How To See Profile Views On Facebook?

see profile views on facebook

Are you curious to know who viewed your profile page on Facebook? But couldn’t find any options on Facebook to check it out? 

Well, there are a couple of major reasons why you cannot do this directly from Facebook. You have come to the right place to check out an alternative way to see your profile views on Facebook. 

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of whether it is possible to see your profile views on Facebook or not, and how to go about it if there is a method. 

Note – Only a PC user can opt these methods, we do not recommend or promote a third-party application for this purpose. So use third party application at your own risk.

Can You See Profile Views On Facebook?

No, you can not see profile views on facebook. Facebook does not have functionality to see profile views on facebook.

There are some apps that claim that you can see the profile views by using your PC and your web browser however, it is not safe. 

If you are impatient to know about your profile views, you can download the software but delete it immediately after you use it. 

Have you thought about it, if they can retrieve this information which Facebook does not furnish, the apps can take up your information too for their malicious motive.

The methods and steps are explained below thoroughly which can help you to see your profile views on Facebook. 

Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile? 

No, you can not see directly who viewed your profile on Facebook as Facebook does not provide such a feature as it may harm Facebook users’ privacy and mainly Facebook revenue. 

Facebook authorities have asked if you find any third-party apps claiming that they can find out who viewed your profile on Facebook to report about the app.

It is because those apps may give you the result you want, however, they are also stealing your data which is also known as data harvesting.

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How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Step 1: Launch A Browser On Your PC 

You have to open a browser on your desktop and type search for Facebook and log in to your account by entering your email and phone number. 

Step 2: Click On Your Profile Icon 

From the top right of your profile page, click on the profile icon. And then move your cursor anywhere on the blank space of the page. 

Step 3: Select View Page Source 

On the blank space right click on the page and you will see a small menu. Select the second last option which is “view page source” and you will see a new tab filled with numbers and codes.

If you are an admin in a Facebook group, you will get to see more codes.

Step 4: Type Initialchatfriendslist 

Then click on Ctrl + F on the page and type on the search bar “initialchatfriendslist” and tap on enter.

You will see the highlighted numbers, they are the ones who you have chatted with recently and the non-highlighted numbers are your other friends from your friend list. 

Step 5: Copy Any Highlighted Number 

Next, pick any (highlighted) number and copy the digits and move to a new tab. 

Step 6: Copy The Number With URL 

Once done, you have to type on the search of the new tab the number you have copied) and then hit enter from your keyboard. 

How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile Who Are Not Friends?

Method 1: Use Buddy_ID Fifteen Digit URL From The Web Version Of Facebook(only For PC Users) 

Step 1: Open Facebook 

You have to open Facebook from your web browser on your Windows PC and type 

Step 2: Right Click Anywhere On The Facebook Page 

Next, right-click anywhere on the Facebook web page and click on the options list and select “view page source”. 

Step 3: Tap Ctrl + F 

You will see a list of numbers and codes, tap on Ctrl +F from your keypad on the search bar popup on the top right of the screen. 

Step 4: Type In Buddy_ID 

Once done, you have to type in ” Buddy_ID” on the pop-up search bar. And then you will see all the keywords of Buddy I’d on the screen.

Step 5: Copy The Fifteen-digit Number Close To Buddy ID

After you have got the buddy ID keywords on the screen, copy the 15-digit number beside Buddy ID. Pick only one set of the 15-digit number.

Step 6: Open A New Tab 

Then you have to open a new tab and paste the “Buddy_ID” URL with on the search bar of the new tab. 

Step 7: Replace Buddy_ID With The 15-digit Number 

Lastly, on the search bar, remove the Buddy_ID text, with the 15-digit number that you have copied previously. And then click on enter, and you will be taken to the profile of the person who has visited your Facebook profile. 

Method 2: Use A Third-party Application From The Play Store

Step 1: Open Google Play Store 

Firstly, launch the Play Store from your mobile phone.

Step 2: Type Who Viewed My Profile 

Secondly, from your google play store search bar type “who viewed my profile”. 

Step 3: Click On The Most Decent App

Thirdly, avoid going for suspicious apps as they may contain malware. Go for a safe app and do the needfuls to check out who views your profile on Facebook.

After using please uninstall the application as it may not be safe.

For iOS device users, who do not have any third-party app to know who has viewed their profile on Facebook(who is not their friend), they can opt for method 1.   


Most of us are familiar that Facebook does not provide any features or tabs on Facebook to see who has viewed your Facebook profile as this will harm the other Facebook’s privacy policy. 

The methods mentioned above are for PC users (if you have a PC, you can try it out) if you are too curious you can use a third-party app although

It is not recommended as it is not safe for your device and your personal information. 

iOS users do not have an alternative to use a third-party app as it is not allowed by Apple.Inc to use suspicious platforms to retrieve some sensitive information. 

If you don’t want anyone to view your profile page on Facebook you can simply go to your account settings and make your account a private account.