How To Fix “Deep Link Is Not Supported” On Trust Wallet?

How to fix deeplink is not supported on Trust wallet

Trust Wallet is a secure multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum and over 20,000 different Ethereum based tokens.

Trust Wallet also acts as a DApp browser, so you can easily access all the decentralized applications on the platform.

The company has been growing exponentially as it added some features to its app, including ERC20 token support, watch-only accounts, price charts, DApp browser, and many more. 

Trust Wallet is available for mobile devices running iOS or Android. Trust Wallet app is regularly updated every two weeks to add new features, fix issues, or apply security patches.

You can always download the latest version of Trust wallet from their website. With Trust Wallet, you have complete control over your private keys that are only stored on your device. 

As a decentralized application (DApp) browser, Trust enables you to manage all your keys and assets via a single anchor, which also makes it incredibly easy to use and navigate.

The Trust wallet app is available for iOS and Android devices and supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ERC20 tokens, DASH, Litecoin (LTC), and many more. You can download the Trust wallet

Moreover, it allows users to store, send and receive all their favorite digital assets with unparalleled protection from the core. This gives you total control of your assets that are stored offline in a hardware device for security purposes.

Deeplink And Trust Wallet

A deep link and a trusted wallet are two important parts of banking its users. A deep link is used to access the web version of a given app.

The trust wallet team wants their users to have a pleasant banking experience, that’s why they are making every effort to fix the deep link not supported error on trust android wallets. The Trust Wallet app makes it easy to manage hundreds of crypto assets effortlessly. 

It’s easy to back up your wallet with a single mnemonic phrase, but if you lose it, there is no way to recover your funds.

Trust Wallet users can purchase Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens very easily through the app without having to input their private key or worry about the safety of their funds. This is because the private key never leaves their device.

Note: In June 2021, DApp Browser was removed from iOS. It will throw an error with the pop-up “Warning: Deep Link not Supported“.

Step 5 TWIOS

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How To Fix Deep Link Is Not Supported On Trust Wallet?

Many people are reporting a weird error in Trust Wallet “Deep Link is not supported” or “[URL] scheme registered by another application”. We’ll try to clear things up a bit.

Step 1: Visit the official PancakeSwap exchange website (

Step 1 PF

Step 2: Select “Connect Wallet” available in the navigation bar (top right corner of the screen).

Step 2 PF

Step 3: You’ll find a pop-up with the list of crypto wallets that you can connect. Select “WalletConnect.”

Note: you’ll also find an option to connect to Trust Wallet. Do not select that, as that can lead to an error.

Step 3 PF

Step 4: Another pop-up will open after clicking on “Wallet Connect” with a list of all the crypto wallets you can connect to. Find and select “Trust Wallet” for “Trust Browser enable.

Step 4 PF

Step 5: A prompt message will ask whether or not you’d like to open it on the Trust Wallet App. Tap “open.”

Step 6: Find the “Connect” button at the bottom of the resultant page. (If you don’t find the button, force stop the app and start the process from the beginning.)

Step 5 PF

With this click, you’ll have PancakeSwap DApp enabled on your Trust Wallet app. Look at the top right corner of the webpage to check the corresponding Trust Wallet address.

Step 6 PF

Other Possible Fix For “Deep Link Not Supported”

1. Follow The Link From Any Mobile Browser

This will result in the same error message because browsers don’t support deep linking either! If you’re using a mobile browser, you’re going to have this issue.

2. Use Any Bookmark Manager

Because Trust Wallet can’t handle bookmarks, our users often switch to third-party solutions such as Link Bubble or Xposed Bookmark Module. This will result in the same error message too, so don’t bother installing those apps!

3. Use Custom Launchers

This is the only workaround that actually works! Don’t bother trying anything else, Trust Wallet will still give you the same message. Custom launchers allow users to set a custom URL handler for any website they want, not just bookmarks/links.

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Sometimes a deep link may not be supported on a Trust Wallet. For example Telegram, WeChat. In that case, you can use a browser bookmark to open the website and enjoy the experience without any URL link.