LG Subwoofer Blinking Green? Reasons, Troubleshooting Steps & Fixes

If you own an LG subwoofer for your home theatre, you’ve probably noticed that the green light keeps flashing. Have you ever wondered why it flashes green?

It is common for the LG subwoofer to blink green; it could turn solid green after some time.

However, if it blinks for an extended period, it is an indication that there is a problem with the connection. In this article, you’ll learn why your LG subwoofer is glowing green and how to fix it.

Lets deep dive into the article.

Why LG Subwoofer Blinking Green?

The LG Subwoofer rapidly blinks green as it looks for a soundbar to pair with it.

When you turn on the home theatre, the LG Subwoofer will be associated with the soundbar.

Eventually, the green signal will turn solid. Doesn’t it appear natural?

You need to come up with a fix if it blinks nonstop. The green blinking is occurring for the following reasons:

  • Unable to find the soundbar: The gadget may be turned off, too far away to connect, or there may be interference with the wireless signal, or the pairing mode is inactive.
  • The Bluetooth connection is active; the signal length is too short compared to a wireless signal.
  • A problem with the software.

How To Fix LG Subwoofer Blinking Green?

Most fixes are quick and easy, while some may need additional research. Let’s learn about the LG Subwoofer!

  • Unplug and restart it.
  • Switch on pairing mode.
  • Consider lowering the volume.
  • Resetting the LG wireless subwoofer.
  • Wireless Disturbance.
  • Factory resetting.

1. Unplug And Restart It

Unplugging and replugging is one of the standard troubleshooting techniques. This eliminates any power hiccups or difficulties within the gadget..

  • Turn off both devices and unplug the power card.
  • Wait until the lights are completely off and re-plug the power cord.
  • Turn on the LG subwoofer first, then the soundbar.

Wait for 2 minutes and check if the issue has been resolved. Else, try the following one by one.

2. Enabling Pairing Mode

If the pairing mode on the subwoofer is not activated, it will not connect to the soundbar.

  • Turn both devices off. Switch on the soundbar.
  • Click the function button on the remote to activate the pairing mode.
  • Switch on the woofer to confirm that they are connected.

3. Try Turning The Volume Down

Reducing the volume can occasionally fix the connection problem between the soundbar and the LG Woofer.

4. Resetting LG Wireless Subwoofer

  • Press and hold the reset button on the back of the woofer for 5 seconds.
  • Unplug and plug both
  • Pair them after the woofer is powered on.

5. Wireless Interference

Try connecting after turning off all adjacent Wi-Fi-capable computers, modems, and cell phones since other signals can overlap.4

6. Factory Reset

  • Reconnect the sub and the bar and wait for the green light to blink.
  • Press the soundbar’s square button and the remote’s mute button simultaneously.
  • The reset procedure will be initiated automatically, and the settings will be restored to their defaultl state.
  • Activate pairing mode, and it will connect automatically. If the problem persists, repeat the procedure.

If you still can’t connect to the sound bar, a firmware upgrade may be necessary, or you may be experiencing some other complicated issue.

You must contact the service provider. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful day.