How To Fix Now TV Error Code 15

Now TV is a well-known streaming platform that offers a diverse selection of TV shows, movies, and various other forms of entertainment.

Nonetheless, as with any technological innovation, it is possible for users to experience errors that may prevent them from accessing their desired content.

One such common issue is error code 15, which we will delve into further in this article.

We will examine what causes error code 15 and provide guidance on how to resolve it.

Why Does Now TV Error Code 15 Occur?

Now TV

Error code 15 on Now TV is commonly associated with Android devices that have been temporarily suspended.

This can occur due to a violation of Now TV’s terms and conditions or other policies.

When your device is suspended, you will not be able to stream content on Now TV, and the error code 15 will be displayed.

How To Fix Now TV Error Code 15

If you encounter Now TV error code 15 while streaming content on the service, there are several steps you can take to fix the issue. Here are some tips:

1. Try On Another Device

Trying to stream Now TV on another device may potentially resolve error code 15 if the issue is specific to the device you were using previously.

If the error code does not appear on the new device, it indicates that the issue is not related to your Now TV account, but rather to the device you were using previously.

  • Log out of Now TV on the device displaying the error code.
  • Log in to your Now TV account on a different device.
  • Try streaming content on the new device.

2. Addressing Device Suspension

If your device has been suspended, follow these steps:

  1. Review Now TV’s terms and conditions to identify any possible violations.
  2. Wait for the suspension period to end before attempting to stream content again.
  3. If you believe the suspension is unjustified, proceed to the next step.

3. Contacting Now TV Support

If the error persists or you believe the suspension is unwarranted, contact Now TV’s support team for further assistance:

  1. Visit the Now TV support page:
  2. Select the appropriate category related to your issue.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to reach out to Now TV’s support team.