How To Hide UI In FFXIV?

hide UI in FFXIV

FFXIV, Final Fantasy XIV, is a popular multiplayer game released in 2010. This gaming project comes under the famous and wide category of MMORPG games.

FFXIV is a sequence of the earlier released Final Fantasy series. This one was released after Final Fantasy XIV. 

The game is available on PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. UI or Interface in the game refers to the various buttons and options available on the screen.

UI or Interface is sometimes seen as a barrier when taking screenshots or screen recording.

So, a lot of people like to hide the UI when they are taking screenshots in the game. This keeps the screenshot clear and to the point.

Moreover, people find the Interface of the game annoying while taking the screenshots.

If you are looking for an easy and quick fix to hide the UI in FFXIV for a smoother functioning, you should go on reading to find some easy steps to hide the UI.

How To Hide UI In FFXIV For PC Users?

Steps to Hide UI In FFXIV For PC Users:

  • Hold down the scroll lock key. 
  • If this key does not work for you, follow the next steps.
  • Open your game.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Find the key binding settings. 
  • Change the key binding for hiding the UI as per your preference. 
  • Now, press the keys that you just changed in the settings. 
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How to Hide UI In FFXIV For PS4 Users?

Steps to Hide UI In FFXIV For PS4 Users:

  • Press L1 + Touchpad on your controller.
  • The UI or Interface will disappear. 

How to Hide UI In FFXIV For PS3 Users?

Steps to Hide UI In FFXIV For PS3 Users:

  • Hold L1 + Select key altogether. 
  • The Interface disappears.

Can You Hide UI In FFXIV?

Yes. You can hide the UI in FFXIV, also called the Interface of a game in FFXIV. This is one of the easiest things to do. It will just take a few seconds, and in a few steps, your UI will disappear. 

Where Are UI Settings FFXIV?

The UI settings can be located in the file location: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV.

The USERNAME here should be replaced with your windows username. 

If you want to locate the UI settings on your desktop, you can follow the given steps:

  • Click on “My PC” on your desktop.
  • Click on the C drive.
  • Go to “Users”.
  • Find the file with your desktop’s username and click on it.
  • Then go to Documents. 
  • Click on My games.
  • Then click on Final Fantasy XIV.

And you are good to go. 

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Can You Change FFXIV UI?

Yes. You can change the UI or interface settings in FFXIV. There are two menus that are to be set up and edited if you want to change your UI.

The two menus or settings are Character configuration and system configuration. 

You can access the character configuration menu by clicking the K key in the system tab under your settings. And you can access the system configuration menu by pressing CTRL + K. 

Editing these two menus will lead to changes in your Interface or UI. There are different settings under these menus which you have to change in order to change your UI. 

How To Hide HUD FFXIV PS4?

If you wish to hide HUD in Final Fantasy XIV while playing on PS4, then you need to press the L1 and Touchpad on your PS4 controller altogether.

Holding the two keys together would hide the HUD in FFIXV on PS4.

HUD in FFXIV refers to some elements and settings that make up the display area of your game. HUD is an important part of any game as

It makes up the parts of graphics displayed in your games. HUD is the Interface that makes up the game.

This includes some buttons, keys, and options. You can adjust the settings of HUD in FFXIV according to your preference. 

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FFXIV HUD Disappeared 

In FFXIV HUD Disappeared, the Interface, also known as HUD, gets hidden and cannot be seen. This can be because you accidentally pressed the “Scroll Key”, which led to the hiding of the HUD or UI. 

You can fix this by pressing the scroll key again to unhide the HUD or the Interface.


The UI or Interface is an important part of the game’s graphics as it has a range of buttons and features that are essential in the game.

But people like to remove the UI while screen recording or screenshotting to make the screenshot clear and cut to the point. 

We tried to cover all the queries related to UI in Final Fantasy XIV. You can follow the steps told in the article to hide the UI so that it does not interrupt your screenshots.

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