall the Instagram application from your device
  • Remove the residual data by clearing your cache memory
  • Go to Play Store or App Store on your device
  • Download and install the application again

Once the application is installed again, try to send an Instagram post to a certain account via DM. Your issue must be resolved by now. However, if the error persists, jump to the next troubleshooting method.

Fix 2: Clear Instagram App Cache

Your Instagram might encounter failed to send error if the cache memory is full. To resolve this error, you can simply clear the cache memory of your Instagram application. To do so, follow the steps listed below:

  • Open your Instagram application and go to the settings option
  • From the settings menu, tap on the security option and move forward
  • Now look for the search history option in this list. In case you are using an iPhone or MAC device, the option will be labeled as clear search history. Tap on this option.
  • Now simply tap on the clear all tab and hit okay.

Once done, your Instagram cache data will be cleared, and your application will be error-free. If this method does not help you in resolving the issue, jump to the next one.

Fix 3: Update Instagram Application To Latest Version

Another major reason behind failed to send errors is using an outdated version of Instagram. Make sure you update your Instagram application on a regular basis. The following steps can be used to update your Instagram application easily:

  • Open your play store or iOS store on your device
  •  Go to the list of installed applications on your device
  • Choose the Instagram application from this list
  •  look for an update option. If it is available, else your Instagram is updated
  • Tap on the update option to initiate the update process

Once the update is successfully downloaded and installed on your device, you can easily send your favorite posts and DM them to your contacts.

Fix 4: Contact Instagram Support

In case any of the up-listed methods do not help you in resolving failed to send issue, you can directly contact Instagram customer support and get assistance for the same.

You can easily contact the Instagram customer service via email and through their contact number to get your queries resolved by technicians.

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Instagram Failed To Send Image

While sending a photo Or an image directly via Instagram DM, you may fail to send it. This can be caused if the image is not available on your device, has some copyright issues, or the recipient has blocked you.

In case the Instagram server stops working while you are sending a certain image, it will not be delivered to the recipient. Resulting in failing to send an image error on Instagram.

You can wait for some time till the error gets resolved and the Instagram server works properly. Else check for your internet connection and try rebooting your application.

Instagram DM Failed To Send

Instagram dm failed to send is a result of failed delivery of certain messages by Instagram due to a technical fault.

Instagram DM Failed To Send error is a common error faced by users while sending a message on Instagram via direct message abbreviated as DM. A weak internet connection can also cause failure in the delivery of messages to the recipient account.

You can try to reboot your Internet connection and restart the application to resolve this error.

Instagram Failed To Send Post

Instagram failed to send post issue occurs when you attempt to send a post to another user, and you fail to do so. The post you are trying to send to the user will not be sent.

The issue usually occurs because of a technical glitch or network issue. The issue is temporary, and basic troubleshooting steps, including reconnecting to an internet connection or just re-opening the application, can help you fix the issue.

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Failed To Send Message Instagram Group Chat

Failing to send a message in Instagram group chat means that the user fails to send a message in Instagram group chat. You may receive messages in the same group, but if you try replying to any message, you may fail to do so.

This can generally occur because of issues with your internet connection or if there is any technical issue with the application. You can simply try to reboot the application or update it.

Failed To Send Message Instagram To Everyone

While sending a post to everyone on Instagram or sending a message to all, there are times when you fail to send that message to everyone.

This restricts you from communicating with your contacts. However, you will be able to carry out all the other operations on the platform, like watching reels, stories, and others but won’t be able to send them to anyone.

To resolve Failed To Send Message Instagram To Everyone issue, you can turn off and turn on the application or your internet connection. If the application needs any updates, you can also update the application to fix the issue.

Instagram Failed To Send Blocked

You may sometimes also fail to send a message on Instagram if the user has blocked you. However, you certainly cannot do anything about it until or unless the other person doesn’t unblock you.

However, if you still wish to contact them, you can message them from another account. Other than that, there is no way to message the person who has blocked you. It will fail.

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Failed To Send Message Instagram Story

Failed to send message Instagram story occurs when you are replying to a story of any user, and your messages failed to send. The major reason behind this issue is a network error.

However, sometimes you may be able to see the story, but in reality, it may be deleted by the user, and hence, you may fail to send a message on that story.

If you wish to fix the issue, you can try re-establishing the internet connection. You can also try replying to another user’s story and check if the issue is with your application or the other user’s story.

Failed To React To Message Instagram

Failing to react to messages on Instagram means that you are unable to react to a message sent by another user in your DM.

Instagram now allows you to react to the message with different and customized emojis based on your real reaction. However, if you have reacted and you are failing to see that reaction, there must be an issue with your internet connection.

Therefore, turning off and turning on your internet connection can help you fix the issue. If that doesn’t help, you can also choose to reboot the application or reinstall it.

Instagram Failed To Send Video Message

You may have tried to send a video message to your friend or another user, and sometimes you fail to send it. It shows a failed status in front of the message.

Some common reasons behind it include not using an appropriate file extension, trying to send a file more than the recommended size, or having a weak internet connection.

Therefore, you need to check if the video format and size are appropriate or not.

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Instagram is a great application when you have to communicate with your peers. However, being an application, it is common to face issues with it.

One such issue is that you may fail to send a video, post, dm, or any other message to any specific or all the users on the platform. The major reason behind the same can be a weak internet connection or a technical glitch.

We have listed all the ways through which you can resolve the issue.