How To Make A Private TikTok Video Public?

how to make a private tiktok video public

Making a TikTok video public is as simple as heading into your profile and clicking a few options.

If you had previously posted a private video on your account that you now want to display to your audience, you could change the settings of the video, and just like that, your audience will be able to interact with your content. 

We have discussed the detailed steps for making your TikTok video public in the later sections of this article. Let’s Dive into it.

How To Make A Private TikTok Video Public?

TikTok offers you the option to make your account fully private. This means that the videos you post over your platform can only be accessed by your friends and a selective few people that you allow viewing your content.

This can save you a lot of trouble for individually making your selective videos or content private across your platform.

Now, go back to the steps to make your private TikTok video public. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Launch The TikTok App And Tap On Profile

Open the app on your device and head to your Profile, which is also referred to as the Me tab on TikTok.

Step 2: Click On The Private Video And Tap On Three Vertical Dots

As a next step, you have to select the video you want to make public. Choose the three vertical dots on the bottom right corner of your video.

Step 3: Modify Privacy Settings

Next up, you will find the Privacy Settings tab as you click on the three vertical dots. This will grant you access to the Who can view this video option and tap on it.

Step 4: Choose The Public Option

Here you will find the option to display your video to your friends or to make it Public. Hit the Public tab to display your video to your entire audience on TikTok.

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By making your video public, you get a chance to be featured on the For You page if your video goes viral.

Several million TikTok users will be able to like, comment, and share your content.

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Can You Un Private A TikTok Video?

Yes. You can un private a TikTok video. There are basically three different options available on TikTok for managing content that you put across on your TikTok feed.

The three options are as follows:

  • Private: If you opt for this option, you will only be able to see the video on your profile. This video cannot be accessed by other users or even your friends on TikTok.
  • Friends: As the option suggests, these videos can only be seen by your friends on TikTok. This list incorporates the people that you follow on TikTok and who follow you back.
  • Public: Public videos on TikTok are featured on the For You page, regardless of whether they go viral or not. You can see the engagement in your videos through the number of likes and comments on them. This is the easiest way to see how your videos are doing across your platform.

The option to unprivate a TikTok video is available in the video itself. This option is known as “Who can view this video”.

Can You Make The TikTok Video Public After Posting It As Private?

Yes. You can make a TikTok video public even after posting it as private. This option is available in the Privacy Settings tab on TikTok, which you can find in the three vertical dots below the share option on all of your videos.

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Just a further bit of information for TikTok users. Make sure that the private videos on your platform do not cross the guidelines of the app.

Otherwise, you might have to deal with the app’s algorithm.

TikTok has a pretty fair screening method for videos that violates the guidelines of the app. This may include explicit, gory, and demeaning content.

The app does not appreciate sharing such content, even if the video is private.

So, TikTok’s algorithm takes down the videos that violate the rules.

This implies that even your private videos across the platform can be accessed through the app.

So make sure that you are posting within the parameters of the TikTok platform.

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Why Won’t My TikTok Go Public?

It is very common for the TikTok app to experience a glitch since there are millions of users constantly using the app.

If by chance, you have been trying to make your TikTok video public, and you find no luck doing so, then there might be the following reasons involved:

1. The TikTok Server May Be Down

More often than not, the social media apps that are constantly at the top of the charts experience problems with their server, TikTok being one of them.

If you have tried to make changes to your account while the server is down, you will not be able to do so, or your changes will not get saved over the app.

2. Your Video Is Being Reviewed By The App

This is a problem that we have previously discussed. If your content does not fit within the guidelines of TikTok, the app reserves the right to review your content.

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This might result in your video being taken down with the issue of a warning. If your private video is under review, you will not be able to change its settings.

3. Your Account Is Private

One of the key factors that you must note before making your video public is that you do not have a private account.

The videos posted on private accounts on TikTok can only be accessed by the user, which means that you will not have a choice altogether to make your videos public.

To do that, you must publicise your TikTok account.

4. Your Mobile Data Is Out Of Service

If your network connection is working poorly, it might be the reason why the changes that you have made over the app haven’t been saved.

Check your mobile data connection and try again.

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As long as you do not have a private account on TikTok, you can certainly make any of your videos public as you choose.

All you have to do is change the Privacy setting on “Who can watch this video” to Public.

There are two other options available such as Private and Friends, choose accordingly, and your video settings will be changed over the app.

You can change these settings even after posting your video as Private.

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