How To Fix Streamlabs Alerts Not Working

Streamlabs alerts are an essential part of live streaming.

These alerts provide real-time notifications to the streamer and their viewers when specific events occur, such as a new follower, subscriber, donation, or a host of other interactions.

Not only do they keep the streamer updated on these events, but they also add an interactive element to the stream, making the viewers feel more connected and engaged.

However, sometimes these alerts may not function as expected.

The reasons can range from audio and visual issues to platform-specific restrictions.

But no worry! Here we will walk you through some common issues that may affect your Streamlabs alerts and how you can address them.

How To Fix Streamlabs Alerts Not Working?

Here are the detailed steps to fix common issues with Streamlabs alerts:

Streamlabs Alerts

1. Audio Issues

Sometimes, the issue might be as simple as your alert sounds being muted.

  • Ensure Alert Sounds are not Muted: Go to your ‘Recent Events’ list in Streamlabs Dashboard. Ensure the speaker icon at the top right is not crossed out.
  • Configure Audio Settings: In Streamlabs Desktop, click on the gear icon next to your Mixer to launch ‘Advanced Audio Settings’. Choose ‘Monitor Only (Mute Output)’.

2. Visual Issues

  • Adjust Layering of Sources: Streaming software (like OBS or Streamlabs Desktop) uses a layering system for sources. Ensure your alert box source is above the other sources in the list.
  • Toggle Browser Source Hardware Acceleration: In Streamlabs Desktop, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced’ > ‘Sources’ > ‘Enable Browser Source Hardware Acceleration’. Then restart Streamlabs Desktop.

3. Alert Configuration

  • Check Alert Moderation Delay: In Streamlabs Desktop, right-click your alert box > ‘Properties’ > ‘Moderator Tools’. Ensure ‘Unlimited Alert Moderation Delay’ is turned off.
  • Verify Alert Variations: In Streamlabs Desktop, right-click the Alert Box > ‘Properties’. Use the ‘+’ sign to uncollapse your variations. Disable misconfigured alert variations.
  • Check Custom HTML/CSS: If you’re using custom CSS/HTML, ensure it’s correctly implemented. If not, turn off the ‘Custom HTML/CSS’ option in the settings of your alert or widget source.

4. Widget Theme

The wrong widget theme could also be a reason for your alerts not working.

  • In > Alert Box > Widget Themes, verify the correct widget theme is selected for your scene collection.

5. Alert Animations

Make sure an animation is set for both “Show” and “Hide” to prevent an alert from getting stuck.

You can check this in Streamlabs Desktop or on under the animation settings for your alerts.

6. Alert Duration

Verify the alert duration is set correctly. If it’s too short, the alert might not show up for as long as you’d like.

Adjust the duration in the alert settings on Streamlabs Desktop or

7. Platform-Specific Issues

  1. Twitch: Twitch has a unique feature for resubscriptions (people who are subscribing to your channel for the second month or more). When someone resubscribes, they’re given the option to share a message in chat to announce their resub. However, if they choose not to share this message, the resub alert won’t be sent to Streamlabs, and therefore, won’t appear on your stream. If you’re noticing that resub alerts aren’t appearing as expected, you may want to remind your viewers to share their resubscriptions in chat.
  2. YouTube: There are a couple of issues specific to YouTube.
    • Privacy Settings: YouTube allows its users to hide their subscriptions. If a user who has this privacy setting enabled subscribes to your channel, the alert won’t be sent to Streamlabs, and therefore, won’t appear on your stream. There’s no workaround for this; it’s dependent on the privacy settings of your viewers.
    • Subscriber Alert Delays: YouTube also has built-in delays for subscriber alerts. Sometimes, it can take up to 4 hours for a subscription alert to appear. This is something controlled by YouTube and isn’t something that Streamlabs can expedite.
  3. Facebook: Facebook has specific privacy settings that can impact whether an alert is triggered. If a user’s Facebook sharing settings are set to private, their interactions (like following or liking your stream) may not trigger an alert in Streamlabs. As with YouTube, this is dependent on the privacy settings of your viewers and isn’t something you can directly control.

8. Other Solutions

  • Refresh Browser Source: Delete all of your widget sources and re-add them.
  • Relink Account: Log out of Streamlabs Desktop and, then log back in.
  • Check Firewall/Antivirus Software: Ensure your streaming software is allowed through your firewall/antivirus software.
  • Check Date & Time Settings: Ensure your computer’s date/time settings are correct.
  • Clear Cache Files: Clear your cache files in your streaming software and restart it.

If you still have issues after following these steps, consider reaching out to Streamlabs support for further assistance.