How To Get To Varuna Point In The Raft?


On Reaching the final chapter of the Raft, you will come across the Varuna point.

Reaching the final chapter or level in this game is made easier by the developers with the help of the latest updates.

The latest updates include various resources such as trash cubes, trade coins, etc.

The Varuna point has many significant locations that you can explore to complete the game and enhance the raft experience altogether.

How To Get To Varuna Point In The Raft

The gamer can get to Varuna point in the raft by reaching the #7528 coordinates in the updated version of the game.

Please ensure that you get your hands on the latest updates of the application to get to Varuna point or the Tangaora region (pathway to reach Varuna point).

You can Get to Varuna point by raft after crossing the Tangaora region on the Raft game.

Make sure you have explored and roamed around the Tangaora region prior to your attempt to enter Varuna point.

Although Varuna point is made accessible to the users in the latest update only if you have already been to the Tangaora region in Raft, the Varuna point will be accessible to you on the book itself on the Raft.

Once you have the updated version of the raft game, change the coordinates on your device to #7528 and you will easily spot the Varuna point on the map.

All you have to do now is to sail in its direction and explore the new and exclusive location yourself.

Varuna point is now accessible for all the gamers irrespective of the fact that they have explored the Tangaora region earlier or not.

Make sure you carefully insert the coordinates in your navigation device to save yourself from getting lost.

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Varuna point in raft comes with an intriguing and exciting background. Once you decide that you have to reach this location, there is nothing you should worry about.

Since there is a lot to discover in this location, it is recommended to keep certain weapons and instruments with you.

However, to reach this point, all you have to do is simply update the game and insert accurate coordinates on your navigation system.