How to Order from Meesho?

How to order on Meesho

Meesho is a popular resale platform in India. Users can earn money by promoting things on social platforms. Meesho has recently joined the Unicorn Club. In just five years, they had achieved the $1 billion valuation level. Meesho is used by more than one crore individuals.

Steps to choose and order your products on Meesho:

  • Open Meesho App

Locate the Meesho app in your smartphone. Click on the Meesho icon to open the app. You will land on the Meesho homepage.

  • Choose the Product

Choose the product you are willing to buy from a wide range of Meesho collections. Check out the price details and avail for discounts if any.

  • Add to Cart

On the product details page, tap on ‘ADD TO CART’. You can add as many products you wish to the product cart. The product cart will showcase the total count of products you have added.

  • Choose Size

Choose the size of your product wisely. The product comes in all possible sizes from small to XL. You can then select the quantity of the product. By default, the product quantity is set to one. You can add more if you are willing to buy more pieces of the same product.

  • Click on Continue

Click on continue after selecting the size and quantity of the product. It will take you to a page where you can see the count of products added in the cart.

  • Visit the Cart

Look for the total number of products added in the cart. At the top right corner, you will see a cart icon. Tap on the icon to visit the product cart.  

  • Payment Mode

On the product cart, select the mode of payment for the products you have ordered. Make sure to review your order size before going to the next step.

  • Click on Proceed

After you are done with all of the above, click on proceed to continue. The screen will display the payment details including the shipping charges.

  • Enter your Address

Add the delivery address on the address bar. You can also edit the address in case you have made a typing error.

  • Click on Proceed

Click on ‘PROCEED’ after confirming the proper address and other details.

  • Enter Personal Details

Provide your personal details like your Name, Email and other details to receive order invoices and other updates on your email and phone.

  • Submit

After you have executed all the above steps correctly, click on ‘PROCEED’ to place the order.

  • Order Placed

At last, you will receive a notification saying, ‘Your order is confirmed with us.