Trust Wallet Token

trust wallet token

Trust Wallet is a mobile application that allows users to store, manage and trade cryptocurrencies. It also offers a number of features to its users like access to web3 decentralized applications (DApps). Moreover, people can also use it for NFTs.

The application supports over 40 blockchains. Moreover, the app also supports up to 160 digital assets. The app also offers people its native, affordable crypto-asset called Trust Wallet Token.

The token offers a range of benefits and incentives to the user using Trust Wallet for crypto exchanges. 

What is Trust Wallet Token?

Trust Wallet Token is a BEP-20 utility token, and its wallet offers support to various native assets besides tokens on Ethereum, TRON & Binance blockchains.

TWT token holders unlock various benefits on trust wallets. Discount is also given on the cryptocurrency purchases made on the app and on the use of the decentralized exchange.

Holders of TWT can also participate in the governance of trust wallets and vote for updated proposals, helping them to shape the app development. 

The token was launched as a BEP-2 asset on Binance Chain initially. Later in 2020, it was relaunched as a BEP-20 token on Binance smart chain. 

Tokenomics of the Trust Wallet Token are as follows:

The supply of TWT is set at 1 billion for now. The circulating supply is one-fourth of this total supply. The distribution of the tokens is as follows:

  • 40% to user acquisition
  • 15% to developers
  • 15% to TWT community
  • 30% to reserve storage

Who are The Founders of Trust Wallet Token?

Viktor Radchenko founded Trust Wallet in the year 2017. California-based Viktor has held development and engineering roles before at many different tech firms. He has also co-founded Trucker Path in 2013. Trucker Path is among the most popular apps for truckers and logistics firms. 

When Viktor found out that the app stores lack open-source wallets for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, he stepped into the crypto wallet industry.

Though Trust wallet was then later acquired by Binance in 2018, Radchenko still works on the application with the Binance team. 

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How Does the Trust Wallet Token Work?

The whole Trust Wallet Token concept revolves around governance-related activities. The TWT holders are allowed to participate in the voting process of making major decisions concerning the Trust Wallet app.

These may be related to upcoming updates, new features, etc. in contrast to other tokens of the cryptocurrency marketplace, TWT does not hold any value outside its ecosystem.

But, inside the Trust Wallet ecosystem, the TWT holders can benefit from a range of discounts offered while buying crypto. 

The Trust Wallet tokens are earned by the users by completing various tasks like quizzes, referral campaigns, trading & staking of cryptos, and other such in-app tasks.

What Makes Trust Wallet Token Unique?

Trust wallet token has been designed to deliver additional value to the users of its app (does not have utility outside the ecosystem of Trust Wallet). 

Despite being a BEP-20 asset, it can be transferred to any wallet that offers support to Binance Smart Chain. 

It confers voting rights and governance over the development of Trust Wallet.

It was among one of the first tokens to get launched on Binance Smart Chain.

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Trust Wallet Token Price Predictions

The Trust Wallet Token is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a leading blockchain network in the world. BSC supports popular Defi wallets & offers low transaction costs with an almost instant transaction speed.

The ecosystem is seeing a rapid expansion with hundreds of tokens running on the network. Its growing popularity among crypto enthusiasts will have a major effect on the price of TWT.

But the factors that determine the price of tokens are quite volatile, so it might be a bit difficult to make an accurate estimate.

The current price of Trust Wallet Token is $0.724973 USD, with a trading volume of $12,921,675 USD in 24 hours. Below, we have gathered some reliable Trust Wallet Token price predictions:

  • WallInInvester prediction for 2021,2023, and 2025- As per their analysis, the price will grow from $0.7208 to $1.610 in a year. This prediction makes TWT a suitable investment, and the long-term earning potential is 123.36%. By the end of 2022, it may reach $1.35966 with a decline to $1.09597.


  • DigitalCoin prediction for 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2025- As per their study, the price will grow in the next five years to $2.9565052 and will continue to grow in 2023-2024. According to this prediction, Trust Wallet Token will prove to be a profitable investment. (
  • Trading Beasts prediction for 2022- According to them, Trust Wallet Token is a good investment. But it may reduce by the end of 2022. 


Great Airdrop for Airdrop Hunters

Trust Wallet Token is the project where airdrop hunters can earn up to 100 TWT tokens with a value of 10USD for completing a few social media tasks such as visiting the Trust Wallet Airdrop page, inputting their phone number, and you will receive a download link through SMS.

Then, download Trust Wallet and open the link to claim your 100 TWT tokens. To be eligible for this airdrop, you must complete all the tasks.

Is Trust Wallet Token A Good Investment? 

Trust Wallet Token is a good enough investment with all the utilities it provides and all the predictions that claim that its prices are going to rise.

The token, though, has minimal utility but it is expected that it’ll develop further. It is a trustable token for assets such as crypto.

This is because its working is similar to the crypto ecosystem with features like swapping, staking, and exchanging. It also works for other projects to further develop their ways. 

With more than 10 million downloads, Trust Wallet has gained momentum, and the utility can change at any time. As per the results of Google, it is clear that Trust Wallet is becoming popular.

Everything looks good when we relate them to Trust Wallet, but we cannot overlook the competitiveness in the crypto wallet market. Considering Trust Wallet as a part of the ecosystem of Binance, it has a significant upside. 

Before proceeding to invest in TWT token, it is better to get connected with the team on Telegram to hit the questions related to the future roadmap and revenue stream.  

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Why Trust Wallet Token not Showing Balance?

You are not able to see the balance in your trust wallet because you have not added a token to your wallet. It may also mean that the token you have brought is not getting support on your wallet.

Whenever someone buys a token on a Trust wallet through a decentralized exchange, the wallet will not show you the balance. Here’s how to solve the issue.

You need to manually add the address of the token on your wallet through the settings page. 

  • Copy the address of your token 
  1. Visit a cryptocurrency tracking site.
  2. Tap on the search icon at the top. And search for the cryptocurrency that you have bought. 
  3. After that, you will be able to see the details.
  4. Within the contracts tab, tap on the duplicate icon for copying the address of your token.
  • Add the token to your wallet 
  1. Open the Trust wallet and tap on the Settings icon at the corner of your screen.
  2. You will land on the ‘Manage page’, and on that, you will see cryptocurrencies that are enabled on your website. 
  3. Paste the address that has been copied from your search bar.
  4. Lastly, tap on the switch to enable the token and tap ‘Done’. 

Finally, you will be able to see your balance!

How to Buy Trust Wallet Token on Binance?

Steps to Buy Trust Wallet Token on Binance:

Step 1: Register on Coinbase and create your account. You’ll also have to finish the KYC process.

Step 2: Add a payment method. 

Step 3: Click on the “Trade” button present in the top left corner.

Step 4: Choose the coin you wish to buy, say Bitcoin, and confirm your transaction.

Step 5: Now, since TWT is an altcoin, Transfer the coins we purchased to  an exchange where we can trade TWT like MXC. So, create an account on MXC. Complete the KYC process to get access to your exchange wallet.

Step 6: In the right side of the screen, find a string of random numbers saying BTC address. This is a unique public address you’ll use to receive coins from others. So copy this address to receive the coins we bought on Coinbase by clicking on “Copy Address.

Step 7: Switch back to Coinbase on your portfolio page, click on Bitcoin from your list of assets and click on “Send.”

Step 8: Paste the address we copied on MXC in the recipient field.

Step 9: Click on “Send.” The transfer will take time as per the traffic on the Bitcoin network. You’ll be notified upon successful transfer.

Step 10: Switch back to MXC, click on “Exchange” and then on “Basic.”

Step 11: Select the BTC tab, and search “TWT” in the search bar present in top right.

Step 12: The search result will show “TWT/BTC.” Select it to view the TWT/BTC price chart in the middle of the page.

Step 13: Find a green button below that says “Buy TWT.” Choose the “market tab” inside the button.

Step 14: Enter the amount of Bitcoin or click on the percentage button to enter the portion of BTC that you wish to exchange for TWT.

Step 15: Click on “Buy TWT.

And you’ve finally bought TWT.

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Trust Wallet Token is one of those utility tokens that offers benefits to Trust Wallet users. Though the value keeps on changing, it has been stated to be a good way to invest money. Performing a thorough search is a must and cannot be overlooked at any cost. It can be purchased from a variety of platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I buy Trust Wallet Token?

It can be purchased and traded from various platforms, including centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

What is the use of Trust Wallet Token?

It is a mobile-based cryptocurrency used for trading, buying and selling NFTs & cryptocurrencies. 

Is Trust Wallet token safe from hackers?

Trust wallet token assures its customers that they employ several security mechanisms for protecting their client’s crypto.