How To Send PDF On Instagram?

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Looking for ways how you can send your PDF file on Instagram but could not get the option or settings? 

Then you have come to the right place. Well, it is right that there is no such option of sending a pdf or word document. Do not worry. It is not an issue.

You must have noticed that on your message bar (where you type the message on your DM)

You will see the paste option. This paste option will help you to send your files. Still not clear?

This article will provide you with a few methods with steps that will help you out on how to send PDF, files and word documents from your Instagram account to any of your contacts. Let’s dive in. 

Can You Send PDF On Instagram?

No, you can not send pdf directly on Instagram. Instagram does not provide any functionality of sending pdf directly.

But there is some other ways to send pdf like upload pdf on google drive and share the pdf url on Instagram or Export PDF as Image using Acrobat and share that image on Instagram

How To Send Pdf On Instagram ?

Method 1: You Can Use Google Drive

Step 1: Launch Google Drive 

Unlock your mobile phone and launch Google Drive from your home screen. Just click on the Google Drive icon.

Step 2: Tap On Upload File 

Next, you will see the option to upload your file. Tap on it and choose the PDF file you want to send. 

Step 3: Select The Three Horizontal Lines 

Subsequently, look for the three horizontal lines(it can be three vertical dots, too). They will be present on the top right of the screen. Click on them. 

Step 4: Copy The Link 

Once you have clicked on the three dots, next, you have to copy the link. And lastly, after you have copied the link to the clipboard, you have to paste it on the DM of your Instagram account(chats). 

Method 2: Export Your PDF From Acrobat 

Step 1: Launch Acrobat

Firstly, launch the acrobat application from your home screen if you use other apps to convert files to PDF. You can follow the same steps,

Although it will be slightly different when it comes to options and tabs.

Step 2: Tap On Tools

Secondly, on your Acrobat, look for the option Tools and click on it. 

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Step 3: Select Export PDF

Thirdly, you will see the option to export your pdf. You have to click on the bar Export PDF.

Step 4: Choose The Image You Want 

Fourthly, you have to choose the ‘image’ you have to send/export. Make sure you choose a suitable image format such as jpg, PNG etc.

Step 5: Tap On The Settings Icon

And then, you have to click on the settings icon to make further changes to the images and choose the resolution and other configuration settings. If you want to skip this step, you can. 

Step 6: Select Export All Images

Lastly, you have to check if there is a box not with the heading “export all images”. If yes, then tap on it.

If not, then you have to close the Acrobat app and follow the steps again. Keep in mind don’t skip the necessary steps.

Method 3: Usage Of A Website 

Step 1: Launch A Web Browser 

From your android phone or iOS device, launch any web browser which you frequently use and type on the search bar  

Step 2: Tap On The Click Here Tab

Then you have to select the tab ” click here” in the send files website and after that, choose the file you have to share.

Step 3: Select The Create Download Tab

Once done, you have to look for the “create download” option and then simply click on it. 

Step 4: Give Your Email Address

After that, you have to fill in your email address and choose a password l(if you want to keep one) by tapping on the option “password protection”.

Step 5: Select The Create Option

And then, you will see the create bar, tap on it, and you have to download the link that you have to share on Instagram(to the person you have to send).

There are many other websites that can help you to get a link for your pdf file, which you can then send to your chats. The person has to click on the link and then open the pdf. 

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How To Send Files On Instagram?

Method 1: You Use PDF To File Converter From A Web Browser

Step 1: Go To A Browser

Choose a web browser for iOS users. You can go for Safari. Android users can opt for Chrome. And then type on the search bar “pdf to file converter”. 

Step 2: Choose The Pdf 

Then click on the first or second link from google Chrome and choose the file you have to send. Then click on ” download”. 

Step 3: Tap On Start Conversion 

Once done, you have to click on the option “start conversion” present on the left side of the page. The pdf you have downloaded will be converted to a file(MP3 or MP4). 

Step 4: Click On Download File

Next, after the pdf is converted, you will get the pop up of download the file, click on ok, and if you want to keep a name, you can do it.

 If it’s downloaded, you will get a notification. You pull down the main window from above and check if the file has been successfully downloaded. 

Step 5: Go To Instagram 

You have to open your Instagram account, click on the chats icon on the corner right at the top of the screen select the person you have to send. 

Step 6: Click On Send

Click on the send icon, which you often use to send a picture or video. You will see the document in the form of the picture

(It has all the pages, don’t worry) on your photo gallery, just click on it and then send. 

Method 2: Use The Temp Files 

Step 1: Go To Your Browser 

From your home screen, look for the browser or just go to Chrome and type on the search box “ ” and tap on the link from the web page. 

Step 2: Click On Upload 

You will see the option inside the website to upload the file(in the blue colour bar) and click on upload. 

Step 3: Copy The URL

From the top of the screen, you will just copy this URL and then open Instagram.

Step 4: Copy The URL To Instagram 

Next, go to chats and click on the friend you have to send the file and then click on it and paste the URL link. And then send.

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“How To Send A Word Document On Instagram.”

Step 1: Launch Your Instagram Account 

You have to tab on the Instagram icon on your main screen and open your account and go to chats by clicking on the top right of the screen. 

Step 2: Select The Chat

Once you are done clicking on the main chat option, select the person you have to send the document to. 

Step 3: Click On My Files

You will get the option to choose the supposed picture from the gallery, camera or my manager(files), tap on my files (my manager on some phones).

Step 4: Share The Document 

Open the document, and you will see the option to share. It can be either the symbol of a share if you have clicked on the three dots.

You have to share the document to Google Drive(do not make a mistake here) 

Step 5: Copy The Link From Google Drive

After you have shared the file to Google drive, it will be then downloaded.

Open the document on Google drive and tap on the copy the link option, and simply you have to paste this link to your friend’s chat.


Instagram does not provide a direct option for sending a pdf, word document or a file(mp3 or mp4).

All you have to do is either transfer your file(pdf or word document) to Google Drive, copy the link and then paste it to your friend chat on Instagram. 

There are plenty of websites that support the conversion of files to get a link that can be sent on Instagram.

We have used here the and websites to generate a link for the files. 

You can also directly send the file from the acrobat application. It is widely used.

You do not have to look for an alternative way if you are using this app, just copy the link and then paste it on the chat list(to your specific contact. 

The above methods and steps will surely help you to send files and documents from Instagram successfully.

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