IPhone Clipboard History

iphone clipboard history

A clipboard is a temporary space present on your mobile phones, tablets, or computers that stores temporarily cut or copied data that is to be pasted to another location.

For example, while writing an article, you want to cut a sentence from the first paragraph and paste it into the last paragraph.

While you select the sentence that is to be cut, it gets temporarily stored in the clipboard until you paste it at the desired location. It is also known as pasteboard.

The iPhone has a clipboard that, just like any other clipboard, gives you the benefit of cutting, copying, and pasting data from one location to another.

It is a virtual space that cannot be seen or accessed, and its content cannot be edited. 

Whenever you copy or cut any data, it is only there until you paste it, and then it automatically gets deleted. iPhone doesn’t provide any application or a method through which the clipboard history can be accessed or edited.

But there are some tricks that can be used for the same and about which we will discuss in detail.

Does The IPhone Have A Clipboard History?

Yes, the iPhone Have A Clipboard History as the function of the clipboard is to temporarily store the data that is cut or copied from one location and is pasted to another location, it should have a history, even if it is temporary.

But unfortunately, there is no such way provided by the iPhone itself to access the history. Third-party applications can be used to do the same.

How To Find IPhone Clipboard History Using Notes Application?

Steps To Find iPhone Clipboard History Using Notes Application:

Step 1: Find Notes App On Your IPhone

Search and find the notes application on your phone. Open it.

Step 2: Paste Whatever Is Copied

Tap and hold to select an area and paste whatever you had copied earlier. You need to do this every time you copy or cut any data from any location.

This lets you keep track of the things that you have copied and lets you create a clipboard history in the notes yourself.

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How To Find IPhone Clipboard History Using Clipboard++ App?

Steps To Find iPhone Clipboard History Using Clipboard++ App:

Step 1: Open Your App Store And Find Clipboard ++ App


Download and install the Clipboard++ app.

Step 2: Copy Your Data Normally As You Do

Copy or cut any data, text, link, etc., that you desire. 

Step3 : Open Clipboard++ App

Open the Clipboard++ app, and automatically, the copied data will be saved there, and it will act as your iPhone clipboard history.

Therefore, these third-party applications save your time from pasting the data in notes every time you copy it to keep track of your clipboard history as it easily stores the copied data without any hassle and hindrances.

There are many more apps that you can use to access the clipboard history on your iPhone. For example; 

  • The Anybuffer Clipboard
  • The Snip note Clipboard
  • The Clipboard Manager
  • The Copy Clipboard
  • The Paste Clipboard

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How To Delete IPhone Clipboard History?

Steps To Delete iPhone Clipboard History:

Step 1: Open Any App That Has Text Input Field

Open any app with text input fields like messages, notes, etc.

Step 2: Enter Blank Spaces And Copy It

After opening notes, type one or two blank spaces using the spacebar. Tap and hold on to the spaces and select a copy.

And all your saved data gets deleted as the clipboard only saves a single item until it is pasted.

How To Check And Confirm The Clipboard Is Empty?

You can confirm whether, after performing the above method, your clipboard is actually empty or not. And for doing the same, follow these steps:

Steps Check And Confirm The Clipboard Is Empty:

Step 1: Open Notes Or Messages

Again open any app with the text input field. 

Step 2: Tap And Hold On Any Area

Tap and hold on to any area and select paste. As a result, nothing will be pasted, which will automatically prove that your clipboard history has been deleted successfully.

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Just like any other mobile phone, the iPhone does have a clipboard that is an in-built and virtual temporary storage location.

This clipboard stores a single item at a time. Whenever you cut or copy any data from any location, it automatically gets saved in a clipboard until you paste it anywhere else.

But there is no direct access to this clipboard on an iPhone, so either you can use notes as your personal and manual clipboard history manager,

Or you can use third-party applications like clipboard++ that automatically save the history.