Rogers Ignite Modem Lights Meaning: Green, Orange, Blue

Rogers Ignite Modem is the world’s fastest WiFi technology, WiFi 6E.

 It enables multi-Gig speeds and extremely little lag for the most responsive and quick connection possible.

The Rogers Ignite modem includes Ethernet and Coax cable, Ignite WiFi Gateway, Power Cable/Adapter, and Terminating Cap. 

Once the Rogers Ignite modem is installed, you will see a colour flashing on the head of the modem.

The light colours of ignite modem are White, Blue, Orange and Green.

 The lights on the modem represent the equipment’s different functions.

It flashes different colours according to the Rogers Ignite Modem function and connection status.

In this article, we will see the details about colour code and its meaning on Rogers Ignite Modem Lights.

Rogers Ignite Modem Lights Meaning

Roger Ignite Modem

The Colours of Rogers Ignite are White, Green, Blue and Orange.

Each colour has a unique definition, and it will flash on the top of the Rogers Ignite Modem.

Rogers Ignite Modem Lights Meaning

Light is off:  The Ignite WiFi Gateway doesn’t have power. 

Flashes Blue Light The Blue light flashes once it is powered On and turns into white light after a few seconds.

Solid White Light: The modem is Online and provides the Internet.

Flashing White light: The WiFi Gateway is waiting to set up and activate Ignite WiFi gateway. You must install the WiFi hub app and sign in using Your MyRoger username and Password. Following the App instruction to start the Rogers Ignite WiFi gateway.

Flashing Red and Orange Alternatively: If the light flashes alternating Amber and Green, the modem is currently completing a firmware update.

Solid Red Or Orange: The Rogers Ignite WiFi Gateway has lost network connectivity and cannot recover.

Flashing Green: The modem can receive the signal from the Rogers network and is trying to establish a return connection.

Flashing Amber: The modem is trying to receive the signal from the Rogers network.

1. Rogers Ignite Modem Flashing Orange And Green Alternatively

Both the light flashing alternatively means the firmware Update is taking place.

Please be patient and give the modem at least 10 minutes to update and reboot by itself.

2. Rogers Ignite Modem Flashing Blue

Rogers Ignite Modem Flashing blue indicates the Ignite Modem is powered on, and there is no issue with the hardware device.

3. Rogers Ignite Modem Flashing Green 

Flashing Green light indicates, Modem can receive the signal from Rogers but for some reason it unable to connect with the other devices on Network.

  • Force a reboot: First unplug the Ignite WiFi Gateway from power, wait ten seconds, and then plug it back in. Check whether the light changes back to Solid White after at least five minutes.
  • Check Cable Connection: Ensure the coaxial cable connection is free of any unneeded splitters or self-installed amplifiers, and check that both ends are at least finger-tight to the connections. When accessing the Rogers network controllers, these can degrade or block the signal from the gateway.

The error will be fixed if the issue with cable connection. You can access the Internet without issue.

4. Rogers Ignite Modem Flashing Orange

Rogers flashing Amber or Red or Green means The modem cannot receive the signal from the Rogers network, and it keeps searching for the signal

If it flashes Amber or Orange, you can follow the below instructions:

  • You can follow the same steps mentioned above. You need to reboot Rogers Ignite Gateway and Check the cable connections.
  • While checking the connections, also check the Ethernet connections devices and the Gateway.
  • In addition to the above steps, Reset the WiFi or Internet connection in your device and restart it.

Now, you can see the white light flashing and access the network.

Each colour has a function, and Rogers Ignite differs from the global modem colour codes.

With this knowledge, you can quickly identify the issue and fix minor problems without an expert hand.

But, if any light patterns continue for a more extended period, you can get assistance from Technical Support.