Fix: TikTok Account Banned For No Reason 

tiktok account banned for no reason

In 2021 there were a large number of accounts that were removed or banned permanently as they violated the community guidelines of TikTok.

Now TikTok deals with lawbreakers and ignorance of some individuals more strictly and sternly. 

However, sometimes your account can get even banned for no reason. Let us take a brief look at how an individual’s account can be banned on TikTok for no reason.

We’ll go into depth about its causes and even learn some ways how we can fix this common issue. 

Why TikTok Account Banned For No Reason?

Well, if you think that you have not violated any regulations, you may not have done that intentionally. But, this is also a fact that your TikTok account is banned for a reason.

Therefore, we have come up with some reasons for which your account can get banned, which you are not even aware of. 

Reason 1: Under The Age Of 13 

TikTok has an age policy for children under the age of 13 who cannot have an account on TikTok. In case you are below the age of 13(underage), your account would simply be banned. 

In brief, underage accounts are not approved by TikTok, leading to their suspension or being banned from TikTok permanently.

However, you can still use TikTok if you are 13+, but within your parent’s supervision and their guidance. By default, accounts opened by children between the age of thirteen and sixteen, their account is set as a private account by TikTok.

If a parent is reading it, you can enable Family Pairing on your TikTok account to exercise safe control over your child’s TikTok activities.

Step 1: Launch TikTok

Look for TikTok from your main screen and open TikTok(parent’s account and not children’s) 

Step 2: Select The Three Dots 

Tap on the  Me icon from your profile page 

Step 3: Go To Settings

From the three dots, you would be taken to the settings page.

Step 4: Look For Family Pairing 

Click on the option Family pairing and continue, then select Parent. A QR code would appear.

Step 5: Connect Your Account To Your Child’s Account

You can connect your account to your children only if they are above the age of 13. 

Reason 2: Promoting Illegal Content 

The term illegal signifies wrong and malicious content. This is a straightforward reason for your account being banned. These include: 

  • You must have showcased domestic enslavement to someone or something depicting the purchase, sales, or sales proceed of weapons, drugs, and other illegal items 
  • Exercising Phishing for bogus means 
  • Consumption of any type of drug, tobacco, and alcohol
  •  Enclosing confidential information of others for one’s motive mainly to reach the masses 
  • Gambling with others.

Reason 3: Conducting Violence Through Different Means

Showing Violence or supporting any kind of violence is not supported on TikTok. This is another common reason your account can be banned.

  • Discriminating or showing hateful behaviour towards any person, group, culture, and nationality 
  • Promotion of hateful notions and activities, 
  • Disrespecting or other means such as laughing, mocking towards special people and physically challenged people 
  • A clear illustration of breaking the rules and regulations. 

Reason 4: Spamming Others

Most of us are well aware of how spamming can be a source of a nuisance when we surf the internet or go through the feeds in our social media accounts.

 Spams are an infuriating message when sent in abundance to anyone, make the receiver’s mobile device slow or can contain malicious viruses or malware 

In such a condition, if any user sends none stop messages(spams) to their kith or kind, they pave a path for their account to be banned as someone might report your account to TikTok.

As TikTok does not tolerate such actions which disturb the other users, and essentially if Tiktok detects a spammer/scammer, their account would be immediately banned 

Reason 5: Sexual Content 

Sexual content that consists of expressing nudity, posting pictures or making videos that depict fragrant and inappropriate content

If any user is found out sharing such content and also a third party is indulged in it while it was being recorded, this would result in banning their account by TikTok.

Reason 6: Posting Content That Misleads People

TikTok would not stand by actions that encourage people to do harmful, criminal or dangerous work to people or groups, such as 

  • Promoting buying and selling of weapons
  •  Teaching or explaining attacks, especially when it is related to terrorist attacks 
  • Conducting or posting certain kinds of stuff that incites people to bring harm and create violence in a community. 

Reason 7: Infringement 

Before your account gets banned, TikTok regularly notifies and alternatively sends warnings. Despite the warnings, if you do not abide by the rules and as a result, your account will be banned. Any hint of this kind of act would end up in your account being removed.

Reason 8: Harm Oneself Or Self-Destructive Content 

If you share, post or talk about any destructive notion or idea that you are about to do either with yourself or with someone, it is strictly prohibited by TikTok. 

  • Games that cause harm and injuries 
  • Instructions are given on how to go about such games 
  • Glorification of suicide, Injuring yourself via means of eating disorders, and other non-professional acts would as an effective ban on your account on TikTok.

Reason 9: Fake Content (impersonation)

Sharing and uploading wrong news by editing or rephrasing the original news or rather content would immediately, as a consequence, your account would be suspended or banned. 

Additional to it, making fake or bogus accounts with someone else’s details and information with wrong and fictitious content would earn you be banned from TikTok. 

In case you have uploaded such a video, your content will be checked and reviewed by TikTok. A system notification you will receive that states: 

A video you posted (YYYY-MM-DD Hour: Mins) has been removed for violating our Community Guidelines. Please observe these guidelines to help us maintain a safe and respectful TikTok community. 

Reason 10: Breaching Of Intellectual Property Rights 

It is a strictly unethical act if you violate the intellectual property right by practising any unfair means such as hacking and using someone else’s authentic work and then selling or passing it to any third party. 

Exploiting, redirecting, and manipulating the accounts of other individuals to promote content as their own and breaking the rules against someone’s copyrights and intellectual property rights.

Reason 11: Harassment And Bullying 

TikTok has a Harassment and Bullying policy that contains statements about degrading comments on someone, harassing any individual sexually, sending them, or posting blackmailing threats.

Reason 12: Algorithm Issue

Occasionally TikTok can misperceive you as an underage user. Someone promotes illegal activities or any changes in your day-to-day activities on TikTok.

The algorithm suspects something is going wrong and ultimately bans or suspends your account.

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How To Fix TikTok Account Banned For No Reason?

You opened your TikTok account to post something or share about your day and the things you came across and felt amazed about, but in reality, when you tried to upload your video, you were not able to share it?

If you get a hit with your account being banned, this can be a frustrating event for you. There are several ways you can fix this common issue. 

Fix 1: Visit TikTok’s Support Website 

A very simple step you can take if you are unable to open your account is to visit the TikTok support website directly. Below are a few of the steps that can guide you 

  • Launch a web browser from your iOS/Android.
  •  Look for your web browser from your home page and tab on the search bar and type on your search engine, ‘support TikTok’, click on the help centre link or the official support TikTok link. 
  • Click on the bar under ‘hi, how can we help’. Next, the official support link would take you to the main page, and click on the bar given under the heading ‘hi, how can we help’.
  • Type Banned and Directly Appeal. On the bar, type banned and select the relevant option. Scroll down for a while until you come across the heading ‘What you can do if your content is flagged or reported.’ 
  • Under this heading, click on the link given. The link would instruct you on how you appeal to TikTok directly from the app.

 Fix 2: Appeal By Sending Emails To TikTok

 Sending emails to TikTok sounds like something very easy. However, that’s not it. You need to write to TikTok in a polite manner and a courteous tone without sounding harsh or rude.

Usually, they respond within 48 hours. In some cases, it might take even weeks to stay patient and calm. Also, sending only one email would not do, be persistent when you write to them, write to them every day until you get a response from them

 Here’s a list of links from which you can write to them: 

Fix 3: Write To TikTok In The Feedback Form 

Feedback forms are often used to write feedback on the usage and operational activities of TikTok. Here are a few steps on how you can write about your problem in TikTok’s feedback form

  • From your iOS or Android device, go to the browser and type feedback TikTok. Click on this link TikTok Feedback Form
  • Fill in the required details correctly and scroll down for a while. You would come across three headings, namely Topic, Subtopic, and description of the appeal.
  • Click on the dropdown box and fill up the details under each heading. Next, choose the option Ban or Suspension. 
  • Once done, press on the text ‘Tell us more”, and three reasons will appear for your account being banned. Select the most relevant option for you.
  • Explain to them how your account was banned for no reason when you did not break or violate any community guidelines. Write these under ‘How can we help box?’ 
  • You will see below the ‘Attachments’ page, where you can attach screenshots of the warning or banned notification.

Fix 4: Underage Verification 

This fix is apt for you if your account was banned for the reason that you were below the age of thirteen, which goes against the TikTok policy.

At times, TikTok’s algorithms erroneously ban individual’s accounts who are actually above the age of sixteen or eighteen. 

Follow the above fix’s methods step where in the last step, you can send(in Attachments) your ID proof or any document that acts as proof that you are above the age of 16-18 

Your account would be shortly be unbanned when your ID card is verified by TikTok.

Fix 5: Associate With Them Via The TikTok Application 

You can contact TikTok from the app directly only if you still have access to your TikTok account. Follow the given steps to contact them. 

  • Go to TikTok and open it, swipe right to your profile page and then click on the three horizontal dots or bars.
  • Subsequently, click on Privacy and Settings. 
  • Next, under the heading Support, click on Report a Problem.
  • Once done, click on report a problem, tap on the Account and Profile option, and among the given list select the other option. 
  • Next, press on the ‘No’ option right above the ‘:(‘ sad emoji, then click on Still have a problem present below the page, the box would appear where you would be able to explain to them that it has been incorrect to ban your account(write in a polite manner, avoid using harsh words) 
  • Tell them above your grievances and then Select the Report, and you need to wait for a few hours or days. 

Fix 6: You Can Also Utilize VPN 

Virtual Private Network, which is a widely used tool for ensuring one’s network privacy, can also be utilised for your banned account on TikTok. You can set up a new IP address by removing the old IP address. 

One condition you can use VPN is you need to make use of the most prominent and prime VPN. 

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To Sum Up

TikTok accounts are banned due to quite many reasons and causes. The above fixes can be used only assuming that you fulfil certain criteria. For instance, it was a mistake (algorithm error), or you did not do anything.

 If you have often violated community and content violence, TikTok will ‘permanently’ ban your account. You can try all the fixes simultaneously. You might never know if your appeal can be approved. 

After trying every methodology, if it still does not work, you can always create a new account and start afresh and this time, be more sincere and genuine in your conduct while creating your content and sharing it on TikTok. 

Also, majorly avoid any minors being involved in your TikTok videos or pictures, as this would result in suspensions of your account. Do not forget to go through the community guidelines.