How To Play Sens In Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege sc

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular games these days. This game allows you to use different and unique operations to defeat your opponents easily.

However, to ensure your victory and the defeat of the enemy, you must know every operation in detail and how you can use different weapons in your favor.

This guide will help you to know how you can play some ne in Rainbow Six siege.

How To Play Sens In Rainbow Six Siege?

To play sens in rainbow six siege, you need four main components, namely the primary weapons, secondary weapons, gadgets, and unique ability.

To ensure that you choose the right components and have an exciting game with a victory, we have listed the selected components below:

Primary Weapons

There are two major primary weapons you can use in order to make your operator the best. The two primary weapons are:

417 DMR

Although this is one of the primary or basic DMRs, it is highly efficient and will help you to do remarkable damage. This primary weapon can help you to make a damage of 69 for a body shot, whereas it offers 51 for the limb shot.

Also, you do not have to worry about loading and re-loading the magazine of this weapon again and again. It comes with a 21-round magazine, making it a great companion for a huge fight.


This is one of the best options for primary weapons in the game. Although it offers lesser damage than 417 DMR, it is still very effective.

This weapon causes damage of 35 for a body shot, whereas, for every limb shot, it causes damage of 26. This would be enough to defeat your enemy easily in a battle.

However, the whole damage depends on the distance from which you are shooting your opponent.

Secondary Weapons

In sens there are two major secondary weapons.  The secondary weapons are:

  • GONNE- 6
  • SDP 9MM

Although you must pay attention while selecting the secondary weapons, they will not be used frequently. The secondary weapons come into action in case your primary weapons are not available or are out of ammo.

These secondary weapons can also be useful when you are loading your primary weapons, and the enemy is in front of you.


You can use the Gadgets on sens to catch your enemies easily or simply breach through the group of enemies approaching you. Following are the gadgets available in sens:

  • Breach charge
  • Claymore

You can use any gadget of your choice. Claymore is more useful in the surroundings where the enemies often visit and in large groups. Also, these gadgets are highly beneficial in the areas where you have to defend a particular area.

Unique Ability

A unique ability available for sens Rainbow Six siege gamers is the R. O. U Projector system. This projector system is available in the form of a ball.

Whenever you roll this ball, it will move in a straight path for 3 seconds and then build barrier walls around the area which you can easily pass through. 

The motive of these barrier walls is to block the vision and save you from being in sight of any enemy.

Once these walls are up, you can take their benefit for about 39 seconds only. After this interval, the walls will start to deplete, and the vision will be clear in no time.

Therefore, make sure you keep a check on the time as well.  


Rainbow Six siege Sens is one of the major forms of the game loved by the gamers. In order to get the maximum benefits while playing sens in Rainbow Six Siege, you must have four building blocks of the game.

These include weapons, abilities, and gadgets. Make sure you make the most efficient and powerful combination with all the equipment you have in store and ensure your victory over the enemy during the battle.