How Long Does The IPhone IOS Update Take?

how long does iphone iOS update take

There are more than a billion iPhone users all around the world. iPhone users are quite well aware that Apple launches software updates every year. 

Software updates pave the way for your iPhone to stay well up to date and fix all the bugs in your previous iOS version and bring forth new and improved features and utilities.

However, several users have queries regarding the iOS updates. They are unsure if they should take an update, most importantly,

how long it takes for a software update and why it is their Update is taking so much time. 

Don’t worry. We got you. This post will answer your queries and doubts related to iOS updates. 

How Long Does The IPhone IOS Update Take? 

In general, an iPhone can take upto 30 minutes or more to get an iOS update. Depending on the iOS version size, the update time is determined. 

For instance, iOS 13 and iOS 14 take roughly around 10-20 minutes to fully install and set the Update on iPhone, whereas the latest iOS version update takes up to 30-40 minutes to be set. 

This is because the newer versions have more in-built features and security utilities (they are bigger), so they take more time to take an update.

There is a possibility your iPhone might take more than 1 hour. This may be due to poor internet connection and low storage space. 

How Long Does IOS Take To Prepare An Update?

It takes almost 30-40 minutes for your iPhone to prepare for an update. 

Now preparing an iOS update on your Apple device depends on a couple of factors such as:- 

  •  iOS update version – The newer the Update, the more storage capacity it would consume. In general, iOS 15 takes up to roughly around 10-15 minutes for installation. On the other hand, iOS 14 takes 8-10 minutes for the same.
  • iOS device version – One thing you should be familiar with is that if you are using an older model of iPhone/iPad, the software update will take less time. Within 20 minutes, everything must be done. 
  • And if you have the latest model of iPhone/iPad, it would take more time when compared to the older model of iPhone.
  • Your internet connection will mostly determine the ‘time consumption’ factor for your Update. The slower the internet connection, the more the time will be taken for the Update to complete and vice versa. 

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What To Do If Your IPhone IOS Is Taking Too Long To Update? 

You can check or verify the apps and systems that have a direct impact on your Update. This is what you can do:- 

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The prime reason why your iPhone is taking too long to update is that your internet connection is slow. We recommend you use a wifi connection whenever you take a software update.  

If there is an urgent need to download and install an update and you don’t have access to your wifi, connect your device to the internet via taking a hotspot from someone else

OR connect your iPhone with your MacBook/PC with a USB cable. 

Fix 2: Device Storage

The latest version of the iOS update takes up around 2-3 GB of storage space. Have you cleared cache, junk files and cookies before taking the Update? 

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If not so, stop the Update and clean all the junk files, stored cookies and browsing history from your device and delete unused apps and photos that you don’t need. 

Fix 3: Close The Background Running Apps 

The background running apps often slow the update process. You can go to settings and tap on general, and select “Background App Refresh” and you can turn off the apps you want to close. 

It is better if you turn off all the background running apps for a while, while you take the Update.

 Fix 4: Reconnect Your USB Cable 

In case you are taking a software update via iTunes or iMaster, make sure your cable is properly connected to your Laptop/MacBook. 

Fix 5: Reboot Your IPhone 

 Rebooting your phone is crucial in every mobile phone when it comes to sudden glitches or other system issues, be it in Android or iOS. 

You can close the update process and tap on the start, and volume buttons are present on both sides of your iPhone for rebooting the iPhone.

Why Is My IOS Update Taking So Long? 

There are several reasons why your device takes so long to download an iOS update. Some of these are as follows:

  • Firstly, your device has low storage to download the new iOS features and utilities. 
  • Secondly, every software update needs a fast internet connection. The slower the internet speed, the slower is your iOS update.
  • Thirdly, if you are taking an update via MacBook or your PC, you may have your cable/wire loosely connected to your iPhone.
  • The next reason might be that while you are taking the iOS update, other apps are downloading too. Make sure you do not download or install other apps while you are taking the Update. 
  • Lastly, it can be due to technical glitches or malware software in your Apple device that is not allowing the iOS update to take place. 

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How Can You Speed Up Your IOS Update? 

There are a couple of ways you can speed up your iOS update. Here is what you can do before taking an update: 

1. Background App Refresh 

Background running apps collect, track and preload all the updates, notifications and information of the apps and system.

They are like the back-office operations that are working hard to get everything going right in the front office. 

You can turn off the background app refresh by going to Settings from your home screen, scrolling down for a while and clicking on the option ‘General’.

Select the option “Background App Refresh” from here. You choose which app you want to close.

2. Recently Deleted Photos 

You may have deleted your photos from your gallery on your iOS device. However, they are not permanently deleted. They are stored within the folder named “Recently Deleted”.

You can clear up the stored photos within the album by going to your Photos and clicking on the Album option. Scrolling down for a while, you will be able to see the heading

‘Recently Deleted’. Tap on it and select the (all) photos to delete them permanently.

3. Remove Widget 

Widgets allow you to access information or know about certain topics or events. They are present on your home screen.

You may not need all the widgets on your home screen. All these widgets take up a per cent of your storage capacity and battery. 

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You can remove widgets to speed up your iOS update by – going to the home screen and selecting the widget you want to remove.

Make sure you give a long press(or hold) on the widget. Click on the option ” Remove”.

4. Turn Off Your Mail 

When you are connected to the internet, definitely your Gmail account would be fetching the new mails that have been sent from others.

This again lowers your device capacity and thereby lowers the pace of your iOS update. 

You can turn off your Mails by opening your Gmail account from your home screen. Select the three horizontal bars on the left side.

Scroll down the options list to “Settings”. Choose(if you use more than one Gmail account) the account, and uncheck Notifications.

If you want to completely turn off your Gmail notifications, you can do that by going t the general Settings from your phone and simply toggle ‘Mail’.

5. Fast Internet Connection 

if you don’t have enough data for your iOS update, then either you can recharge your current data plan or take someone else’s wifi or hotspot connection

with their permission if you need to urgently download and install your iOS update.

Why Is Your Iphone So Slow After The Latest Update? 

Your iPhone may work slow even after the latest Update.

There are a few reasons why your iPhone is working so slow after you have taken the latest iOS version update. The reasons can be:

1. Low Storage Space 

A major fact is that most of us are familiar with it, updates need storage space, and every Update comes with features, an additional app and many more.

You may have cleared your cache and junk files before an update. However, the new Update takes up extra storage space. The background running software has made your iPhone so laggy. 

2. Old Battery 

When you have a one- or two-years older version of the iPhone, your battery would not be able to take up the load of the new iOS update, which decreases the battery’s capacity.

Thereby making your device’s performance slower.

3. Background Running Apps

While you have taken the latest Update, your other apps get downloaded or updated too. And also, you have not closed the background running apps. 

If you are uncertain what background running apps are, they are the apps that you have previously used, and when you don’t close them, they stay open. 

4. Piled Up Browsing History 

Your internet browsing history and data are stored in your web browsers. Thereby the stored cookies, history, and data have a direct impact on the working of your iPhone.

5. An Old Model 

You must be wondering that maybe updates are made to make your current devices go outdated. Not really;

The main intention of a software update is to increase the efficiency and operations of your current iOS version. 

An old model might lag and be slower after the latest Update because the phone lacks the hardware requirements. 

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Does Updating IOS Make The Phone Slower? 

No, updating to the new iOS version will not make the phone slower. The performance of your phone drains because of your drained battery, not because of the software update. 

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Primarily, when an older model of iPhone/iPad takes up the latest iOS update, it drains the battery as your older iPhone/iPad model lacks the hardware

Requirements for the new and improved iOS Update. 

Therefore, the older battery can not take up the pressure, which directly leaves an impact on your phone. 

If an update has made your phone’s overall performance slower, you can replace the battery(authentic battery from an authentic/certified store).  

Is It Good To Update IOS? 

Yes, it is good to update your iOS device. 

Every iOS update is very crucial for your device:-

  • They fix the bugs prevailing in your older iOS version. 
  • To keep up with the new features.
  • For a better function and performance for your device. 
  • Security bugs are fixed and enhanced. 
  • System Utilities for the overall performance of your device. 
  • With overall performance, it increases the ability and efficiency of your iOS device. 

In addition, updates for Apple’s devices are a key factor for Apple’s stance in the market. Apple is concerned about its users to make sure that they have taken regular updates on their devices.

As a result, this will give all the iOS devices, be it the latest model of iPhone, iPad or an older version, an edge over the other devices (Android, Windows) in the market.

New IPhone Taking Forever To Update 

Your iPhone might take a very long time to update, which might seem forever to you. This is majorly due to:

  • With your slow internet speed, you cannot always blame the iOS version that you are updating when you have a slow internet connection.
  • If you are taking the Update via mobile data, then make sure you have enough data for the Update. Slow wifi? Wait for a while so that your wifi speed is restored. 
  • You have not cleared your iPhone. Every software update needs storage space as it contains new features and system utilities. 
  • So before downloading and installing the Update, make sure you have cleaned your junk files, cookies and browsing data.
  • Another reason why your iPhone is taking forever to update is that you may have some severe system issues.
  • Reboot your iPhone, reset your Settings or launch the AnyFix application for iOS system recovery on your other device (MacBook or PC).

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It can takes upto 30mins or more for the software update to be downloaded and installed on your iPhone. Your iPhone might take a long time to update,

Mostly because you have low storage space, unstable internet connection or other severe issues. 

There is no intention to make your iPhone work slower or to make your device obsolete with every new iOS update.

You can just get a battery replacement if you are using an older model of iPhone, this will neither make your iPhone work slower, nor your iPhone will go obsolete. 

For more information, you can contact apple support at or visit

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