How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban

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Snapchat is widely used by people all around the globe. The massive usage has also made it prone to be used for evil or malicious motives, which locks your access to the snap chat app. 

If you are worried about how you can unban your account or questioning if your Snapchat account has been permanently banned, then you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what a snap chat device ban is, why your account has been banned and how you can go about unbanning your account.

Let’s get started. 

What Is Snapchat Device Ban?

Snapchat Device ban is a situation where Snapchat bans you from accessing Snapchat and its contents. 

If you are wondering if it’s the complete ban on your mobile phone, then you’re wrong. A device ban here implies banning your snap chat account completely.

To use the Snapchat application as a whole, you will be locked to accessing the platform.  

Every app has its own terms and service policy. While you make an account, you simply tick on the terms and conditions telling them you have read it, but when you breach these policies of Snapchat or any app, the authorities take it very seriously.

As a result, they take severe action like banning the account. In simpler terms, they lock your account for a few days or even for months. 

Does Snapchat Have A Device Ban? 

Yes, Snapchat, like other social media platforms, has a device ban policy. 

The device ban goes like this – if you are logged in, your account will be locked in a sense you won’t be able to send snaps, view the messages, or see any of your Snapchat friend’s locations.

And if you are not logged in and try logging in while your account is banned, you may succeed in using the app for two minutes but not more than that, as Snapchat will again close your access to Snapchat. 

As most of us are familiar with, this mainly happens due to the fact that a user has violated the terms and conditions of snap chat.

When Snapchat finds that any users have breached their policy as an immediate action, they lock their account for often a few days. 

Why Snapchat Banned Your Device?

Snapchat has banned your device primarily for the reason that you have violated their terms and service policy, and other reasons can be you have used an unreliable VPNetwork, or Snapchat has detected malicious activity on your account.  

Let us know in detail what are the major reasons why your snap chat account has been banned. The reasons are: 

  • Terms and Conditions: When a user violates the terms and conditions of Snapchat, like posting inappropriate or sexual content, this results in Snapchat banning your device. 
  • Someone has reported about your account: When you have annoyed or sent a threat to any Snapchat user, they can simply report your account to Snapchat to cut off their connection from you. And Snapchat takes its user’s policy pretty strictly. As a result, your account will be banned when someone reports it.  
  • Third-Party Apps: If you are detected using the following party apps (Phantom, SnapTool, Sneakaboo, Snapchat ++, Scothman, and Emulator) by snap chat, most likely, your account will be banned by snap chat, as not all the third-party apps are completely safe. They may carry hidden malicious virus or information that are sensitive and not safe. 
  • Spamming: Everyone knows how it feels to be spammed. Spams are such a nuisance when you are working or doing something. If a user reports, then your account will be banned in one way, and the other is if Snapchat detects it, then no one can stop your Snapchat account from being banned. 
  • Illegal Activities: Talking about drugs, sending pictures of them, illegal topics, spending false news, sharing hate comments and speech all these will lead your account to be banned. Make sure you do not violate the above points, as this directly bans your account from Snapchat. 

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How To Fix “Snapchat Device Ban” 

Fix 1: Set Your Date And Time 

Sometimes fixing your device’s date and time resolves this issue. Quite a number of people have reported that when they set the date and time to an earlier date, they have their Snapchat devices banned.  

On your mobile phone, long-press the Snapchat icon to uninstall the application. After that, restart your device and then go to Settings and then click on “General Management”(for iOS users). For android users, you have to click on ” Additional Settings” from the general menu section. 

And then look for the “Date & Time” section, simply click on it and then toggle off the “Set Automatically” you will see a calendar pop – up, now choose a date of one month ahead of the banned date, that means if you were a ban on 15th June, set the date to 15th July.  

Lastly, select the date and download your snap chat app and then create a new account and check if the ban has been lifted. For permanently deleted accounts, this fix may not work, but you can give it a try. 

Fix 2: Update Your Snapchat App To Latest Version 

sometimes when you delay taking an update, or while you are taking an update, this affects your account for some glitch or bugs. As a result, your account gets blocked. 

Go to your google play store or app store to look for pending updates and click on to install the latest update. After you are done updating and then reboot your device, then check if your device has been unbanned. If this fix you can follow the next fix 

Fix 3: Wait For A Few Days Or A Month

If the above fix does not work, then it suggests you should wait for a few days or months until Snapchat removes the ban from your Snapchat account. Don’t try to log in between the time-lapse.

Patiently wait for a few months to get back your access to your Snapchat account. Don’t worry, as the snap chat ban is not permanent. It won’t take you more than six months to get your account.  

Fix 4: Contact Snapchat Support

It’s better to send a ticket to the Snapchat support type in the search bar and tell them that it is important to get your account back or tell them that you have not done or breached the terms and conditions.

The support team will surely resolve your issue. Type on google Snapchat support and simply visit this link 

How To Bypass Snapchat Device Ban?

To bypass a banned Snapchat account is not that easy. You have to either get a new phone and create a completely new Snapchat account (you cannot use the same id and Gmail), or you simply need to wait for days or sometimes months.  

Avoid logging into your account during the ban, as this may delay your account unbanning process.

Setting a new date and time may help you to bypass this problem but not always. For some users, it may work, and for some, it may not.

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Is Snapchat Device Ban Permanent?

No, as per many reports to date, very few accounts have been permanently deleted, and in some cases, this permanent deletion was not done by Snapchat but by the users who have chosen to delete their accounts.  

If you see in the context of its time duration of 6 months, in that case, it’s permanent. You cannot log in directly for 6 months until you try some fixes.

Nevertheless, you can always wait or contact Snapchat support telling them about your issue and how important it is for you to be unbanned in snap chat. 

How Long Does The Snapchat Device Ban Last?

Minimum for three hours to maximum of six months, Snapchat devices last for mostly a couple or more hours depending on which context you were banned, and you may be unbanned within six months. 

If it crossed six months, then most probably your snap chat account has been permanently banned, or additionally, it may take a few more days for your snap chat account to be unbanned.   

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There are four ways how you can unban your Snapchat account, either update your mobile phone or change the date and time.

Often when the users cannot fix their banned account, they choose to wait for a couple of months until Snapchat removes the banned account from their account. 

There are several reasons why your account gets banned: make sure you do not support any illegal activities on Snapchat or send spam or nudes.

In addition, if you are below the age of 13, there are high chances your account can be banned.

You don’t have to worry. Snapchat will never delete your account. It will block the account for some time or months. 

Nevertheless, you can always contact Snapchat’s support team and tell them about your issue.