How To Find The Crane Key In Varuna Point In Raft?


Varuna point is one of the most talked-about points in the Raft. One of the most important components of this point is the crane key.

Crane key is an element of the Varuna point 6277 regions in the Raft game’s new chapter. It is an essential component of the final chapter of the Raft game.

How To Find The Crane Key In Varuna Point In Raft?

Following are the steps you must follow to Find the crane key in Varuna point in Raft:

Get To The Top Of The Crane

The first move after reaching the Varuna point in Raft is to get access directly to the crane. To get access directly to the crane, you will have to climb up and reach the top of the building.

Make sure you are able to find the operating cabin of the crane from the top of this building. 

Next, you will have to roam around a bit and complete a few puzzles to get access to crane controls.

Once you are standing at the crane controls, you will need the crane key to operate this crane successfully.

Visit The Underwater World And Find Motherlode Key

To get access to the crane controls and crane key, you will have to visit the underwater world and collect the pieces to form this key on your own.

To start making your key, you need to directly jump into the water from the building you visited earlier. 

Once you reach deep inside the water, simply roam around and keep an eye out for spotlight alike light fixtures available.

After spotting this place, look out for the several jellyfishes running your way and get in whilst saving yourself. 

While keeping yourself safe from the Anglerfish, spot different notes and other collectible items inside this area.

You need to collect three spotlight fixtures from here and exit the area. Also, grab the other spotlight lying just below before moving further.

Enter The Tunnel

Now, simply enter the illuminated with the light. Make sure you roam around the area to spot this light and the tunnel which leads to it.

You can easily manage the airflow with the air bubbles generated around the light of your spotlight fixtures. Enter and cross the tunnel carefully.

In the end, the whole area is swamped and filled with booby traps. Make sure you stay away from such traps and travel safely. This will take you directly to the Raft Motherlode Key and also the advanced headlight blueprint.

Go To Motherlode In Raft

Once you get your hands on the motherlode keys, the next step is to exit this place. You can study the map given on the exit door wall to get the appropriate direction and location of the exit and also the motherlode. 

For the next portion of this mission, you can easily breathe through several airy bubbles around you.

Once successfully at the exit, start swimming downwards. Keep hitting the down road to simply reach the opening with colorful coral reefs.

Enter Motherlode

Upon swimming downwards, you will come across a garage gate or door. This door can easily be identified by various air bubbles around the gate.

You can easily enter Motherlode through this door. Inside the motherlode, simply explore the area to spot a wall with a giant Letter G 

Battle With The Rhino Shark Boss

Once you enter the motherlode, you will have to face the Rhino shark boss. Initially, this boss will directly attack you and turn your oxygen cylinders into the trash.

Also, it will try to drown you down. Make sure you play strategically and harm the Rhino shark by directing them toward the pillars inside the area. 

Once the boss hits the pillars, the explosive barrel which you can hide inside the opening pillar will help you to cause damage.

After the pillar collapses and the boss is harmed,  proceed with the second part of this fight.

You can repeat the trick to get through the second phase as well. However, for the third phase, the explosive barrels would be lying on the ground, and you can use them to defeat this boss.

Once the shark boss is defeated, simply climb up to the office and get the crane key and wind turbine blueprint.

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What Is The Use Of Crane Key In Varuna Point In Raft?

The use of the Crane key In Varuna point in Raft is to operate the crane. Once you get your hands on the crane key, you will have to go to the top of the building from where you started the mission. Afterward, go to the top of the crane and use the crane key to operate it.

Then, you need to pull the level and make a huge hole in the building located beside this one.

This hole will help you to get to the office and get all the essential blueprints from the office, such as the advanced battery blueprint and also stuff like a drop of titanium kept in a briefcase.

The crane key is the essential component to simply use the crane in making a hole. This hole will open a gate for you ahead.

Also, in any way, you will not be able to use the crane controls without the crane key.


The raft final chapter comes with various locations and components. The crane key is one of the most important components in the Varuna point to access the office and get blueprints of advanced gadgets you will need afterward. 

You can easily fight the Rhino shark boss to get the crane key if you have the right strategy. Make sure you get geared up properly and know how to defeat this boss.

Once you get the crane key, you will get the blueprints easily on the raft game.