How To Fix “Too Many Passcode Attempts” On Apple Watch

too many passcode attempts apple watch

While using the watch that enables you to manage your phone calls and text messages, etc.,

It often happens that you might have forgotten your password, or someone might have continuously entered the wrong password.

If you are facing this issue, you don’t need to worry at all because this blog will help you to resolve your problem.

What Does “Too Many Passcode Attempts” Mean On Apple Watch?

You get the message “too many passcode attempts” on the watch only when you might have continuously entered the wrong password while unlocking the watch.

After your first five unsuccessful attempts at unlocking the watch, you will get a message to try again in 1 minute.

If you enter the wrong password again, you’ll be notified to try again in 5 minutes, and if the same continues, you will be asked to try again in 15 minutes and then in 60 minutes.

And if, after 60 minutes, you again enter the wrong password, the watch will be locked, and you will get the message “too many passcode attempts.”

How To Fix “Too Many Passcode Attempts Apple Watch”?

Fix 1: Using Iphone

Step 1: Keep Both Iphone, And Apple Watch Close To Each Other

Since you will have to have the watch closer to the iPhone because you cannot access the watch as it is disabled, you will access it through your iPhone.

Step 2: Search And Open The Watch App

on the iPhone; find the watch app and open it. Tap on the ‘My Watch’ option.

Step 3: Select The ‘General’ Option

After selecting the ‘My Watch,’ you will have to tap on the ‘general’ option available there. And then select ‘Reset.’

Step 4: Select ‘Erase Apple Watch Content And Settings’

Then you will have to confirm your action of erasing the data of the Apple Watch from the phone.

Step 5: Follow The Instructions

Then you will have to enter your Apple Id and pair your watch. You can select ‘Restore From Backup’ while doing the settings. The watch has now been reset, and you will have to pair it again with your iPhone.

Fix 2: Use Apple Watch

Step 1: Place The Watch On The Charger

After doing so, hold the slide button, and the shut down option will appear on the screen.

Step 2: Hold On To The Digital Crown

Keep pressing the digital crown icon till you see the option to delete all the data. 

Step 3: Tap On ‘Reset’

You then need to repair the watch and remember to select the ‘Restore from backup option. This resets the watch, and you now have to pair it again with your iPhone.

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Too Many Passcode Attempts Apple Watch Without IPhone

Once you get the pop-up mentioning too many passcode attempts, your watch gets disabled.

Now, since your watch is disabled, you cannot go to the settings of the watch to reset it as you cannot access your watch and don’t have access to your iPhone at that time.

So you can do it without an iPhone by following these steps:

Step 1: Place Your Watch On The Charger

Once you do so, then you will have to keep pressing the side button.

Step 2: Select ‘Erase Content And Settings’

Then this option will appear on your screen, and you have to tap on it.

Step 3: Tap On The ‘Reset’ Option

Confirm your action by tapping on the reset option. And then, you will have to pair your watch again with your iPhone. 

Too Many Passcode Attempts IPhone

Suppose you see a ‘too many passcode attempts’ pop-up appearing on the iPhone, then you might have exceeded the attempts of trying to enter the correct passcode.

First, you are given many chances to enter the correct password. If you failed six attempts, then your iPhone gets disabled for 1 minute.

For ten unsuccessful attempts, it gets disabled for 1 hour. But on the 11th unsuccessful attempt, your iPhone will get disabled, and you might have to erase the data and reset your iPhone.

A backup of your data may help you to restore some of your content, but if you haven’t backed up any of your data, then you won’t be able to recover it once you reset it.

The steps to reset your iPhone are given below:

Step 1: Open ITunes On Your Mac Or Pc

you will have to open iTunes on any of these devices but do not connect your iPhone that has been disabled to any of these devices yet.

Step 2: Press And Hold The Side Button

you will have to press and hold the button and maybe the volume button (depending on the model that you are using) until the power off interface appears.

Turn off and connect your device with the mac or pc while holding the side button. You will see the recovery-mode interface on your screen.

Step 3: A Pop-up Will Appear

Select the ‘Restore’ option to reset your device. This enables iTunes to download the software of your iPhone.

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Apple Watch Won’t Erase All Content And Settings

If you have continuously entered the wrong password on the watch and it is now disabled and locked, then you will have to reset it.

By choosing to reset it from the watch itself, you will have to first connect it to a charger and then keep holding onto the side button till a pop-up appears that asks you to erase all content and settings.

Selecting the same will reset your watch. But if you are unable to do so, take a look at these points:

It may happen because of a glitch. You can restart your watch and repeat the process.

  • If the problem still continues, then you can reset your watch using your iPhone, as it may happen because of a bug.
  • If you don’t have an iPhone and you cannot erase the data using the Apple Watch, then you will have to take it to the closest Apple service center.


Continuously entering the wrong password many times may lead you to the only option of resetting the watch or iPhone.

You can reset the watch using your iPhone or the watch itself. While the iPhone is to be reset using iTunes and a Mac or Pc.

You always need to keep your data backed up to iCloud etc., so that it can be easily recovered whenever you reset your watch or iPhone.