What is Margin in Meesho?

What is Margin in Meesho

Meesho is a popular reselling app of India. More than 1 crores people are engaged with Meesho. It helps you earn by reselling the products listed on the app. 

What is Margin in Meesho?

Margin in Meesho is the profit that you earn on Meesho by reselling a product at your convenient price. For example, If you are reselling a product with a price of Rs 100  at Rs 200, then the additional Rs 100 is your profit. It is called the Margin you earned. 

How to Set Margin in Meesho? 

After the customer confirmed the order at your price, you need to follow the below steps to include Margin in Meesho-

Steps to Set Margin in Meesho:

  • Step 1: Firstly, Choose the catalog of the product. 
  • Step 2: Select the particular product you want to sell by clicking on it.
  • Step 3: You have to ADD TO CART the product to proceed further after selecting the size and quantity. 
  • Step 4: Now, Open the Cart page.
  • Step 5: You have to select your convenient payment method.
  • Step 6: To add the delivery charges, enter your customer’s pin code and then click CHECK.
  • Step 7: Now you’ll see the complete pricing, which includes goods costs as well as shipping costs.
  • Step 8: Continue by pressing the ‘Proceed’ key.
  • Step 9: Choose the customer’s address. You can choose from the current options or create a new one.
  • Step 10: Once more, press the Proceed button.
  • Step 11: Here you must input the total amount you want your customer to pay. That is the sum of the product charges, shipping charges, and your profit margin. Here, your margin will be reflected.

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How do you get Margins in Meesho? 

You can get margin in Meesho by reselling the products at a price, more than the price stated.  

For example- You are reselling Jeans at the price of Rs 600 at Rs 850. Here the additional Rs 150 of the price mentioned is your margin. 

When a customer confirms a product at your price. You should place the order with your price and your margin will be credited to your account after the delivery. 

How does Meesho Margin work? 

Meesho margin is the profit you earn through reselling. While reselling to the customers, you can add additional money to the price mentioned. That additional money is the Margin. 

Once the customer confirms the order follow below mentioned steps:

  • You have to open the Meesho app. 
  • Choose the particular product from the catalog. 
  • Then ‘Add to Cart’ the product by selecting the size and quantity. 
  • Now Visit the Cart page. 
  • You have to choose the payment method and click continue
  • Then add the price at which you are selling the product. There you will get to know the margin you are earning from that product. 
  • Choose to continue and select or add the customer address. Then click Proceed
  • After that, you have to confirm the order by tapping the ‘Place Order button. 

In terms of COD payment- 

Your margins will be paid to your bank on the 10th, 20th, or 30th of the month after our logistics partner delivers the item to your customer and gets the final payment.

In case of online payment- 

You simply have to pay for the product and shipping. Your buyer can pay you directly for the total amount including product charges, shipping charges, and your profit. As a result, you receive your margin directly from your buyer in the case of online payments.

What is MRP in Meesho? 

MRP in Meesho is the price tag mentioned in products. As a result, no one can sell the product at the price more than MRP as per government rules. Your margin shouldn’t exceed the MRP. Selling above MRP is considered illegal. 

Is it Necessary to Add Margin in Meesho? 

No, it is not necessary to add margin in Meesho. 

If you are reselling the products then you have to add margin to earn money. 

On the other hand, if you are purchasing products for yourself, then you don’t need to add margins.

What is the Margin Earned? 

Margin is the profit that a seller earned after selling any product. Let’s say if the cost price of a Shirt is Rs 300 and the Selling Price is Rs 500, then the margin earned is Rs 200. 

Meesho Margin Tracking 

Basically, The meesho delivery partner will collect the full amount from your customer when they have received the COD order. They will transfer your margin amount for each order 8 days after it is delivered.

You can track or check the status of your margin by the following ways- 

  • Open the Meesho Official app. 
  • On the next screen, you will see five icons below. There you have to click on the ‘Orders’ icon. 
  • Now, on the orders chart, you have to click on the particular product whose margin is pending. 
  • You will see the status of the margin on the next screen. 

Meesho Margin not received

Usually customers receive margins on the stated dates by Meesho. But if you don’t receive the Meesho margin or the correct amount, you can contact 080-61799600 or email at help@meesho.com. Someone from  their staff will contact you as soon as possible.


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