How To Delete Reddit History?

how to delete reddit hostory

Reddit, an app used almost with equal or more popular usage than social media sites, is an excellent add-on to the social media community. 

There have been a lot of discussions about its functioning, and despite all opposition, the platform stays calm and firm in its staying.

The app is a great getaway from conventional social media sites, which offer hardly any witty exchanges. 

The conversation that occurs oversite completely tells us what our reading habits and tastes are like, and accordingly, it suggests newer stuff.

This is one of the primary reasons to delete view history so as to get suggestions based on a newer tracking of needs.

Can You Delete Your Reddit View History?

Yes, we can delete your Reddit view history and make the site algorithm track us with a fresh outlook and customize our interests and needs.

It entirely depends on the user if they wish to keep the history or not.

Deleting it generally indirectly resets your interests and needs.

So, you can expect to see newer topics and interests on the profile.

How To Delete Reddit History?

Steps To Delete Reddit History:

Step 1: Download The Nuke Reddit History Extension

Even though this method only works on the chrome engine, it is effective.

You need to look for Nuke Reddit extension on your browser.

Step 2: Add Nuke Reddit History Extension

click on add to chrome or, by some other means, get the extension downloaded and attached to your search engine.

Step 3: Delete Reddit History

Click the orange icon that by now should have appeared on the extension bar and click on it and successively click on delete.

All your comments, posts, and your data will be erased from the account you are currently logged into.

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Does Reddit Keep History?

Yes, Reddit keeps track of all your activity on their website or on their app. The site has a tracker which tracks the posts you have commented on, the threads you have visited, and the ones that you usually show interest in. 

This feature of Reddit, while troublesome to some people, is a great feature for most others.

One likes to have the content customized to the requirement of the times and also to the likes of the person using the application.

When we use a site or an app, we have some knowledge of the things around us, and while using a particular application, we get to know more about it and that too in detail. 

This helps us to personalize our feed and see only what we like and want to know about.

Can Anyone See Reddit History?

No, not everyone can view the history of the person who is using the app or site. 

The user is the one supposed to be operating the site, but if others manage to get a hold of your account, they can easily follow the steps to see your history and go through it. 

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Does Reddit Track Activity?

Yes, Reddit tracks the activity of the users of the site and accordingly shows them the content they have recently been related with. 

The site keeps track of the posts one has contributed to the thread and the ones one has viewed.

The site checks the tags related to the post and also the most commonly used words in the posts that one has been viewing.

The tags are the most important parts of a post, and that is what brings a post to the notice of people.

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The posts having the same tags are brought under each other into a single stream and are shown.

Apart from the pattern matching, there is another use of the tags.

The tags get associated with your account and become part of your unsaid activity.

The posts that you have viewed get into your account and become part of your shown history.

Can Someone See If You View Their Reddit?

No, one cannot see if we view somebody’s Reddit.

The likes or the upvotes, downvotes, and activities, if one does, are what can be seen by other people.

The views on a post are something that can be linked to your account and can be tracked through your history.

There are some things that cannot be tracked through the history of a person, and one of those things is the views. 

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Can Internet Providers See Reddit History?

No, internet providing services, ISPs cannot track us entirely.

There are cookies that are enabled which provide our details to connected apps, but the exact information of the site, such as the viewing history, is not tracked by the ISPs.

Internet service providing algorithms only track the website we are visiting, not the data we fill into these websites.

The forms we fill out or the subsequent sites on the website that we visit are not tracked. 

How To Stop Reddit Tracking?

Steps To Stop Reddit Tracking:

Step 1: Go To Your Account Page

Visit your account page to disable all the tracking mechanisms.

Step 2: The Personalization Page

Visit your account page and browse through the options for the personalization tab.

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Step 3: Disable Tracking

Now that you have reached the personalization page, you can completely customize the choices of the account and accordingly make it suitable to your needs.

Can Your Reddit Account Be Traced?

Yes, Your Reddit account can be easily traced, and the sites that are linked to the same id that we use for all of these social media get to know our tastes and likes.

There are a lot of tracing apps that are present on the web, and while we might feel uncomfortable that an app is tracing our activity, we should be a bit happy as the fact still remains as to whether our likes and dislikes are being recorded.

There are many facilities for tracking, and one of the most important stuff is that our content is personalized according to our views and search history. 

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The sites that we use can be said to have a lot of our data stored in them.

Tracking on all of these levels is something that benefits us, while it is also quite a menace to people who like to change their likes and dislikes quite often.  

The sites have integrated systems that convey our likes and history from one app to the other and keep all of the sites that we visit quite relatable to us.

There are many uses of the Reddit app, and one of them is increasing our knowledge.

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