How To Unrestrict Someone On Instagram ?

unrestrict instgaram

The security features of Instagram allow an account holder to restrict particular unwarranted interactions on Instagram.

These restrictions can either be as significant as not being visible to them while reading their messages or being as small as not being visible online. 

Along with restrictive features, Instagram has also provided certain Unresrtictive features. These features reverse the actions done through the restriction placed.  

If you are looking to unrestrictive someone and can’t figure out how to do it from everywhere, then this post is for you. In this post,

We will discuss the complete process to unrestrict an account on Instagram through your mobile app.

What Does It Mean To Unrestrict Someone On Instagram?

When you allow a person to see all the activities and comment on your post, which it was not able to do before due to the restriction is called unrestricting.

The process for unrestricting a restricted account is available only when they have been restricted before.

The process of unrestricting someone will allow them to do all the activities which were restricted before. For example, if a person is restricted,

Then they won’t be able to see the user online or see when they have read their conversation, their comments on the users’ posts are not visible till they are approved, etc.

Can You Unrestrict Someone On Instagram? 

Yes, a person can be unrestricted on Instagram. If the account holder feels that the restricted account is no longer a threat or raises any security concerns,

Then they can unrestrict the account. Users have absolute control over their profiles which allows them to restrict and unrestrict any account they want.

What Happens When You Unrestrict Someone On Instagram?

When you unrestrict someone, they will regain the accessibility that normal accounts have, for example. Seeing the profile online, their comments can now be made visible to the public.

They will see the time when their messages were read, or the notification of their comment on your post will be active, etc.

By unrestricting someone, the restriction placed on their visibility and accessibility is dissolved. 

How To Unrestrict Someone On Instagram?

You can use several methods by which you can unrestrict a person from Instagram. It can be done through their profile or through settings or through, a comment, or a message.

Unrestrict Someone On Instagram By Way Of Settings

Step 1: Open The Instagram Application

On your phone, search for the Instagram application and open the same. 

Step 2: Open Your Profile

After opening the Instagram application on your phone, you will be directed to your feed page. On your feed, you will see a circle with your profile display.

Click on that, and you will be directed to your profile.

Step 3: Click On The Three Horizontal Lines 

When you open your profile, you will see three horizontal lines visible at the right corner on the top side of the page. Click on these horizontal lines to open the settings menu related to your profile.

Step 4: Click On Settings

After selecting these horizontal lines on your profile, the setting menu opens. This setting menu provides you with a lot of options to manage your profile.

Step 5: Click On Privacy

After opening the settings menu, select the option of privacy. This option will let you manage your privacy settings and take action to maintain your privacy according to you.

Step 6: Click On Restricted Accounts

After opening the privacy settings, click on the option of Restricted account in the Connections lists. This option will allow you to take a look at all the accounts you have restricted from your profile.

Step 7: Click On The Button Stating Continue

This step will not appear every time. It will appear only for first-time users who will be opening the Restricted accounts settings.

Step 8: Select The Profile

After clicking Continue, you will be presented with a list of accounts that are restricted by you. Select the profile of the account you desire to unrestrict. 

After following the above steps, the selected accounts will be unrestricted and will be able to interact with you and your profile like every other account.

Unrestrict Someone On Instagram Through The User’s Profile

Step 1: Open The Instagram Application

Search for the Instagram application on your phone and select to open it.

Step 2: Open The Profile Of The Account Which You Are Willing To Unrestrict

After opening the Instagram application, go to the search bar and type the name of the person you desire to unrestrict. After selecting their profile, it will open on your screen.

Step 3: Three Dots Will Appear On The Profile Page

After opening the profile, three dots will appear on the right side at the top of the page. Select these three dots to open a menu

Step 4: Select The Option Of Unrestrict

After opening the profile menu, look for the unrestrict option on the menu. Click on the unrestrict option, and the selected profile will be unrestricted.

How To Unrestrict Messages On Instagram?

This option can be available only when the user has had any conversation with the restricted account on Instagram messages.

If no chats are present, then the user cannot unrestrict using the chat feature.

Step 1: Open The Instagram Application

Search for the Instagram application on your phone and open it.

Step 2: Open The Chats

After opening the Instagram, select the message option present on the right side on the top of the page. This will allow you to open all the chats you have had with other Instagram users.

Step 3: Select The Message Request Tab

After opening open, the chats select the message request option available on the right side on the top of the page.

This will show you a list of messages from the accounts that don’t follow or the restricted people.

Step 4: Open The Conversation Of The Restricted Account

Select the message of the restricted account you desire to unrestrict. When the conversation opens, the unrestrict option shall be available at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Select The Unrestrict Option

After opening the message, select the unrestrict option available this will allow the restricted account to be treated as a normal account. 

When you unrestrict someone through chats, then their conversation will be transferred to the primary inbox where your regular chats are visible.

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How To Unrestrict From The Post On Instagram?

This option of unrestricting is available only when the person has commented on the Instagram post the user.

If no comments are present, then the user cannot unrestrict using the comment/post feature.

Step 1: Open The Instagram Application

Search and open Instagram on your phone.

Step 2: Open The Post

Go to your profile and open the post on which the restricted person has commented.

Step 3: Click On View Comments

After opening the post on which the restricted person has commented, click on view comments. This feature will allow you to view all the comments on the post.

Step 4: Select/ Or Left Swipe On The Comment

These steps will vary according to your phone. If you have IOS, the option of left swiping will be available; however, if you have Android, then the option of selecting the comment will be available.

Step 5: Select The Option Of Unrestrict

When the options bar pop-up from selecting the comment, you will see the unrestrict option available. Tap on it. 

Why Can’t I Unrestrict Someone On Instagram?

There can be a few reasons why you are unable to unrestrict someone from your account.

  • It is an error in-app. Sometimes due to maintenance or bugs, there is a certain feature that doesn’t work properly. Hence refresh your app or try again sometime later.
  • There may be some temporary files present on your device downloaded from Instagram that are data intensive.


The feature of restricting and unrestricting by Instagram paves the way for new ways to ensure security and privacy without letting the other person know about such actions.

The steps to unrestrict an account are very easy to understand and follow.

The great part about this feature is that unrestricting provides users with an opportunity to engage with the people they once restricted if they feel safe and comfortable about it.