Fix: Instagram Blurry Story Issue

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Instagram is a great place to share your pictures or videos in the form of posts or stories. But it becomes very frustrating when you post a story, and it becomes blurry.

Well, this can happen because of multiple reasons but can be fixed easily with some tweaks.

Here, we have come up with a complete guide to help you resolve the blurry Instagram story issue.

Why Story Is Blurry On Instagram

Poor internet connection is one of the common and primary reasons you face blurry Instagram story issues.

To resolve the issue more effectively, it is a must to be aware of why a blurry Instagram story has occurred on the system.

Here are all the reasons for which you can encounter the Blurry Instagram story error.

1. Pictures Are Not Optimized Correctly

You always have to optimize the size of your pictures as per the set Instagram standards. In case you have uploaded a picture that is less than the recommended size, Instagram will stretch the image to the point of desired image size.

However, the only way you can resolve the issue and not let Instagram blur your picture is to upload pictures that have high quality. Try to keep the image up to 1 MB as required by Instagram.

2. Bad Internet Quality

As we have mentioned above, one of the primary reasons you face Blurry Instagram stories is the poor quality of your Internet connection.

In this case, you may notice that the image appears fine when you are uploading, and after completely uploading it, the image seems blurry.

3. Compressing Images In JPEG Format

Instagram always compresses your images at the time of uploading them on the platform. Therefore, it is suggested that you only upload HD images.

Your device may choose an image with a higher resolution, but Instagram compresses it at the time you upload it on the platform.

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4. Outdated Instagram Application

Another common reason for which you can face the blurry Instagram story issue is that the Instagram application that you are using is outdated. Therefore, ensure that you update the Instagram application.

5. Technical Bug

Other than all the reasons mentioned above, you can also face the blurry Instagram story issue if there is a technical bug in the application.

Many users have reported that they have encountered the blurry Instagram story after the recent update of the application.

How To Fix Blurry Instagram Story

To Fix the Blurry Instagram Story issue, here are all the methods that you have to follow:

Fix 1: Wait Till Instagram Releases An Update

As we have mentioned, Instagram blurry story issue occurs because of a bug in the Instagram application that has come up with the latest update.

To fix the issue, you will have to wait till Instagram releases a new update for the application. Also, you can keep checking if any new update is available.

I there is any new update available for the application, update the application to the latest version.

Fix 2: Change Quality Of Uploads

Now, if Blurry Instagram story issue has not occurred because of an issue at Instagram’s end, it may be because of your data settings.

Therefore, to fix the issue, it is recommended to change the quality of the upload to high.

Here are the steps that you have to follow.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application.

Step 2: On the bottom of the screen, click on your Profile icon.

Step 3: Click on the menu icon and then choose Settings.

Step 4: Hover to the account option.

Step 5: Tap on the data usage option.

Step 6: Choose the High-quality uploads option.

Fix 3: Change Mobile Data Options

Another method that you can use to fix the Blurry Instagram story issue is that you modify the settings of your mobile data.

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In that case, you will have to turn off the feature to use less amount of mobile data. You can do that by clicking on the data usage option.

Fix 4: Keep Correct Image Ratio

While uploading your picture on the story, it is recommended to keep the size to 9:16 so that it takes up all the space on the screen and Instagram does not compress it.

If you choose to keep the picture more than this, Instagram will quickly reduce it to the required size, resulting in blurring the Instagram story.

Fix 5: Delete And Reinstall Instagram

If there is no update available for the Instagram application and you are still encountering the blurry Instagram story issue, you can choose to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram application.

This will remove all the corrupted cache and data files of the application and will load fresh files on the device.

Login to your account and then try uploading the story. Check if you can now see the Instagram story properly or not.

Fix 6: Modify Network Settings

In case you are facing a Blurry Instagram stories issue because of the incorrect network settings, you can also choose to change the network settings of your device.

Changing the network settings may fix the issue. Here are the steps that you have to follow:

Step 1: Open the Settings application

Step 2: Choose General Management Option

Step 3: Hover to the reset option

Step 4: Choose to reset network settings

Fix 7: Using Instagram Camera

One method that you can use to prevent Blurry Instagram story issues is to use the Instagram camera rather than using the normal camera.

This will enable you to take pictures in the desired quality and size, which, when you will upload on the platform, won’t blur.

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However, you must also know that there is not much to do with the default Instagram camera, but you can get pretty decent pictures.

Fix 8: Contact The Support Team

In the end, if you have tried all the mentioned methods on your system and you are still facing the blurry Instagram story issue, you can always seek help from the support team.

Visit: and then seek guidance from the support team.

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Blurry Instagram story issue generally occurs because of a technical bug in the application.

In that case, one can do nothing but wait for the application to release new updates.

Moreover, the issue can also occur because of the poor internet connection.

Therefore, make sure to check if your internet connection is working fine or not. Other than that, you can also use your mobile data rather than Wifi.

Moreover, if you encounter the Blurry Instagram story even after following all the methods listed above, reach out to the support team and submit a ticket regarding the issue.

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