How To Download Vimeo Private Videos?

download vinmeo private videos

The well-known video streaming program Vimeo is a convenient and straightforward application that comes with a modernly organized interface for the player.  

It allows its users to watch videos in high quality. It is an incredible platform for hosting art videos and tutorial videos.

Some videos on Vimeo have a user-enabled download button, but the private ones do not have this button.

If you are looking for some ways to download the private videos from Vimeo, then you are at the right location.

We all know that Vimeo does not provide an alternative to downloading any private video from its platform. Only public videos can be downloaded. But in this write-up,

We will tell you the simple way in which you can easily download the private videos also from Vimeo.

Can You Download A Private Video From Vimeo?

Yes, you can download a private or copyrighted video from Vimeo. Vimeo doesn’t allow this, but some methods can let you download the private Vimeo videos. 

We advise you to use the copyrighted videos only for your personal use and not for uploading on any social platform.

Below we are going to provide the methods following which you can download the private Vimeo videos.

How To Download Vimeo Private Videos?

You can download the Vimeo Private videos in the following ways.

Method 1: Download As A .MP4 File Using Browser And Inspector Tool

Step 1: Open The Vimeo Video On A Browser

First of all, you need to go to your preferred web browser, such as Google Chrome, and then open that private video of Vimeo that you wish to download.

Step 2: Choose The Inspect Option

After opening the video, you need to right-click at any free space on the webpage. This will unfold a menu, out of which you have to opt for the Inspect option.

Step 3: Play The Vimeo Video

Now, you will be required to play the Vimeo video for a few seconds. This step is essential for the loading of CSS and HTML files, which are to be used afterwards.

Step 4: Select The Network Option And Then Type The Word ‘Player’

After this, you have to select the Network option from the top navigation bar. Then, go to the search bar and type the word ‘player’ in that. This will sort out the player CSS and HTML files for your easy selection.

Step 5: Choose The First File After Refreshing The Page

Now, refresh the page first, and then you will have to choose the first HTML file out of the various files, whose names will be visible in the form of 9-digit long numbers. Clicking the file will open it.

Step 6: Save The Opened File With The .Txt Extension

To save the opened file, you need to right-click on the HTML code appearing on the right side of the screen. 

Then select Save as and save the file as a .txt document by typing .txt after the name of the file. 

The HTML code for the file will get available once you save it.

Step 7: Copy The .MP4 URL After Searching For The Quality Of The Video

After the sixth step, you have to open the saved HTML file code in the Notepad.

You will see the entire file code, out of which you have to look for the text “the quality of the video” by simply pressing CTRL + F on the keyboard if you are using Windows or CMD + F for Mac users.

After this, type your preferred video quality, such as 1080p, in the search box after making sure that the video is available in this quality.

Finally, you have to copy the link ending with .MP4 from the code that contains the label like quality”:” 1080p. It will be somewhat similar to the following link.

Url: https://vod-progr……..%2F1872225377.mp4

Step 8: Paste The Link In The Browser

After performing the seventh step, you have to paste the URL into the web browser. 

Then pressing enter will open the video. It will have the quality that you had fixed for it. 

Now, to save the video, you need to choose the Save as an option which will be available by right-clicking on it.

Method 2: Using Private Video Downloaders

This method is both convenient and quick to do. There are many such downloaders available. We are showing the steps for easily downloading a private Vimeo video using VideoProc Converter.

Step 1: Download And Install

First of all, you will be required to install the VideoProc Converter tool on your system.

Step 2: Select “Add Video” In The Downloader Section

After this, you have to head to the downloader section of the tool and then choose the Add Video option.

Step 3: Paste The Link

Now, you have to go to that private Vimeo video which you have to download and copy the page’s link and then paste the same link in the space provided in the downloader.

Step 4: Choose The “Analyze” Option

After this, you have to opt for the Analyze option. Then after waiting for some seconds, you will be required to determine your Vimeo video’s resolution.

Step 5: Download Selected Video

Now, to download the Vimeo video, you have to click on the download selected video option.

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How To Bypass A Private Vimeo Video?

The private videos on Vimeo are not easy to play and download as they are mostly password protected.

They are secured by a fully encrypted video streaming service, as downloading private videos is against the policies of the platform.

But you can bypass a private Vimeo video by using a safe and trusted Vimeo Private Downloader.

There are numerous such downloaders available but finding the one that can protect your privacy is an important task.

Can Downloading Videos From Vimeo Be Tracked?

No, it is not likely to track the downloading of videos from the Vimeo platform. The owner will only know from the analytics that his video is being loaded somewhere,

But there is no way to know if it is streamed or downloaded.

The trusted download managers or verified private video downloaders help in downloading the videos from Vimeo without disclosing the private information of the users.

Thus, it becomes almost impossible to track such downloads.


At times, we all feel the need to download some important Vimeo videos. For instance, the students who learn from the videos require high-quality downloaded videos, which they can view anytime at their convenience.

The private Vimeo videos seem difficult to download as they do not have a download button. But we have provided you with the eight steps which can help you in doing so.

The idea is to get the .mp4 Url out of the video source code in your desired video quality, and once you have the .mp4 link, you can easily save the video in the local folder of your computer.

But if you don’t want to do the tiresome work of searching the Url, then you can go for a suitable and trusted Vimeo video downloader,

Which comes with many advanced features for editing and saving the videos.

Make sure that you are not uploading the downloaded copyrighted Vimeo videos on any platform unless you have permission to do so.