Fix: You’ve Been Logged Out Instagram

you have been logged out instagarm

Instagram is a popular social media app that has created quite a buzz in the world of the internet. There are almost or more than one billion active users of Instagram currently.

Some users on Instagram facing the issue that they are getting logout from the Instagram app and a popup is coming with text “You have been logged out, please login back“.

In this article, we will explain why you are logged out from Instagram and how to fix this issue.

Why Does Instagram Say You’ve Been Logged Out?

Instagram Say You’ve Been Logged Out either because your password changed from other device or there is some glitch from Instagram side.

you have been logout instgaram

If password not changed on any or other device then still You are getting You’ve Been Logged Out on Instagram means there is some glitch in Instagram app and this issue is not addressed by Instagram team till now.

How To Fix “You’ve Been Logged Out” On Instagram?

Fix 1: Check Your Instagram Password Is Changed Or Not

Just cross check first that your password is changed or not on other devices. If your Password id changed then Instagram will logout from the app.

Login with new password and this issue will be resolved. If your password is not changed then try below mentioned fixes.

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Fix 2: Have You Recently Updated The Instagram App With Latest Version

There might be chances that some bug came in recent version of Instagram and you updated to latest version recently.

If this is the case, then Instagram knows this issue and they fix in the next version.

Wait for the new version of Instagram App and update to it, this issue will be resolved.

Fix 3: Might Be Some Bug From Instagram

Black DMs text issue can be some bug from Instagram backend. If this is the case then can either wait or report this bug to Instagram team.

Then wait for this issue should resolved from Instagram side. We can’t do anything from our side.

Fix 4: Try Using Instagram Web

Alternatively, you can use Instagram web until the issue is fixed by Instagram (If the issue is from Instagram side).

When issue is fixed then you can use Instagram app.

Fix 5: Contact Instagram Support Team

If you think “You have been logged out” issue with only you and your friends or other Instagram user having no such issue then you can contact Instagram Support team.

Wait for some time or it can also take longer time. Your issue will be resolved.

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