How To Update IPhone Without WiFi?

update iphone without wifi

Apple.Inc launches newly enhanced and improved versions of iOS every year. Currently, the iOS version of 15 is predominately being used in almost more than seventy-five percent of iPhones.

If you need to take an immediate update, you can always opt for another way to update your iPhone. However, it is recommended by Apple.

Inc to use wifi to take the software update mainly because of the huge size of the latest iOS version.

In case you have access to a good and reliable cellular network, then you are well equipped to take an update over the cellular network.

By either attaching your iPhone with a USB cable connected via iTunes running on your Windows PC or MacBook or download an iOS tool that will simplify your process to take an update. 

Can You Update IPhone Without Wifi? 

Yes, you can update your iPhone without even using wifi.  You may not always have access to download and install iOS updates over wifi due to some reasons.

What you can do is you can either your hotspot from another device (do ask permission before using it), use iTunes or other iOS tools, and most importantly,

You can simply take the update over your cellular network. 

A point of fact that needs to be kept in mind if you opt for a cellular network is that you must have tons of data. Not a drum of tons; in plainer terms, data must be enough for the update. 

You can update certain iPhone models over the cellular network without any hurdles or download errors. The iPhone models are:

  • iPhone 12.
  • iPhone 12 mini.
  • iPhone Pro Max. 
  • iPhone Pro.

A major requirement you need to fulfil is the availability of a 5G mobile network. You can carry out the update process with a 4G LTE network. However,

After some time, your internet would be slow, and therefore your update might lag, and eventually, your iPhone would not be updated over the cellular network.

In case you are an iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 user, Apple might not allow you to update your device to the newest iOS versions, also iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.

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Your device would show an error while you try to update your iPhone over the mobile network as neither iPhone 6 nor iPhone 7 models fulfill the hardware requirements for the update.

How To Update IPhone Without WiFi? 

Method 1: Use A Personal Hotspot

Steps To Update iPhone Without Wifi Using Personal Hotspot:

Step 1: Launch Settings 

Firstly, open your MacBook or your PC and look for Settings. Launch Settings from the home screen.

Step 2: Click On Network & Internet 

Secondly, after you have launched settings, from the main settings page, click on the option Network and Internet. 

Step 3: Tap On Cellular 

Thirdly, from the network and internet list, tap on the third option, which is Cellular data on your PC or MacBook. 

Step 4: Turn On Personal Hotspot 

Next, you can turn on the personal hotspot. If you are using a laptop, you can directly click on ‘Mobile Hotspot’ from the Settings page. 

Step 5: Open Your Iphone 

Subsequently, unlock your iPhone and open it and click on the settings icon. And tap on the wifi option given on the settings page. 

Step 6: Connect To A Network

Once done, you can choose a network from the list that is being shown. Select the network or WLAN you have created from your other device(laptop, MacBook, PC).

Step 7: Update Your Software 

After you have connected your iPhone to the hotspot, you need to go back to Settings on your iPhone and click on the General option and select ‘Software Update.’

Check if you have any updates, and then scroll down and look for the option “Download and Install.” 

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Method 2: Use ITunes

 If the above steps do not work, you can follow another set of steps that can help you update your iPhone without the wifi. They are: 

Steps To Update iPhone Without Wifi by using iTunes:

Step 1: Open Your Laptop Or PC 

To carry out the update process, you need to open your laptop or PC by turning them on. 

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Step 2: Launch ITunes On Your PC

Next, look for iTunes on your MacBook or PC and launch iTunes. You can easily install iTunes from the Microsoft store if you are using Windows 10.  

Step 3: Connect Using A USB Adapter Or Cable. 

After you have turned on your Windows PC or laptop, connect your iPhone and Windows PC with the help of a Universal Serial Bus cable or a USB adapter.

Step 4: Select The Summary Option 

From your Windows PC or MacBook, check out the panel on the left side. Under the Settings heading, click on the option termed ‘Summary.’

Step 5: Look For Software Updates

Subsequently, now look for software updates from the screen. If you have any updates, select the ‘Check for Update’ option. 

Note: Make Sure you have installed iTunes on your Windows PC/MacBook, and it is of the latest version. 

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 Method 3: Use A Third Party Application

 In case you may want to downgrade your iOS version, you can similarly try another iOS tool. Here we will talk about iMaster,

A free iOS tool that allows you to update/downgrade your current iOS version. You can follow the given steps: – 

Steps To Update iPhone Without Wifi Using Third Party Application:

Step 1: Download Imaster On Your Macbook/Pc 

From your display screen, go to any browser(Safari, Chrome) and, type iMaster, click on the most suitable link.

Or you can directly go to the official link which will direct you to download the tool most reliably.

Step 2: Use Your USB Cable To Attach 

Next, take your USB cable and connect it to your PC or MacBook. You will be able to see that iMaster has distinguished the cable that has been attached. 

Step 3: Choose Upgrade IOS 

Once done following the second step, you will see it on the right side of your display screen three options. Choose your desired option.

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If you want to majorly update, then click on the first option, i.e., “Upgrade iOS.” 

Step 4: Click On Next 

Subsequently, after you have chosen the option, you will see a page with the details like Firmware Version, File Name, and File Size.

Look below on the right side. You will see the Next tab. Click on it.  

Step 5: Click On Start To Upgrade 

Lastly, click on the Start button to upgrade your software. You need to wait for a couple of minutes then you are good to go with the latest iOS version that has been downloaded. You will get the confirmation notification.

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By now, you must know that there are quite many ways how you could update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS. 

You can manually carry out the process without using iTunes, Windows PC, MacBook, USB adapters and Cables,

Or other third-party applications by just fixing an advanced date and time in your iPhone settings and using your cellular data for the Software updates. 

You would be unsuccessful while you try to update your iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models as they are not granted the status of being updated to an enhanced version of iOS by Apple.Inc.

Visit the link given below that gives you a detailed perspective of why your updates are showing an error or why you are not able to take an update after trying a handful of

different procedures., if you have a severe issue with your iPhone updates,

you can always chat with Apple support They would surely resolve your issue and clear your doubts.

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