What Is Quick Add On Snapchat

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The Quick Add section in Snapchat suggests the people who are either in your phone contacts or the mutual friends of the people who are already added to your Snapchat list.

You can better compare this feature to Instagram’s “Suggested for you” section, where you can easily follow people who are in the mutual list of your friends. 

A similar algorithm is used here in Snapchat in suggesting people and putting them in your Quick Add section.

In this blog, we have discussed this feature of Snapchat, and we will unravel other lesser-known details about this feature that you might have been curious about.

What Is Quick Add On Snapchat?

Quick Add on Snapchat is an option where you can find people who are mutual with your friends on the app and the people from your contact list who are available on Snapchat.

You can find this section below the Added Me column in the app. 

The Quick Add feature makes it easier for you to find mutual friends on Snapchat because they are already displayed on a list along with other people who are added to your contact list.

This is essentially the easiest way to add new friends on Snapchat without even searching for their ID.

You can find the Quick Add section in Snapchat by heading to the add friends option on your screen. This option is available in the top right corner of your screen, where you can scroll down to find the Quick Add column. 

Here you will find the Add option besides the person’s Snapchat ID, and below their profile name, you will also find the line of association of the person.

For instance, if they are someone from the mutual list of your friends, you will find it mentioned there itself, or if it is someone from your contact list, the same will be mentioned as well.

What Is Hidden From Quick Add On Snapchat?

 The “Hidden from Quick Add” is the section where you can find people whom you have removed from the Quick Add section of your Snapchat.

Basically, Snapchat allows you to remove certain people from your suggested list in the Quick Add section by long pressing on their profile name.

This will provide you the options to Block, Report, Ignore Friend recommendations or send their profile to someone. If you choose the third option, i.e., Ignore Friend Recommendation, you will be able to add their name to the “Hidden from Quick Add” list by clicking on the Hide option in the pop-up dialogue. 

Keep in mind that they will still be able to see you in their Quick Add list and will also be able to add you on Snapchat if you are in their mutuals.

If you do not want them to add you on Snapchat, then the easiest way out of this is to block them. 

How To Refresh Quick Add On Snapchat?

The only way to refresh the Quick Add column on Snapchat is to clear the cache of the app.

By clearing the cache, you are essentially getting rid of the temporary caches, which will result in altering the memory of Snapchat, and it will also refresh the Quick Add section.

You can start by launching the Snapchat app on your device and heading over to the Settings option, which is in the form of a gear icon on the top right of your screen in your profile.

Next up, Scroll down to the Account Actions column, and there you will find the Clear Cache option.

After confirming your action to clear the cache, restart the app, and you will find that the Quick Add column has now been refreshed.

Is Quick Add On Snapchat Mutual Friends?

Yes, essentially, this is how the metrics for Quick Add work on Snapchat. The people that are mainly suggested in your Quick Add section are the ones who are mutual with your friends on Snapchat.

This way, Snapchat gives you the opportunity to expand your community and quickly find more people with whom your friends are associated too.

You will also find the exact number of people whom you both are mutual with on Snapchat. 

The Quick Add list is very random, and there is not much to think about why someone is constantly there on your Quick Add list.

It could also be because they are added to your phone contact, and if they have a Snapchat account, their profile will be displayed in your Quick Add section.

Snapchat displays the “Added from Quick Add” info if someone adds you from their Quick Add list.

Other than that, the most common way to be added on Snapchat is to be “added by the mention” this is the easiest way to expand your friend circle on Snapchat.

Is Snapchat Quick Add Based On Location?

No, the location factor in Snapchat does not play a role in the Quick Add algorithm of Snapchat. The only two factors that weigh in in this feature are mutual friends and people from your contact list.

These are the only two kinds of people you will be able to spot in your Quick Add section on Snapchat.

Although you can definitely turn on your location to find new people all across the globe who are available on Snapchat, the Quick Add feature doesn’t work that way. More or less, you will also find the source of association below the people’s names in your Quick Add column.

For instance, if they are in your mutuals, you will find how many of your friends have added them to their list and so forth.

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If Someone Is On My Quick Add Am I On Theirs?

Yes, this is definitely a no-brainer that all the people in your Quick Add list also have your profile on their Quick Add list unless you have toggled off the “See me in Quick Add” option in the settings of your Snapchat account.

This option makes sure that your profile will not be displayed in any of the Quick Add lists of your mutuals or your contacts.

Generally, this setting is left checked on Snapchat by default unless you manually toggle off the option, so it is 100% possible that the people you see in your Quick Add list also have you on theirs.


The Quick Add feature in Snapchat allows you to find the profiles of people who have added o your phone contact and the people who are mutual with your friends on Snapchat.

The people that appear on this list are also able to spot you in theirs as well. This means that if someone is on your Quick Add list, then you certainly are on their list as well.

Snapchat allows you to hide your profile from the Quick Add section by toggling off the “See me in Quick Add” option from your Settings in your account.

This way, people won’t be able to spot your profile in their Quick Add column even if you are in their mutual or on their contact list.

We have also discussed all the other information there is to know about the Quick Add feature in Snapchat in this blog, so check out those sections as well, and we have also answered some frequently asked questions related to the Quick Add feature.