Unable To Add Bank Account In Paytm

Unable to add bank account in paytm

Paytm is a leading online platform in India, with more than millions of active users. It serves the best and secure services for money transactions. 

Paytm is a user-friendly application but still, some users may find it difficult to perform any action like adding a bank account to your Paytm account. 

Adding a bank account to your Paytm is the initial stage for money translations. Without a bank account, you are not supposed to accomplish any payment or receive it. 

But there can be few reasons you unable to add bank account in PhonePe:

  • You cannot link a foreign bank account like a Swiss bank account. 
  • The mobile no. must be in your mobile phone to link accounts. 
  • Doesn’t close the Paytm application while the process is going on. 
  • Use a stable and fast-speed internet connection to add a bank account without any interruption.

Steps To Add A Bank Account In Paytm:

  • Step 1- Open the Paytm application on your smartphone. Search for bank accounts in the search bar given above. 
  • Step 2- Press the bank account option from the search results. 
  • Step 3- Press on the add a bank account. 
  • Step 4- Select your bank name from the list.
  • Step 5- Paytm asks for permission to make some SMS and access contacts. 
  • Step 6- Grant permission to access contacts and send SMS to Paytm. 
  • Step 7- It will automatically detect your bank account linked to your mobile number. Note: Make sure that your mobile no. is in link with your bank account. 
  • Step 8- Press on the bank account to press ok.
  • Step 9- Your bank account will be successfully linked to Paytm. 

By following the steps mentioned above you can successfully link your bank account to your Paytm account.


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