How To Get Honey In Raft?


The Honey in Raft is used as a resource of sustenance on top of serving as a biofuel because at the end of the day it is also edible.

The player can make the Honey using six honeycombs and a glass jar, this way they can get almost two glasses of Honey.

Before Update 11 of the game, the resources for collecting Honey could be gathered from the natural beehives available on the Evergreen Islands and the Balboa Island.

In this blog, we have discussed the process to gather Honey directly from the beehives on Balboa Island.

How To Get Honey In Raft?

Steps To Get Honey In Raft:

Step 1: Craft A Sweep Net

A Sweep Net is required to gather the bees in order to cultivate them and produce your own batch of Honey.

In order to craft your Sweep Net make sure that you have 15 Planks, 6 Ropes, 2 Vine Goo, and a Bolt.

Step 2: Catch The Bees

After you have crafted your own Sweep Net, you can now proceed to lure the bees into your net by roaming around in the island.

Now that you have captured your own swarm of bees you will find a glass jar in your inventory as a reward.

Step 3: Craft Your Beehive

For this next step, you will require 20x Planks, 8x Plastic, 4x Clay, 2x Hinge, and 15x Bee Jar.

Make sure that you have all the required ingredients and move forward to educate yourself on the process of crafting a beehive from your inventory.

Step 4: Plant A Small Batch Of Flowers In A Crop Pot

This is a crucial step for mass producing your own Honey. Make sure that you plant as per your honeycomb requirement.

To amp up the process of honeycomb production, line up the Crop Pots in concentric circles around your beehive and make sure that each pot has at least 3 flowers in it.

Step 5: Extract The Honey

Now that all the dirty work has been done, you can go ahead and extract your mass-produced Honey from the Honeycombs. The ratio of the flowers to Honeycomb is:

  • 1 Honeycomb – 1-5 Flowers
  • 2 Honeycombs – 6+ Flowers
  • 3 Honeycombs – 12+ Flowers

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The Raft survival game offers you the chance to cultivate your own swarm of bees and mass-produce honey on your own. All you have to do is visit the Evergreen Islands or the Balboa Islands.