How To Use Meesho App?

How to use Meesho App

The Meesho App is simple and straightforward to use. To make money, all you have to do is establish social media interaction to encourage online reselling and buying of things.

Meesho has the advantage of allowing you to work from the convenience of your own home. You may sell Meesho products on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

How To Use Meesho App?

Do you wish to work for Meesho online? Here’s how to use the Meesho App step-by-step..

  1. Install Meesho App: You can get the Meesho App from the Google Play Store. You only need to choose and tap on the Meesho icon if you already have the app installed on your phone.
  1. Sign up with Meesho: After you launch the Meesho App, go through the sign-up process. You will not be charged anything for signing up.
  1. Click on Continue: You must input your mobile number after you have completed the sign-up process. On your phone, you will see a six-digit number code. Enter the six-digit numeric code found on the box to verify your device. By just choosing “Continue,” you can now utilise the Meesho app.
  1. Watch free video: To understand the criteria of doing business with Meesho, the best place to start is with the free Meesho video. To begin watching the video, press the play button. There are several language options for the video. Make the appropriate selection.
  1. Select your preferred language: Meesho videos are available in a variety of languages. Choose the language in which you feel most at ease. By selecting the language in which you want to see the video. If you’re an experienced player who understands the procedures of Meesho, you can skip the videos and go straight to the next step. To pass over the video, press the skip button.
  1. Update the following information in your profile:To use Meesho, you will need to provide certain information such as your age, gender, and occupation. Make the necessary changes to your information.
  1. Gender Information Should Be Updated:To continue, select Male or Female as your Gender.
  1. Details about the occupation:Make sure your occupation information is correct. Select your preferred option and then click ‘Continue.’
  1. Permission Access: You must provide Meesho permission access in order for the app to work properly on your phone. Meesho requires phone storage rights in order to share catalogues and contacts, as well as the ability to save Meesho’s helpline number on your phone. Then select ‘Continue.’
  1. Select ‘For You’ from the drop-down menu.To receive all the possibilities related to buying or selling , or any sale offers, select the option ‘For You.’
  1. Find the product: Look for your ideal goods, such as sarees or kurtis, to sell to your consumers..
  1. Click on Collections: When you select the option ‘Collections,’ the store will display all of the collections available to you. You have the option of selecting your favourite products from a large range.
  1. Click on Orders: To view the products on your order list, simply click on orders. It will provide a list of all orders, including those that have been sent, delivered or cancelled, and those that have been exchanged. You can see every aspect of your order history.
  1. Click on Learn: There are numerous tutorials in the Learn section on topics such as “how to earn profit in Meesho,” “what is reselling in Meesho,” and “how to get margin by placing an order.” On Meesho, you’ll find a plethora of similar videos. After watching all of the videos, you will receive a Meesho certificate. To watch your desired videos, select your favourite language option.
  1. Select Must see: When you press the “Learn” icon on your screen, you’ll be presented with a variety of learning alternatives as well as a large number of Meesho videos to choose from. To see the video, simply click on it. Choose from English, Hindi, or any other vernacular language as your preferred language. The films will clearly explain everything and make it easy for you to grasp any topic.
  1. Other videos on Meesho: These video series will go through all of the prerequisites you need to know in order to generate money using Meesho App. To clear up any doubts, watch the video below.

Meesho is a standout app for reselling social media activities. For its competence in online resale services, the social commerce behemoth has garnered numerous awards. It also aids in the connection of suppliers, making it an ideal alternative for people looking to work from home.

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How To Use Meesho App To Earn Money?

Earning with Meesho is simple. It is one of the most reliable online platforms and most valued reselling app out there. It uses social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc for online reselling of its products. Here are the steps to guide you to earn with Meesho.

  • You can make good money by reselling products with the Meesho App.
  • Make sure to learn with Meesho, an online shopping platform for retailers, small businesses and consumers alike.
  • Meesho is a highly recommended app for reselling products. It allows you to earn better and bigger margins on every sale. 

Follow the below given steps to earn with Meesho App:

  1. Find the Meesho App: Find the Meesho App on your smartphone. Press the Meesho icon and open the app. You will reach the Home page.
  1. Look for the product: Look for the product of your desire. Go to Collections and find many options to choose from. Select the product and you will see the starting prices of each product.
  1. Share on WhatsApp: Once you have got the product of your choice, share the product details on whatsApp by clicking on the option “Share on WhatsApp.” You can even share the product on Facebook or Instagram by pressing on “Share on others.”
  1. Contact Details: Once you’ve chosen the product, you can share it with the person or in any group of your choice. Select the contact details and press the right arrow enclosed in the green circle.
  1. Add the product to the cart: Add the product to the cart by clicking on the option “Add to Cart.” Now, the product gets added to the cart. Your cart will have all the selected products.
  1. Size and Quantity: Select the product size, quantity and then tap on “Continue” to move ahead.
  1. Locate the product in the cart: Your cart will show the count of products added. The count will increase as you add more products to your cart.
  2. Find the payment option: Select your payment method, COD or online payment as per your choice.
  • For the Cash on Delivery payment method, the payment will be done after the product gets delivered.
  • For online modes of payment, you have to pay while placing your order.
  1. Check the order Total: Before going any further, look for all the details like order total, product details, supplier name, etc.
  2. Add the Margin Amount: Add the margin or profit amount to the product cost. So, the actual product price for your customer includes your profit share as well. Enter the final amount in the option.
  3. Check the final price: Make sure the final price of your product includes your profit margin as well. This is your fair share of earnings with Meesho.
  4. Check Order details: Verify the order details and click on “Proceed.” Here, you can check all the product details like supplier info, payment method, product quantity, etc.
  5. Select Shipping Address: Enter the customer shipping address. You can easily find the shipping address by entering past customer details. You can edit the address as well.
  6. Click on Proceed: Click on ‘Proceed’ to verify the address. In the next step, you will have the option to add a new address of delivery as well.
  7. Enter your details: Enter full customer details like Name, Email, and State of your customer. These details are necessary to generate invoices and receive other Meesho updates.
  8. Click on Submit: Press the ‘Submit and Proceed” icon on your screen after completing the above given steps. 

These simple steps will help you earn like anything with Meesho. Meesho is a great platform to make good money and even make a few extra bucks from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy using and earning with Meesho.

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How To Use Meesho App For Business?

Meesho is the #1 app for online reselling in India. The platform provides you the freedom to launch your own online business with zero investment. You heard it right! All you need is a smartphone and a few hours a day to start your business with the Meesho App.

Meesho offers a wide variety of products for its users. You can select and create your own product list and resell online through social media channels. 

Wonder how I can make a profit out of it? Well, you need to add a profit margin before quoting the final price to your customer. It’s much like the old traditional way of reselling business where you don’t need to buy and store stocks.

Here is a 3-step guide on how to resell and make business on Meesho.

  1. Browse: Install Meesho App & complete the sign up process with your phone number. Look for the popular wholesale products (e.g. Kurtis, surat sarees). You will also get regular updates about the arrival of new products (e.g. jewelry, beauty products). Relax, you will receive all the pictures and catalog details as well.
  1. Share: Share these product catalogs among your friends and family or your customer network. You can spread the word through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and a few more social channels. 

NOTE: Selling on Facebook and WhatsApp has been made easy with Meesho’s One-click share option.

  1. Earn: After you receive an order request, collect your payment from the customer. Then, place the order with Meesho by keeping a profit margin on every sale. Place more orders to enjoy weekly cash bonus rewards. 

Resell With Meesho And Make A Profitable Business

Browse the products on the Meesho app and share them with your friends and community. Place an order for them and grab your share of profit margin. As simple as that! You really don’t need to care about the return, delivery, or your profit share. Meesho takes care of it all.

Earning from your home is made so easy with the Meesho app. Here are some simple online business ideas to help you make easy money starting from today.

  • Online Personal Stylist: 

Do you have a creative bent for fashion? Are you sure your friends like your sense of dressing and style? If it’s a yes, you can try out your hands to become an online personal stylist. Propose clothes and accessories for events like birthdays and weddings to your friends and community. 

It’s better you make a Facebook or Instagram page to display your fashion skills by sharing pictures of your clients styled by you.

Find thousands of clothes and accessories with Meesho and become an online fashion stylist. It will not only help you establish yourself as a fashion stylist but you can also earn good money by reselling the Meesho listed products. 

Shraddha Rajput, the Meesho’s star entrepreneur, made it big in the reselling business. Catch her insights and learn how to grow your online business with WhatsApp.

  • Online boutique on social media:

Open up your own boutique with a smartphone on your favourite social media platform. But, is that even possible? Absolutely, yes! You don’t even have to rent out a physical store for setting up your retail fashion business. 

Nowadays, women are more into Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. So, what’s stopping you from starting your own WhatsApp boutique when you can do it with zero investment. Check out Alka Sharma’s story of how she built a passive income with Meesho.

  • Digital Social Media Reseller:

Reselling on social media is so far the best and the most exciting business idea of all time. Here, you don’t have to invest any money nor do you have to rent out a floor space to start your own business. You won’t even have to worry about the delivery of products.

All you need is to reach out to your customers online. Share the product images and catalog on social media to get orders from your customers. Enjoy commission on every sale every week.

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How Can I Buy Products From Meesho?

Here is a step-by-step process to help you choose and order your products on Meesho.

  • Find Meesho App: Locate the Meesho app in your smartphone. Click on the Meesho icon to open the app. You will land on the Meesho homepage.
  • Choose the product: Choose the product you are willing to buy from a wide range of Meesho collections. Check out the price details and avail for discounts if any.
  • Add to cart: On the product details page, tap on ‘ADD TO CART’. You can add as many products you wish to the product cart. The product cart will showcase the total count of products you have added.
  • Choose Size: Choose the size of your product wisely. The product comes in all possible sizes from small to XL. You can then select the quantity of the product. By default, the product quantity is set to one. You can add more if you are willing to buy more pieces of the same product.
  • Click on Continue: Click on continue after selecting the size and quantity of the product. It will take you to a page where you can see the count of products added in the cart.
  • Visit the cart: Look for the total number of products added in the cart. At the top right corner, you will see a cart icon. Tap on the icon to visit the product cart.  
  • Payment Mode: On the product cart, select the mode of payment for the products you have ordered. Make sure to review your order size before going to the next step.
  • Click on Proceed: After you are done with all of the above, click on proceed to continue. The screen will display the payment details including the shipping charges.
  • Enter your Address: Add the delivery address on the address bar. You can also edit the address in case you have made a typing error.
  • Click on Proceed: Click on ‘PROCEED’ after confirming the proper address and other details.
  • Enter Personal Details: Provide your personal details like your Name, Email and other details to receive order invoices and other updates on your email and phone.
  • Submit: After you have executed all the above steps correctly, click on ‘PROCEED’ to place the order.
  • Order Placed: At last, you will receive a notification saying, ‘Your order is confirmed with us.’

NOTE: You can exercise your option to exchange or return the product delivered to you.

How Do I Start Working With Meesho?

In simple words, you intend to ask, “How can I sell Meesho products as a beginner?’ Relax! We have got you covered. Here we go.

Meesho helps its entrepreneurs in every little step of their online selling journey. So, it’s better to follow some basic rules while starting out. It will also help you in expanding your online business. No doubt about that. Here we go.

  1. Explore the Meesho app inside and out to become a successful reseller. Visit the For You section and all the other category landing pages to explore its huge product catalog for yourself.
  2. Locate the Help section and watch the tutorial videos to learn how to sell with Meesho successfully.
  3. Add your account details to start earning.
  4. Design your logo and business card.
  5. Join the Meesho community to meet resellers across the lengths of India. You will get to learn and know a lot of first hand experiences coming out fresh from the seller’s pot.

Let’s Start Selling…

  1. Choose your online selling platform. Create your Facebook business page and start sharing catalogs to your friends and community through Facebook.
  2. Always start with your friends and family at the beginning. They are the ones who will encourage your effort at your nascent stage.
  3. Set low profit margins at the start to build your customer base.
  4. Expand your customer reach across social media channels.
  5. Go easy and stay observant.
  6. Stay updated with ongoing market trends.
  7. Ensure to make the optimum use of App features and notifications. It has ample product categories to help you sell products.
  8. Create a trust factor with your customers that will earn dividends for you in the long term.
  9. Always send a note of thanks to your eminent customers.
  10. Ask your customers for reviews.

What Is The Use Of Points In Meesho?

Meesho Credits is a point program through which you can place orders on the Meesho App. 

For instance, if your total order value is worth ₹200 and you have ₹50 Meesho credits, then you only need to pay ₹150 as the order amount. 

Please note that it’s not viable to transfer Meesho credits to your bank account.


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