Home Xbox Vs Xbox

home xbox vs xbox

Xbox is a popular video gaming brand created by Microsoft. The brand was launched in 2011 with the launch of its original Xbox console.

The brand is famous and in talk among the youngsters. Xbox is the most popularly known for its gaming consoles.  

Home Xbox Vs Xbox

The major difference between the Xbox and Home Xbox is that you have to set your Xbox as your home Xbox to avail of some extra features. 

If you set your Xbox as your home Xbox, then it allows access to your friends and family to play games and content on your Xbox even when you are not signed in.

Your Xbox set as the home Xbox allows you to play the games on your home Xbox offline. You can also share your Xbox Gold live subscription through Home Xbox.

If a new account is added to your console and is not set to Lock it down, that account will automatically be set as the home Xbox.

You can choose the most frequently used account to be your home Xbox which would prevent all the hassle of logging in again and again. 

Does It Matter Which Xbox Is The Home Xbox?

No. It does not matter which Xbox is the home Xbox. Although, the first account that you log in to your new Xbox becomes the home Xbox by default.

But you can choose to change your home Xbox account to the account that you frequently use. 

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Can Two Profiles Have The Same Home Xbox?

No. You can have only one account on the home Xbox console. Although, there can be the same account on different consoles.

But only one Xbox console can be set as the Home console. Rest Xboxes can share the subscriptions, games, and content via the home Xbox. 

How To Know Which Is The Home Xbox?

If you want to know which Xbox is set as your home Xbox or you want to change the home Xbox, you can follow the given steps:

Steps To Know Which Is The Home Xbox:

Step 1: Press the Xbox button on your controller and A guide will open.

Step 2: Hit the profile and system option. 

Step 3: Click on settings. 

Step 4: Under settings, go to general.

Step 5: Hit the personalization option. 

Step 6: Select My home Xbox. 

Here you can see the already set home Xbox, or you can set and remove the home Xbox from here. 

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How Many Home Consoles Can You Have?

You can have only one Xbox as the home console or the home Xbox. The other attached Xbox can share the benefits of this home console.

The shared benefits include subscriptions, purchased content, and games. There can only be one home console that connects the other with itself. 


Home Xbox has become quite popular due to its great features. This allows you to play games even if you are offline.

They allow your connected family or friends to play with the shared benefits like subscriptions even when you are offline. 

We hope we were able to solve your queries related to Xbox and how home Xbox works in connecting you to your friends and family through a network.