How To Change Reddit Username?

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More than 45 million people use Reddit globally. It is a great place to chat with people of different nations and learn new perspectives on every topic.

Several people don’t like the username given by Reddit. Reddit users often face this issue where they are not able to change their username.

There are Some conditions on how and when you can change your assigned username. 

This article will cover two methods which will tell you how you can change your Reddit username.  

Can You Change Your Username On Reddit?

Yes, you can change your username on Reddit. However, you must know that you are allowed to change the username only at the time of creating your account.

In case you have already changed your username, you will not be able to do that again.

Other than that, if you have an old Reddit account and now you want to change the username, you can not do it. The option is only available for new accounts.

If you have a new account and wish to change your username, check out the steps explained in the next section.

How To Change Your Username On Reddit Via Web?

Steps To Change Your Username On Reddit Via Web:

Step 1: Go To

From your Android/iOS device or on your PC, open any browser of your choice. Here we have taken Chrome and typed “”.

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Step 2: Log In To Your Reddit Account 

You will be asked to either sign in to your Reddit account or to log in. Since you want to change your username provided by Reddit, you need to log in to your existing account. 

Step 3: Click On The Display Username 

Next, from the top right corner of the screen, click on the “username” field.

Step 4: Select Change Username 

Next, you have to select “change username” and type in the desired name. You will see a green check if the name is available to be in use.

You will be allowed to change the username on the website if it’s only been thirty days since signing up to Reddit.

 In other words, you cannot change your assigned username (on a website) if it’s more than thirty days after opening an account on Reddit. 

Step 5: Click On Continue

Subsequently, after you assign the new username, click on “continue” in the blue bar given below, and you will be asked to confirm the new username.  

Your Reddit username will be changed successfully.

How To Change Your Username On Reddit Via Mobile App?

Steps To Change Your Username On Reddit Via Mobile App:

Step 1: Sign In/Log In To Your Reddit Account 

Click on the Reddit app from your home screen and log in to your account. If you have not signed in to Reddit, you can sign in(Reddit will give a display name). 

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Step 2: Click On The Reddit Avatar 

Once you are done logging in/ signing up to your Reddit account, from the main page, look for the avatar icon on the top left of the screen. Click on the icon.

Step 3: Select My Profile 

And then, you will see a window on the left side with many options like settings, log out option, etc. Select the first option that is “My profile”. 

Step 4: Click On The Change Username Option

You may receive a notification inquiring if you would want to ‘change your username’. Select on it, and then Reddit would ask again to confirm if you want to keep a new username. Select the option ” Change Username”.

Step 5: Select Next 

Enter your desired username, and then from the top right corner of the page, select the field “Next” written in blue text. 

Step 6: Tap On Save Username 

Lastly, you need to confirm the new username by clicking on “save username” in the blue bar. Think before you confirm the new username, as it will be saved for permanent, and you won’t be able to change it again.

You can follow this method for both Android and iOS devices. 

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You can change your Reddit username only once. Reddit has a strong policy that if you change your username, you cannot change it anymore. 

Many people sign up to Reddit with their Apple id or Google account id. They can change the random name (within 30 days) given to them by opening the Reddit homepage from any web browser. 

If you have signed in directly from the Reddit app, you can follow the steps given in the second method. Method three may seem confusing to you.

However, you can try it out to see if the switch account option is available or not.

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