Top 15 Best Reselling Apps In India

You might not be aware of reselling apps and the authentic process of earning. But don’t worry, we will divulge about reselling apps. However, a reselling app in India launched an innovative idea to make people earn without any investments.

Reselling apps in india

From the last few decades, it has been witnessed that reselling apps are gaining popularity and helping individuals to set up online businesses.

However, it’s true to say that reselling apps strengthen the pillars of online earning. It provides an authentic way to sell and buy products with no investments. In this article, we will introduce you to the best 15 reselling apps in India that created a new way of earning for people. 

It offers an online marketplace where you can buy and sell a wide range of products without giving any margin to brokers. 

Moreover, it eases the trading process as you just need to download the app, click pictures of the commodities(things) and upload it on the platform, buyers will eventually contact you, and you don’t need to go anywhere. You can do all the process by your phone from your home. It sounds exciting!

Reselling apps are on-trend, and we get the reason, so what stops you from trying the user-friendly reselling apps? Let’s scroll down this article and check out the best 15 reselling apps in India. 

15 Best Reselling Apps In India

1) Meesho – Resell, Work From Home, Earn Money Online


Meesho is an indigenous e-commerce platform launched by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwell in 2015 that enables small businesses to grow and earn more. Moreover, it becomes a top choice of homemakers that enables them to earn money without spending a single coin. 

It offers an easy process of reselling; just share the products on your social media handles. If one of the members buys that product, you will ultimately get the commission, and you can earn without doing anything. 

Meesho becomes the #No.1 reselling app in India as it empowers small businesses, and it’s the result that it gained a 4.5 rating with more than 10M downloads. It bestows a unique and easy way of earning that benefits individuals at a distinctive level. Plus, it offers bonuses and weekly prizes that compel buyers and sellers to use this remarkable reselling app. 

Features Of Meesho Reseller App:

It offers exciting features that you can’t get in any other Indian reselling app. Some of its features are as follows: 

  • Easy process to start an online shop 
  • Availability of a wide range of products at a very affordable range
  • Easy to return policy
  • Cash on delivery option
  • Anyone can earn a commission with zero investment

Rating: 4.5

Downloads: 10 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

2) EBay Reseller App


eBay is the oldest app working in India; however, it was designed in California but spread its wings in many countries. The reselling app promotes B2B and C2C business and provides a stunning platform where you can easily sell and buy shipped items worldwide. It allows local businesses to list with it and gear the shipping cost of products in bulk. 

This online marketplace is accessible from anywhere, you can buy as well as sell a variety of products, including cosmetics, clothes, electronics, cameras, home accessories, cars, and much more by simply registering yourself on eBay. It drastically increases the product’s sales and avails you of exclusive benefits. 

It successfully attained the top rank in the list of reselling apps in India and is highly used by online merchants that favours it with 4.6 ratings. With the help of this ecommerce platform, you can build a strong brand in no time. 

Features Of ebay Reseller App:

eBay is widely known for its excellent features that make better communications among buyers and sellers. 

  • Advanced search engine with local zip code
  • User-friendly eCommerce platform
  • Save money by offering free shipping
  • Easy cataloguing and product listing
  • Have the potential to search for discount deals

Rating: 4.6

Downloads: 10 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

3) Carousell Reseller App


Carousell emerged at a fast pace as the best eCommerce platform to sell and buy a wide range of products. It brings back the life of second-hand products, here you can easily earn from the useless products of your home. However, it majorly deals in clothing and automobiles, allowing people to gain high commissions. 

It’s a platform basically started in Singapore, and in contemporary times, it has become a dominant reselling app worldwide, including India. It shines on the peak of the best reselling apps in India, with a 4.7 rating and more than 10,000,000 downloads. 

You can easily link up yourself to Carousell and share the products in your circles; it enables you to earn extra without any hassles and stress to sell. 

Features Of Carousell Reseller App:

It attributes outstanding features that increase its popularity day by day. 

  • Seamless store establishment 
  • Login easily without any issues
  • Robust customer support
  • Accessible with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram 
  • Top branded products are available

Rating: 4.7

Downloads: 10 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

4) GlowRoad: Work From Home, Earn Money Online, Start Reselling


GlowRoad is a top trusted online trading app that features excellent benefits to the people. Here you can get more than 1lakh quality products categorized into distinctive product categories with an affordable range. 

It allows users to set up their account by phone number quickly. Moreover, its popularity rises at a fast pace as it gains a 4.5 rating with more than 10M downloads. 

GlowRoad obtains high credibility because it promises to deliver products at an accurate time, and it stands on its word. It not only proclaims an innovative business idea but also supports homemakers, students and small businesses to earn more at their home. 

Features Of GlowRoad Reseller App:

You would be amazed by knowing its feature as it provides a distinctive range of products into variant categories and bestows excellent features that are as follows:

  • Easy-to-use reselling app
  • Features easy-to-return policy
  • Come up with exclusive products at a low price
  • On-time delivery with the option of COD 

Rating: 4.5

Downloads: 10 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

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5) Mercari Reseller App – Your Marketplace


People are using this eCommerce platform to make money with their talent. Here you can sell and buy handmade products, including clothes, cosmetic items, decorative things, and many more. Primarily it was developed in Japan but launched in the U.S in 2014. 

Mercari is such an ingenious reselling app that promotes handcrafting, and it’s especially beneficial for women and housewives. Users are delighted with this eCommerce platform that reflects in their reviews and feedback. Furthermore, it drastically emerged as the top reselling app because of its authentic features. 

If you wonder how to start something new, try this magnificent app as no platform is better than Mercari. Here, you can show your art and talent and make it a source of earning. 

Features Of Mercari Reseller App:

Mercari is highly renowned for its outstanding features, and some of them are enlisted below:

  • Great space to promote your talent
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Variety of products shipping with no cost
  • Option to exchange any item without disputes

Rating: 4.7

Downloads: 10 Million+

Download Platform: Uptodown, Google play store, App store

6) CarWale: Buy-Sell New & Used Cars


You might have heard this name several times as it’s a well-known platform to sell and buy used and new cars at the best deals. If you search the top reselling apps in India, you will find this app on the top. People highly use this app to check the prices and deals of their nearby locations of the cars and get the best market idea to buy and sell a car. 

CarWale allows verified users to access this platform, and here you can find genuine car sellers. Plus, you can buy affordable ranges of cars with the easiest options to pay.  

CarWale gains success in a limited time as it not only provides you with a platform to buy and sell different models of the car. But also allow its users to evaluate the ongoing market price with the help of advanced valuation tools. 

Features Of CarWale Reseller App:

CarWale attained a 4.6 rating because of its unique features. 

  • Connect you with genuine buyers using CarWale
  • Easily list your second hand cars and get exclusive price
  • Excellent customer support
  • Advanced tools for valuation 

Rating: 4.6

Downloads: 5 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

7) Shop 101: Resell, Work From Home, Make Money App

Shop 101
Shop 101

If you are searching for the best reseller app, explore Shop 101. It strengthens numerous small businesses and provides them with a reliable platform to sell and earn a wide range of products. 

Shop 101 has more than 90 lakh registered customers, including resellers and wholesalers. You can easily use this app by downloading it from the Google play store; it features free registration, so you can effectively create your account and page where you can sell whatever items you like. 

Features Of Shop 101 Reseller App:

Unlike Meesho, it focused on creating a space for housewives and ladies to earn work from home. Thus, it offers excellent features: 

  • Wide range of products
  • Exciting cashback offers
  • Gain high commission

Rating: 4.5

Downloads: 10 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

8) Olx : Buy & Sell Near You With Online Classifieds


Olx is a familiar reseller app for Indians as it provides an authentic marketplace to sell and buy used items. Here you can get all-inclusive products from clothing to cars at a genuine price. 

It offers a chat first feature that alerts you of fake people, and you can easily identify spammers and genuine customers. Plus, sellers can gain a high profit by easily snapping the products. 

Olx is a great online marketplace to sell your used items; no place is better than this authentic app. 

Features Of Olx Reseller App:

It inserts in the checklist of top reselling apps in India because of its fabulous features:

  • Easy to make profile option
  • Get a comprehensive summary of the product
  • Chat option for better communication
  • Find nearby bestsellers and best prices

Rating: 4.2

Downloads: 100 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

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9) Quikr Reseller App In India


Quikr app gained a lot of popularity within a couple of years as it became a top hub of used gadgets, furniture, clothes, vehicles and many more. Like its name, it endows quick delivery and service at your doorstep. 

An amazing feature that is unparalleled, it facilitates the rent and sale of properties. It’s an uncommon option, not articulated by other reselling apps. 

With 4.3 stars and over 10,000,000 downloads, it is profound in the top position among reselling apps. 

Features Of Quikr Reseller App:

Users can experience a fantastic way of buying and selling products on Quikr as it provides excellent features:

  • Facilitates full-time and part-time job
  • Availability of used products at a reasonable price
  • Great space to find properties
  • Pick-up and Drop-off service

Rating: 4.1

Downloads: 10 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

10) OfferUp: Buy, Sell, Letgo. Mobile Marketplace


Large options of vehicles, clothes, accessories, home appliances and much more products are available on this mobile marketplace. Additionally, OfferUp interpolates rewards and exciting offers for regular customers. 

If you are looking for a reliable reselling app, consider this. It provides feedback options for buyers and sellers to outbid customer experience. Currently, it ranks on top of reselling apps with 10M downloads and a 4.5 rating.  

Features Of OfferUp Reseller App:

Its features are unique, primarily made for users. 

  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to enrol on this app
  • Chat feature for buyers and sellers
  • More than thousands of products are available

Rating: 4.5

Downloads: 10 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

11) Amazon : Seller-Sell Products, Start Business Online


Amazon is a worldwide known platform to sell and buy a massive range of products. It gained a reputable position in the online market; people trust this site for excellent service and affordable products range. 

In addition, they are associated with a broad base of customers by their outstanding features, including easy to return policy, timely delivery and availability of top-notch products. 

Contemporarily, no one is unaware of this magnificent reselling app in India as it favours its customers with what they want. Consequently, it tops the list with a 4.4 rating and more than 5,000,000 downloads. 

Features Of Amazon App:

With amazing features, Amazon becomes the top choice of buyers and sellers. 

  • Robust 24X7 customer support
  • Availability of branded products at an affordable price
  • Offers free delivery on certain items
  • Cash in the delivery option
  • Get whatever you want

Rating: 4.4

Downloads: 100 Million+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

12) ZyMi Reseller App


ZyMi is an authentic online marketplace where you can easily start your online shop without any investments. It offers user-friendly features with easy to buy and sell options. 

The excellent part of this website is that you can easily create your online store and gain commission without any efforts. They are providing thousands of branded products at wholesale price. 

Features Of ZyMi Reseller App:

Avail of excellent benefits from one of the top featured reselling apps in India

  • Get branded product at wholesale price
  • Authentic website to buy and sell
  • Collection of all-new fashionable products

Rating: 2.8

Downloads: 50K+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

13) Cartlay: Reseller Online Shop, Work From Home


Cartlay is one of the great reselling platforms where you can earn without spending money. It is already associated with more than 10,00,000 registered users and uplifting its position at a fast pace. 

This app is widely renowned for premium quality products at an affordable price. Plus, it offers round-the-clock customer support with the fastest delivery service. 

So, it will be a better place for newcomers to earn more without any investment, link up yourself with this site and start earning in no time. 

Features Of Cartlay Reseller App:

It is recognized as the best reselling app in India because of its unmatched features. 

  • Pay for products from Cartley wallet
  • Easy to return policy
  • Fastest shipping

Rating: 1.8

Downloads: 100K+

Download Platform: Google play store, App store

14) LetGo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff


Whether you desire to buy or sell used and secondhand products, LetGo is a great space to use. LetGo emerged as the convenient online marketplace with more than 100M downloads. 

Prominently, it supports the local and rural businesses with amazing features. Furthermore, it has relatively affordable shopping spaces as compared to other reselling apps in India. 

With a 4.3 rating and high customer’s trust, it gained a secure place in the online marketing apps. 

Features Of LetGo Reseller App:

It facilitates exciting features that are as follows: 

  • Availability of various products
  • Easily solve customers grievance
  • Easy to use platform for rural businesses

Rating: 4.3

Downloads: 30K+

Download Platform: Softonic for android, App store

15) 5miles: Buy And Sell Locally 


5miles is such an awesome reselling app in India, especially for urban businesses, as it supports local businesses with robust customer support. You can easily compare prices and products on this platform and find out the best nearby reseller. 

With 4.4 stars and 5,000,000 installs, it has become the prominent choice of users. You can easily list your products, including furniture, home accessories, antiques, electronics and many more, without any hassle. 

Features Of 5miles Reseller App:

It bestows a comfortable shopping space for buyers promoting its exclusive features. 

  • Identified users
  • Option to post feedbacks and reviews
  • A convenient platform to buy and sell
  • Solve grievances of customers in a minimal time

Rating: 4.2

Downloads: 40K+

Download Platform: Softonic for androids, App store

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Final Thoughts 

It might be confusing to choose the best reselling app in India as you can get abundant names on the play store, but we ease this challenge by introducing the best 15 reselling apps. 

All the reselling apps are inclusively excellent to use as all of these are acquired with top ratings and positive reviews. You can use the reselling apps without any doubts as we searched deeply and listed the best to buy, sell and earn. 

Don’t depend on others; start your own business by using these apps as per your comfort and achieve a new level of growth in a minimal time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Reselling App? 

Reselling app is an online platform where you can earn money by selling products and buy various products at a very affordable range. Reselling apps are on-trend, so you can also utilize the best one. 

How Can I Start Reselling Business?

Reselling business is not burdensome as now you can get a wide range of reselling apps in India that help you to start a business without any investment. Simply register yourself or create an Id on any reselling platform that we listed above and share the products in your circle or post new and used items into different categories. It makes you earn efficiently in no time, and you can simply start your reselling business. 

Is Online Reselling Beneficial In India? 

Yes, in recent times, during the pandemic, it has seen that people widely engaged with reselling apps and earned extensive money without any issue. So, it’s clear that the online reselling business has a bright future in India. 

What Are The Advantages That I Avail Of From A Reselling App In India? 

There are numerous advantages that you can get from a reselling app:

– Start business with zero investment
– No need for any kind of experience
– Work comfortably without any pressure
– Easily choose a variety of products to sell and buy