Fix: Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again Instagram

Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again Instagram

Instagram is a social media application that enables its users to share images, videos, boomerangs, text chat, and audio chat with their friends online.

Its application is available on both Android as well as iPhone. On Instagram, you can share posts with the selected number of people who are your followers.

But for sharing your pictures, videos, etc., you need to have an Instagram account.

It has become a very popular social media application among the youth and influencers who want their content to reach a wider audience.

Instagrammers often see the “, please wait a few minutes before you try again” pop-up visible on their screens through the Instagram application.

If you face the same problem, you don’t need to worry because this blog will discuss and resolve your issue in detail. 

What Does “Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again” Mean On Instagram

Please wait a few minutes before your try again is a pop-up message that appears on Instagram whenever you try to log in to your account and indicates that you need to wait for a few minutes and then try again logging into your account.

Seeing this message means that Instagram has blocked your IP address as you might have logged in and out very fast, so Instagram might have suspected it to be a bot.

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It is basically a safety and preventive measure taken by Instagram to avoid any bot or automation increase on their platform.

Why Does Instagram Say Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again?

Instagram displays this message whenever it suspects any bot or automation action. It means that your IP address has been blocked by Instagram.

There can be a number of reasons why this pop-up message appears on your Instagram. Some of the reasons are: 

You may have been logging in and out of Instagram very fast from the same device or from multiple devices. If this is happening, then Instagram may suspect it to be a bot action.

And you will be blocked from logging into your account for a while.

You might be using a third-party application or tool if the third-party app or tool that you are using multiple times is not partnered with Instagram.

It might pose a risk to your IP address as Instagram will temporarily block your IP address.

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How To Fix “Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again” On Instagram?

Fix 1: Try To Switch Your Mobile Network

If you had been using a mobile network while this message was displayed on your Instagram, then try switching to a Wi-fi network or vice-versa. Because switching to a mobile network or wi-fi changes your IP address.

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And this error only occurs when Instagram blocks your IP address. So, switching mobile networks may help you to gain access to your Instagram account again.

Fix 2: Using A VPN

You can download any free VPN (a virtual private network) from the google play store on your device and connect to any free country on the VPN.

Because connecting to a VPN hides your IP address, it doesn’t let Instagram see or view your IP address, which will lift the error message and give you access to your Instagram account. 

Fix 3: Wait Till The Error Message Is Lifted

The last option left for you to try is that you can wait till Instagram lifts up the error and unblocks your IP address. Since Instagram temporarily blocks your IP address,

Therefore it automatically unblocks your IP address after some time. You can wait for 24-48 hours and try logging in to your account after the specified time only.

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How Long Does The “Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again” Error Last For?

Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again on Instagram can last from from 24 to 48 hours. Since Instagram temporarily blocks your IP address in this error, therefore after almost 24-48 hours, you may be able to gain access to your Instagram.

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Many reports have suggested that this error lasts for 24-48 hours usually, and people were able to access their Instagram after this time only.


Instagram shows this error message whenever you log in and out of your account fastly, use third-party applications.

This message is a preventive measure taken by Instagram to avoid any bot action or automation on its platform. The error message usually lasts for 24-48 hours,

And you can gain access to your account after the specified time. Or you can try switching your mobile network and using a VPN to fix the error.

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